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The Toughest Guy

Alan B. informs me that he was only joking when he said he envied the appointment I gave him.

Alan B. shot my ego trip down mercilessly.

But I didn’t let it get to me. A couple of hours under the bed in fetal position and I was just fine.


In fact, if I win the lottery or something, I am going to pay to get Tom Brokaw to write a book about me called The Toughest Guy. That’ll make it true. And I won’t be the one who said it. Brokaw did.



The Servile Theme

The World War II generation brought back to America the old servile attitude: “This is a government of laws, not of men.” The preamble to the American Constitution was exactly what the Kings men did not want: “We the PEOPLE of the United States of America… and OUR Posterity.”

There was a sense of ownership before World War II that is hard for me to explain today. When the Federal government intruded, it was a personal thing. WE were responsible for being sure no white woman got attacked in OUR territory.

Contrasted to this, I remember how odd New York television programs looked. From Superman to cowboys, they showed the bad guys lynching evildoers, and the evildoer was always innocent and should have been governor. What struck me as odd was that, as I looked at the rabbits who had come home from World War II, I could not imagine any of them taking ANY law into their own hands.

Basic training in WWII was aimed to make a rabbit out of a man. Then half of them went on to college under the GI Bill and learned that you had to obey and regurgitate to get that degree. I did not meet ANY products of World War II who would sanction any independent action of any kind.

Today, if your child is rape, the jury will kill you if you take the revenge any male would take. The idea that they wouldn’t is as alien as the America before the Tyrants’ Greatest Generation took over.

When the first member of the WWII Generation became president, his inaugural speech said, “Aaask not what your country can do for you, aaask what you can do for your country.” You could not put the servile spirit more simply and more clearly. In 1789 we formed a government to serve US. In 1961 “The Greatest Generation” reformed it to a government we had to serve.

The FBI denied the existence of organized crime and did what the World War II generation wanted it to do. It concentrated on infiltrating and destroying anyone who resisted integration. The World War II Generation contained a lot of segregationists, but all of them said the FBI was right. Like respectable conservatives, any lynch mob the Feds formed they wanted to LEAD it.

Today this servile attitude is embodied in gun control. Listen to someone who is demanding gun control and you will hear that old servile theme, “All Power to the Authorities. Only the Authorities should have guns.”



How to Go With It



I notified him who notified you Bob, just to get the story straight. I am glad it’s back up

this had me concerned since AOL already blocks storm front.

Comment by ALAN B.



That’s is the correct site and nothing needs to be capitalized.

I put the capitals in to retain the “BUGS” acronym while cutting graduate to shorten the address (later explanation for a mistake). I can correct it if desired, a feature of yahoo allows me to change the address of the group.

Thank you for the appointment! The last member of my family to be appointed anything was my great grandmothers cousin, he was placed in command of the Reich Air Ministry’s development wing.


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Bob if you or he are unavailable who else can we contact, I just assumed you were aware that the blog was down. I am glad I contacted him sinse he did a great taking over for Bob and calling kelso. I must admit I am a little jealous, oh well he is a better solider thatn I am so he does deserve a special place up in the ranks.

Comment by ALAN B.


ALAN B., you always hear “If I had but known how such a little thing would make history.” But you seem to realize that the way of thinking I am presenting here is GOING to make history. So Alan B. says up front that he is jealous because my face shined upon kevin.

I will have to go a long, long way to beat THAT for a compliment!

But the BASIC point Alan B. brings up here is, as usual, paramount.

I used to work with Bob Hoy on populist projects, along with my wife, who later figured me out and divorced me. When Hoy was trying to deal with a group and not tick them off, he would say, “Well. I’m with you on this, but Whitaker may not be. I’ll have to check it out with him.”

In the many cases where Hoy HAD to agree with the group he was in contact with, Whitaker would be the villain who said NO.

In the many cases where I had to agree with the group I was in contact with, it was this Big Guy Hoy who said NO. The point is that the battle, not our egos, is the ONLY focus. If WOL breaks down call Kelso at 561-351-4424.

Unfortunately what you are jealous of will not be affected. I cannot make you kevins’s replacement. Kevin likes his new Ministry, and the latest news reports show he has surrounded it with storm trooperwho have special training in Shooting Alan B And All His Minions.



Thanks Again, Dave!

I have quoted this comment by Dave before, but this time I want to thank him for it personally:


Well, I don’t about that one, taking on that role. But Simmons gets to the very heart of things in his comments about BW taking on too much by thinking it is his duty to save the entire white race.

You see my problem is coping with the very fact I suspect it may be true, that it may actually be true that BW does bear that responsibly.

Now that sounds preposterous, but is it?

I have empathy for that fact that someone like BW may get up in morning, look himself in mirror, and say to himself, “Darn it all, if I don’t do it, it is not going to get done, and unfortunately, it’s me that’s got to do it.”

The problem is that God doesn’t pull punches, and at times in course of human affairs, the whole damn thing DOES ride on one person’s shoulders.

Now I know a lot of people don’t believe that, but I can’t help thinking of the old Navy advertisement trying to lure young (and dumb) engineering grads into the Naval Officers Corps: “In the Navy, you get responsibility fast!!!”

That’s called truth in advertising, because I fast forward in my mind and see this young dumb kid who bought into Navy’s come-on on the deck of some Naval vessel manning one of those one-time use only machine guns that are your only hope of shooting down an incoming Exocet missile.

Here’s the arithmetic: You have got ten seconds to shoot that sucker down from time you see that missile on the horizon and one burst of machine gun fire to do it and if you fail, you and everybody else on board die and horrible and violent death.

I wish to God life were not like that, but unfortunately it is.

Comment by Dave


You can see from my article on the Epitaph of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation how much I respect people who decide they are unique on their own. At the same time, it is an unpleasant fact of life that no one thinks on the basic level the way I do. I condemn them for saying they are absolutely unique and all future generations should be taxed to testify to their greatness, yet I myself can be accused of saying much the same thing: I am unique.

Since I think in basics, this is not the kind of contradiction a debater could make of it. I am saying I am right and they are silly. That is why Dave is not my Tom Brokaw. Dave gets nothing for this. He is simply announcing reality as he sees it. To say that Brokaw got something out of “The Greatest Generation” would be the understatement of the decade.

It took me many years to realize just how much rested on me. The whole concept of anti-white instead of racial justice, the whole concept of societal property rights, hell, even the desperation when they needed the weekend to save the Hubble Telescope. These seemed so obvious to me. It was painful when I had to slowly, repeatedly spend decades drilling the importance of these basics into the heads of a few, and in each case find some way to get them OUT.

Yes, Dave, you are the only person I have ever read who actually understands what it feels like to look in the mirror and say, “My God, Bob, they really, truly, sincerely, honestly DO NOT GET IT.” And Dave knows that what I do not get is the self-important glow that those who are called The Greatest Generation get. I feel CHEATED.

I spent a lifetime trying to get the simplest things st4raight. Every year of that lifetime could have been spent talking over concepts with other top-intelligence types, learning and exchanging. Instead I have had fifty years elbow deep in intellectual muck, combing the bottom for a piece of solid truth here and there.

I am long past hating Jews. I am BORED with them. I was BORED with them thirty years ago. They are as predictable as liberals and neoconservatives and respectable conservatives. Can you empathize with what it feels like to spend decades reading commentaries, and knowing from the first sentence everything that clown is going to say?

When I was a boy I used to work in the brick kilns. Back then every brick had to be handled singly through every stage of the process. So I would be in a suffocating kiln where the heat from burning the brick was still there picking up four bricks and throwing them to the next man to be stacked, then throwing a group of five brick to the next man to be stacked, then throwing five bricks to the next man to be stacked, and so on and on and on as people literally passed out around. But I did it from childhood. What got me was the BOREDOM.

It turns out that that brick hacking was a necessary preparation for the rest of my life. Now I read the same old worship of IQ. Now I read the same old bitches. Now I read what the neoconservative Jew has to say, “Gee, I love America. If there just weren’t so many white gentiles cluttering it up, what we could make of it!”

I am reading “conservative opinion” about Iraq, which is the same thing as “conservative opinion” in Vietnam.

Four brick, five brick, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, ad nauseum. I HATE it. I am SICK of it. But there is no one else to do it.

Thanks, Dave.



What Your Psychology Professor Can’t Tell You

In one of the Dr. Lekter movies, Lekter says the agent is not as smart as he is. The agent replies something like, “No, but I have a great advantage over you.

“What is that?” asks Lekter.

“You’re insane.”

It is a general believe that psychopaths are smart. Actually, the ones who GET AWAY with being psychopathic are intelligent. The average white trash ort non-white psychopath in the penitentiary will be there all his life, expect for periods when judges can get him back out to maim people.

It is important to make these distinctions. For example, I am caught between people who denigrate IQ tests and people who worship IQ tests. My big-time psychologist friend said to me that he knew IQ tests showed heredity to be the overwhelming factor, but, as a psychologist, he knew there were terrible flaws in those tests.

He then pointed out that, after all, it was psychologists who developed those tests in the first place, so he should know.

My reply was, “Yes, but even a dumbass psychologist can find out whether somebody is retarded or normal.”

My dream is that you will develop a talent for BASIC thinking that, after you read the simple sentence above, would make you think of everything I say about that.

Finding actual mental retardation is all IQ tests were developed to do. Idiot, moron, and imbecile are LEGAL, not medical, terms. IQ tests were developed to distinguish between those who required legal protection as retarded and normal people. An idiot has an IQ of 0 to 30, an imbecile from 30 to 50, a moron from 50 to 70.

But because IQ tests confirm their point, some people WORSHIP them.

But analogy tests are better at telling who is SMART, so Mensa uses IQ and gives one an Oriental result: problem-solving is intelligence. Mensa is, after all, a Yiddish word for a German Mensch.

IQ gets you off of race. If someone speaks French, uses deodorant, and has an adequate IQ, it is easy to ignore the color of his skin. But REALITY doesn’t. As one person put it beautifully, “Whites innovate, Orientals stagnate, blacks degenerate.”

That will never be allowed in a peer review session, but that is the truth.

The fact is that, if they use a stick of deodorant every single week, brown skinned people lack something basic. Like intelligent psychopaths, one naturally assumes that a smart, one who has learned to fit into our world, is just one more of US. Remember, even most PSYCHOPATHS don’t know they’re psychopaths.

Reality is not simple. Reality is not complicated. Reality doesn’t use big words and reality doesn’t use small words. Reality comes FIRST. A reality is a reality.

A single experiment is worth a hundred expert opinions.



Shari and Teaching With Humor

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A joke: Child says to teacher ” This multiplication table thing, has it been peer reviewed?”

Comment by Shari


The best way to spread a basic point is with humor.

But one should hit basics any way one can. I feel very lonely doing it.

For example, if someone defends peer review, I ask them, “What is the difference between peer reiew and a self-appointed bureaucracy?”

And then there is the question no respectable conservative EVER asks, “What IS racism?”

I hope this kind of thinking doesn’t get frozen with my head at Alcor.



Epitaph for a Generation

Someone told me that they saw an episode of The Simpson’s where Tom Brokaw — in cartoon, of course, but using his own name — was shown talking to a bunch of old WWII vets, including Homer’s father. He was telling them how great they were and they were shouting, “More, Tom, more!”

I haven’t seen it and I find it hard to believe anyone but me would have the affronter to call down twelve million WWII vets for adopting that name, The Greatest Generation. But on the other hand, I haven’t heard anybody use that term seriously in a long, long time.

As I said, I know as a writer that Tom Brokaw did not say that. He wrote it for an audience and it sold like hot cakes — to the group that wanted to be called The Greatest Generation. I was surprised when no one challenged me when I said, in writing and in person, that they called THEMSELVES The Greatest Generation. Everybody seems to know exactly what I mean.

And that would be a fitting epitaph for the whole bunch of them:

“They called themselves The Greatest Generation.”

Only with this last, ultimate overreaching did it begin to become clear just what a sick mentality, just what a spoiled-child mentality, this generation had. When the WWII Generation took over, the white man strode the earth like a Colossus. By the time these moronic cowards finally are going to their graves and whatever awaits them thereafter, white men apologize for their very existence, and champion its end.

A young Henry Clay invented the term “Founding Fathers” about 1811. Neither Washington nor Adams nor Jefferson or any of the rest of the Founding Fathers ever used it thought many of them lived for decades after the term became common. No gentleman would call himself a Founding Father.

Hell, no ADULT would give HIMSELF a vainglorious moniker like that!

Until the one that gave away everything the Founding Fathers won.

First of all, the generation that called everybody else spoiled was itself spoiled rotten. I knew many of them who, to all intents and purposes, died on V-J Day. For the rest of their lives all they talked about was how weak everybody else was, how they had proven their courage once and for all and never had to get out and battle for any cause. People of my age who had enemies taking the white man’s world found a vacuum in the older generation that should have continued the fight and held our place. They had learned to OBEY, and they insisted that Real Heroes, them, OBEYED anything they were told.

As I keep repeating, there were some of them who had decent opinions, but they NEVER stood up for them. I saw endless rows of paper-hat soldiers from WWII saying they fought a war for integration and for open borders, but I never heard ONE of the pape4r hats CONTRADICT them in public.

A Company Traitors and a Legion of Cowards finally went too far in declaring themselves The Greatest Generation.

The World War ONE Generation was given a raw deal by the government when that war ended. The Bonus March of 1933 was well known in 1945, and the professional advocates of Veterans’ benefits used that example endlessly to get more and more and more for the group that Saved the World by giving a third of the earth’s population to Stalin and Mao-Tse-Tung.

No one seems to have noticed the connection between the hippies and the World War II Generation, or between the Jews’ behavior and the WWII Generation.

Hippies said the world owed them a living. Their fathers said exactly the same thing, but their fathers said the world owed them a living because they fought World War II. But their fathers also told them, or never contradicted the statement that, Communists were the good guys. You can’t give a third of the world to somebody without implying they’ve got virtue.

So the hippies simply took it for granted that Communists were at least as good as America, especially an America that was waging a war it would neither fight nor get out of in Vietnam. This policy was entirely the product of Kennedy’s Best and Brightest. Today’s neoconservatives and National Review which worships them say they still believe exactly what Kennedy’s Best and Brightest believed.

So we are now in a new Vietnam.

Now back to the hippies. The hippies had been told by their daddies that the Communists were the good guys. There was no war for them to fight, but the world owed hippies everything just like it did their daddies.

The Jews came out of World War II with a story that made their paranoid existence heaven. All white gentiles WERE out to get them. Any white gentile who wanted the survival of his race was just out to get the Jews. That had been the Jewish theme long since. All white gentiles as enemies was the theme that made Communism possible. Communism was overwhelmingly Jewish-led, which led to the Nazis (even a Jewish author or two has admitted this recently).

But the World War II Generation insisted that the Nazis came out of nothing but white gentile Hate. It was the only way to justify what they did. So in 1945 Jews were, unkosher as it sounds, in Hog Heaven.

So the Jews and the World War II Generation hunted down “War Criminals” together. It turned out that every single one of the twelve million American uniformed personnel had personally liberated a Death Camp in Germany.

A few decades later, it was admitted that there were no Death Camps in Germany. The Death Camps were safely behind the Iron Curtain where they could not be investigated.

But like The Greatest Generation, the Jews have gone too far. They have made America not reviled but ridiculed as a giant Israeli puppet. No one in the World War Generation dared propose a condemnation of the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel at one of their beat-your-scrawny-chest conventions. And the suppression of free speech is beginning to cost them, as the release of David Irving just a week after the Holocaust Convention and David Duke’s pointing straight at European Holocaust laws prove.

“They called themselves the Greatest Generation.”

No epitaph for millions of moronic cowards could be more appropriate.



Dave, Elizabeth and Nobody Do My Work For Me


Since I read financial and economic commentary constantly, I have no problem seeing what BW means about “the BASE” and what confusion results through mistaken notions that are fundamental. For example, I just finished reading an essay by a “celebrated academic” premised on the idea that Islam has impeded capital formation because Islamic religious trusts allow only for the accumulation of and retention of real estate interests and morally prohibit unequal profits.

The idea is that the corporation and unlimited executive pay is responsible for the prosperity of “the West”, in contrast to the “Islamic East” that prohibits such organizational forms.

It is astonishing that anyone takes this nonsense seriously, yet academics are paid to produce it. Worse, they actually believe it.

What can I say? I just thank God I am not some poor student, tumbling in perplexity, assuming something important is going on.

Academic orthodoxy truly is primitive. It is astounding so many are lost in it and don’t even know that they are only pretending to be grownup human beings.

Comment by Dave — 12/27/2006 @ 11:48 pm | Edit This

There’s always new stuff coming out about earlier times — but academic orthodoxy blocks much of this. One example is “No Europeans found North America before 1492.” I was a little girl when archaeologists found the remains of the Viking settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, on that Canadian island. I could go on and on about academic orthodoxy in history and geography (especially climate)…

Comment by Elizabeth — 12/29/2006 @ 12:35 pm | Edit This

Dave and Elizabeth made interesting observations about getting trapped in academic orthodoxy, a uniquely self-perpetuating series of interlocking myths, which will lead to our downfall.

One of the points made by the students of failed societies, like Joseph Tainter, is that they become overly wedded to one worldview – and the world changes. The handful of people who are truly present and responsible at the Creation of the next social order SEE that the Old Order can not hold.

Take Vladimir Putin, who, to my thinking, is the foremost statesman on the planet right now. He, and those who ally with him, saw that the JEWISH structures of the Soviet Union were a series of parasitic social overlays that focused on stripping the Russian society of their living heritage, and the natural resources of an Empire away from the people who serve, to the peole who rule. Thus, as the inevitable collapse became imminent, the Oligarchs – six JEWS and a shabbas goy front man – literally stole the immense natural and intellectual wealth of the Soviet Union for less than a penny on the dollar.

Putin, and his associates, saw this as the ideal moment to ignite the Russian spirit, and speak to the Russian soul; his identification with LIVING “Christian” forms of worship “is not by accident,” and, still facing what the Mind sees as tremendous obstacles, SEES, with the Spirit, what is possible for the Russian people – IF they can successfully cross a tremendous Abyss.

To their credit, they, raised in a society controlled by Wordists, looked PAST the Words to the spiritual dynamic forces that gave them life. They then threw off the intellectual bondage of archaic models of Reality (that the Wordists have mastered), and chose to create a new, more honest social order, pretty much from the ground up.

What we worship as “economic theory” seems to be really little more than intermediate price theory writ large, with the Wordist Inversion that the matters of Substance – the spiritual foundation of the lives of the people – have become subordinate to the matters of Form – market clearing prices, at any cost, in service to corporate forms.

The Islamist model works extremely well, because it is inherently organic; its value as an economic tool is that is is a TOOL – a Means to an End – and that End is subordinate to the health, organic social ordering of society.

Simply stated, the Islamic model resembles our Cooperatives to a degree, with one big exception; rather than having the dead mechanistic hand of interest as the sole determinant of risk, and thus, value, their social order replaces it with a series of organizations that are the constructive equivalent of partnership system. This requires all parties to the arrangement approach it with a much stronger awareness of the risks and rewards inherent in the enterprise, but, unlike what our system has become, all of the skills of all of the parties are joined in a common purpose, and no one gains MECHANISTICALLY at the expense of another.

It is our duty, as the CREATIVE RACE, to not be bound by the dead hand of archaic tradition, and to remember the Great Insight of Peter Shank concerning our RACIAL Enemies:

The JEWS took over this country without firing a shot; they did it by controlling the pictures you see, and the words you hear; from that, the Institutions that control the social ordering of Society were easy prey.

Following Shank’s lead, I have a simple test for the degree to which Wordism has taken over an Institution – I just look at the degree to which the Institution serves the Bureaucracy – the Church serves the Priesthood, for example – and it becomes obvious as to how much the dead hand of archaic Ideals rule the day.


To THAT degree, the dead hand of Wordism softly, silently, triumphs, even as softly, silently, termites triumph over the living tree.

Overcoming THAT is our daily battle, for our families, and our daily duty, on behalf of our RACE – RACE, writ large, as the dynamic living bridge between FAMILY and CULTURE.

Comment by Nobody


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