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Christmas in Jewpernica

Posted by Bob on December 3rd, 2006 under History

We had to dig hard to find Hanukah. Jews simply did not have any festivals for the Winter Solstice. In the northern lands, the end of December is a critical time when the sun almost completely disappears, and, above the Arctic Circle, it does disappear. It is the end of winter, as the sun begins to come back.

So Yule was a holiday in Odinist lands and became our chief holiday more or less naturally. But how can you derive THAT from the Old Testament? December 25 was adopted by Constantine from his Mithraian faith, but that is all any student of “Christian” theology may ever learn about it.

Christmas is a NORTHERN holiday, of no importance in the Middle East where there is little difference between winter and summer. That and the fact that Mount Ararat is as far from the so-called Holy Lands as you get in the old world are the only two facts a “Christian” MAY notice that are not in the Old Testament.

None of the contradictions we always talk about that exist between “science and faith” exist outside the Old Testament. The New Testament is about souls, and, outside of the attempt in Matthew to link Joseph’s ancestry – and Joseph was not Jesus’ father according to Matthew – to ancient kings of Israel – the New Testament contains no cosmology, no declarations that the sun stood still, no demands that Egypt be the origin of all things civilized, nothing of that sort.

Copernicus discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, not vice-versa. But the Copernican System is as discredited as the Genesis System. The Biblical system has the earth as the fixed center of the universe. The Copernican System declared, with equal infallibility, that the sun was the fixed center of the universe. It is completely impossible to make sense of the universe using either the biblical or the Copernican System.

No one notices that mankind originally came down from Ararat, of all places. No one notices that Christmas could not possibly have come out of JEWISH thought. What we have is what I call the Jewpernican System. For “Christian,” Moslem, Jew or Marxist, all history goes back to the Middle East. For rabbis and preachers, all morality goes back to the Jews. For anti-Semites, the earth revolves around the Jews as much if not more than it does for rabbis.

Now let’s get back to discussing what the Bible, aka, the Old Testament, says.

  1. #1 by Shari on 12/03/2006 - 9:19 pm

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    What this suggests to me is that there is a lot of history that hasn’t been in the books and things that weren’t taught in Sunday School. Two Bible verses that come to mind are Mk.7:37 “He has done all things well…” and Romans 11: 29 ” for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance”. I think that many things historical will, and need to be rediscovered. No, white people are not going to oppress the world. Actually we never did that, but I believe we are going to have our place and it is an honorable one. It won’t be “always winter and never Christmas.” I also think that we will give up slaughtering each other as we did, especially in this past century.

  2. #2 by Dave on 12/03/2006 - 11:33 pm


    Do you have any idea how many thousands upon thousands of conversations are going on every day in the Burroughs of NYC among dozens of ethnic groups that are identical to what we say that we can’t allow our lives to revolve around Jews? That we have got to quit focusing on them?

    The Jews are source of huge quantity of misbehavior. A contagion of misbehavior spreads forth from them and infects their opponents equally along with their allies.

    They are extremely nasty people and therefore a deuce of a problem for everybody to cope with. I see this in competitive terms; their nastiness steels our character. And believe me, it is not only us WNs that think that.

    It is a process where the sheer force of their multifaceted nefarious assaults upon us, morally, intellectually, financially, politically, and physically (actual physical violence against us) removes from us any refuge for weakness.

    We are too beat up to be weak.

    I can tell you, even in America, we are not alone in being besides ourselves regarding Jews.

    Around the various ethnic groups in NYC, which is in reality a non-American international city, the resentment of Jews outside of Manhattan is huge.

    In Brooklyn, Queens, and the whole of Long Island there is a rainbow of ethnicities with seething resentment of Jews, this resentment extending equally to the moneyed element among them.

    The Jews are equal opportunity offenders.

    Because I deal with money in my job, I went through a long painful process of learning the games Jews play to trick you out of money. They are so good at sowing confusion that it is a huge effort to get it all straightened out so you can make good decisions.

    Along the way I became more and more resentful of their games. What they really need is to be throttled and given a righteous thrashing. You don’t argue with Jews. You don’t engage in schemes to hose them. They just have to be grabbed by the throat and righteously thrashed.

    It is exactly the same problem in dealing with any punk. There is really no substitute for direct action with all of its risks and consequences.

    And you see, it is those risks and consequences that we cannot, and everybody else, cannot come to terms with.

    That is what is really going on.

  3. #3 by PeterGene Budarick on 12/04/2006 - 7:06 am



    Well written Dave!

    My offering to a fellow Kamerade.

    You do not enter into a “debate” with a Jew unless you are in a locked room with “it” and have a live video feed for the whole world to withness the “debate”.

    I have been to Russia lately and there they have these Jewish punks who do “business”. I met one and he was fat as a skunk on garlic. He did not like me apparently. He breathed all over me and poked me in the chest with his big fat Jewish digit and said in Russian. “I don’t care if you are an anti-Semite. If you interfere in our business i will have you killed”. Then he laughed and trundled off. People disappear. Children disappear. There is “business” in Russia. All kinds of “business”. Everything is for sale! It does not cost much to get yourself killed by a Jew in Russia. There is a joke in Russia “If you want to get rid of your grandmother get a Jew to do it, he is cheap and above all realiable because he has no conscience”.

    But also in Russia they have WN “skinhead” gangs, that go after these “people” in the filthy “business”. They don’t even waste time fighting. They pounce like a pack of wolves. Like 10 on one and all that remains after a few seconds is a warm twitching kike in a pool of blood. The Police turn a blind eye because their job is done. Cost them nothing and they don’t risk having their own children killed by making arrests and holding people for trial who will get off anyway.

    In Russia Jews are understood.

    Americans can only think of Jehudi Menuhin and images of those pale corpses bulldozed into mass graves.

    I alway teach the troops on SF that Jews are like ants. You can’t eradicate them but you sure as Hell can keep them from invading the honney put in the kitchen.

  4. #4 by Pain on 12/04/2006 - 11:13 pm


    “For rabbis and preachers, all morality goes back to the Jews.”

    So what was Church like before the Yankees, rich with their Rothschild/Kuhn-Loeb loans burned the South and ruined the future of Pontiac, SC and country Methodists everywhere?

  5. #5 by Pain on 12/04/2006 - 11:29 pm


    “December 25 was adopted by Constantine from his Mithraian faith.”

    So they say.

    But they must rely on the perception that the shepherds would not have had their flocks out in December.

    But the shepherds could have had their flocks out at night in Palestine. It is a warm Mediterranean climate like California’s and the economy was based on sheep. The high dry hills of Judea did not support the farms of the watered coastal lowlands. Everyone knows that Christmas time in a Mediterranean climate is warm and if the economy is based on sheep, the sheep will be out grazing.

    Insisting that the date for Christmas was based solely on the moral philosophy of the Mithraians is little different from the neo-Puritans who refuse to celebrate Christmas because Christmas trees are pagan.

    Our pleasant pre-Christian forefathers may have set cords around groves of trees to make a vé, but we know they brought no pretty trees indoors and decorated them.

    We did that as part of Christmas. The rest is speculation.

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