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Posted by Bob on December 22nd, 2006 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

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Somehow the idea of choosing your children sounds so cold, although I’m not sure that’s what you mean. I have an idea that more white women will choose to take time to breastfeed because they WANT to rather than rush to a very important job. But not like the ninnies who try to make some political statement that they ought to act like the third world.

Comment by Shari —


The future always sounds cold. The idea of our sitting here talking to people we have met out of intellectual interest instead of lifelong town acquaintance or family ties would sound very odd to our forebears. The idea of having an instrument in your house on which anybody could ring a bell at you and demand your attention at any time was considered a major intrusion for a long time.

In the future, the idea of a couple of people having kids because they didn’t take precautions and having the boys half-castrated in our time will give us the kind of look bear-baiting gives the Middle Ages. The concept of two people determining their future children, not for the children, but because they are “in love” with each other will look childish crap it is. In other words, the future will begin to look at SOMETHING, at least ONE OR TWO things, from the future CHILDREN’S point of view.

Life is not just nurture. The children’s point of view also includes GENETICS. That is what the Traditional Values clowns absolutely refuse to discuss. At least a bigotted father gives some considertion tot he fact that his grandchildren could be ugly, unnatrural looking mulattoes. No Traditional Values type could care less about that. All that matter is that the coupel thinks it’s In Love and get a church ceremony.

Cold? There is nothing more deep freeze than what passes for a heart in Traditional Vlaues advocate. They love their rules and they couldn’t care less about humans. Anyone who gives a moment’s thought to the Golden Rules is labelled a Humanists because these Traditional Values types are too stupid to tell the difference between Wordist humanists who care as little about people as they do and people like me.

Right now the entire choice of children depends on how two people get along together, what kinds of “feelings”
they have for each other. That is all that matters. The children get no consideration at all except as a by-blow of a romance. And this is true even if the romance has a man in a dress waving his hands over the couple.

“Warm” and “cool” relations today have this thing that if a guy wears a dress and waves h is hands, it’s all good, and the “marriage” can be a sterile one, sterility agreed on by both parties.

One good that may come from all this gay marriage business is that we FINALLY begin to realize that one rigid, single kind of marriage will not do in a society if it plans to produce another generation.

I saw a pretty white girl and just one more black guy holding hands the other day and I was thinking that all that mattered to anybody but the children would be the guy that put on the dress and waved his arms. The children and their children and THEIR children and THEIR children must live with BEING the results that make no difference at all to somebody whose only concern is Traditional Values.

In earlier times a man had every right to beat his OWN wife at will. In our time, everybody has the right to have a relationship and, yawn, drop some kids if they feel like it.

Shari, if you saw today’s wonderful Traditional Values world as I do, “cold” would be a mild word for it.

  1. #1 by Pain on 12/23/2006 - 12:26 am


    Was this intended as a defense of Paul?

  2. #2 by Shari on 12/23/2006 - 10:53 am

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    I do see TODAYS traditional values as you do. I think that good traditions have been corrupted. I was thinking of the idea that everything can be done by a professional service, eliminating a real person, usually the father. For example, Jody Foster might actually be a better mother than Angelina Jolie or Heidi Klum, but still it’s haywire and open to some real abuse. Some REAL morals need to be recovered.

  3. #3 by Shari on 12/23/2006 - 12:24 pm

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    I saw a new twist on choosing in our paper this morning. A dwarfed couple { white } want to choose dwafism for their children ?!?

  4. #4 by Nobody on 12/23/2006 - 12:25 pm

    The realization that Words are tools – and, at best, means to an end, and not ends unto themselves – is a conception that we tend to avoid because of the painful reOrdering of how we choose to see the world around us, and our place in the world, and…us.

    The preverbal state of Awareness focuses solely on one thing – survival.

    The concept of “suicide” does not exist in a preverbal state.

    THAT is the power of Wordism; our RACIAL enemies have given us the terms, and we blindly accept them

    them without question, so gelded have we become.

    The only force that overcomes this cultural gelding is the preverbal Awareness of the importance of RACE, writ large, as the reason for, and the reason why, we we are HERE!

    My grandfather sacrificed the dreams of his boyhood, and my father sacrificed the dreams of HIS boyhood, explicitly for his family, and implicitly for his RACE.

    THIS is the true foundation of Greatness – willingly binding yourself to a course of conduct that will only achieve fruition long after you have returned to God.

    The primary problem is we have accepted our RACIAL enemies definition of RACE.

    They have no such limits, and, you will notice, have organized their “religion” and culture SOLELY to serve their RACE.

    Ironically, we have organized our “religion” – JUDEO-Christianity – and allowed them to define OUR Culture to serve their RACE, as well.

    We’ll have to do something about that, and soon.

  5. #5 by Simmons on 12/23/2006 - 12:53 pm


    Women most noticably white women are concerned with “Niceness” the rest is window dressing. If you want to connect with white women en-masse say the word nice alot.

  6. #6 by Alan B. on 12/23/2006 - 6:10 pm



    Designer children in this day and age of one and two children house holds may not be such a bad thing. If our race plans on bearing a small brood then lets shoot for the best. Quality in a time of scarcity is alright with me. Family values are worth little if those who champion them can not live by their own gospel. Who cares if the couple follows some game plan prepared by these fruit cakes, whats important is, the children really matter in this world we are bringing them into.

  7. #7 by Pain on 12/24/2006 - 1:29 am


    So Bob,

    Have you noticed an increase in wordism among the people? or a rise in loyalty to institutions instead of what the institutions are supposed to do? or a loyalty to institutions as a distraction from the one issue of the age: race?

    I some of my relatives claim loyalty to Jesus while turning a blind eye to the genocide our race faces — as if Jesus would approve of genocide. These people would say following Christ leads them to believe that thieves should be behind bars. But the far bigger problem of race has them running away in fear.

    I think this means that their faith is weak. They think that there is nothing good they can do, so they do nothing good. They forget that Jesus came into our history to make things right, now. They know that jesus commanded them to do good and to resist evil, but they somehow think this does not apply to the big issues.

    But the big issue — race — is far more important than stopping thieves.

  8. #8 by Mark on 12/24/2006 - 1:44 pm


    “Women most noticably white women are concerned with “Niceness” the rest is window dressing. If you want to connect with white women en-masse say the word nice alot.”

    So all I have to do is go into a bar and tell a woman how “nice” I am and I’ll not be spending nights alone? Wow! I would never have thunk it!

    Only kidding, Simmons…

  9. #9 by Alan B. on 12/25/2006 - 4:12 am



    I am tired of this atifical society this PC screw ball worshipers are forcing down our throats. The PC community is just a psydo marxis, wordist worshiping looney bin, in their world nothing comes naturally. They lack a soul, humanity and faith in human instinct, to them we are just another animal that can be trained to obey. Where we see a family they see a unit, they deny history and race as a factor in the development of human history, their world rules by theory, programs and wordism based on total faith. They still call capitolism exploitive and deny the fact that communism is the ultimate slave state, they are the intellectuals or masters of PC society a sugar coated version of Marx’s sick mind.

  10. #10 by Alan B. on 12/25/2006 - 1:04 pm



    I went to college in Cedar falls, Iowa and next door is Waterloo, a blue collar city of 60,000 of which 4,000 are black. Today it has become common place to see white women with mixed children, usually blond of course. It’s not the kids fault but they are ugly and its a stigmatism they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. What worse, I saw a white women with dred locks with a black guy, the crap that came out of her mouth would make one think she was black if you had not see her. Its so disgusting to see trash like her, if she looks and sounds like a retard to me, what the black folks must think of her, I hate to even guess. We expect this look and speech from a black, it hardly raises an eye brow. For me, seeing a white act like this almost caused me to burst out laughing, what a retard. This takes me back to family once more.
    Our race must wake up and face reality when it comes to having a family. Our prosterity is our legacy and we have an obligation to educate them about our race and in grain sinse of pride and hope in them and the future of our nation if we intend to survive. Forget the latest child rearing fasion from some retard who most likly does not even have a family, be a role model, set good examples for them and most of all make sure they know who they are, find books for them to read that that portray real history etc. We have the ability and tools at our disposal to do this we can not afford to let others to do this for us. Remember your kid could wind up like that white trash I seen the other day.

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