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Bob’s Value as a Reference

I keep getting notes from people who “want to write a book with me.” I am the only person a lot of people know who has been published, and if I could help you I would. I can’t help ME get published and I have been in the New York Review of Books and the Review of Reviews.

The LAST thing you want to if you are dealing with my former friends like Pat Buchanan or Joe Sobran is to use MY name. The LAST thing you want to send a publisher is MY name. It takes a LOT to be in the New Review of Books, have books in every USIA office in the world, and make yourself unpublishable. No one seems to get that.

A person contacted me a while back about how to get into intelligence. Once again, he just can’t get the picture. The last thing in God’s world that anybody in the intelligence establishment wants to talk about is someone like me whose intelligence time was spent almost entirely off-budget. And the on-budget stuff has been WIPED!

My job was to do what the security establishment does NOT do. They are very busy making a living, like any other bureaucracy. ON THE DAY, September 11, 2001, there were screams all over America for the scalps of the professional intelligence crowd that let it happen.

I said ON THAT DAY, when the screams were at their loudest, that nobody would even get a reprimand. I predicted that everybody in the intelligence bureaucracy would get a promotion with the flood of extra funding and that would be ALL that would happen.

That is ALL that happened.

Like all bureaucracies, the intelligence drones just waited out all the screams. If you have a serious investigation of the ANY PART of the intelligence establishment, it will lead to revelations that would be a major scandal. So intelligence HAD to stop it, and they just waited it out.

On top of standard bureaucratic practice is that diamond-valued gift for any bureaucracy, TOP SECRET: “We would love to cooperate with your investigation, but any information we give you could endanger the lives of our field agents.” That is PATRIOTIC, so everybody goes along with it.

Actually, since the Torricelli Amendment, the basic problem with Intelligence is that they didn’t HAVE any field agents. But that was forgotten within a month of September 11.

Now we get back to where we started. Nobody would REMEMBER a month later that the problem was that we HAD no field agents. That was yesterday’s headline. In fact, I only know of one person who would have brought that up, and that’s ME. But I wasn’t there and no one but Ashbrook would probably have backed me in going after this.

Now THINK a minute, gang!!! Do you think that anybody in the defense establishment with access to the records wants Bob Whitaker back? Do you think they want to hear my name in connection with a JOB? Do you think publishers hold the name Bob close to their hearts, and that is the reason I am poison to my OWN publication, much less YOURS?

Do you think Pat Buchanan wants the ONLY person on earth who remembers he said thirty years ago on national television that Americans died at Normandy to open up Europe to third world immigration close to him?

OK, I have FINALLY written this down. I will now have something to send to everybody who thinks I am to publication, intelligence, or access to my old “friends.”



I Want Your Help With Assumptions

As your price of tuition for this seminar, you OWE me something on the honor system. That is to hit people wit the Mantra and to spread what I am saying. This is the HONOR system, an old-fashioned idea, but I hold you to it morally.

It is worth doing in itself, probably the most important thing any of us will ever do, but remember the MORAL dimension here.

Another thing you can give me is comments. Less than one percent of my readers comment, but if you have worked in direct mail and other areas as I have, you’ll find that’s a heavy proportion. Almost every magazine we read, we think of something we could comment on, but far less than one in a thousand, usually less than one in ten thousand, of the people who BUY a magazine send in any comments by phone or letter or even e-mail.

The general areas your comments fall into are mainly can agreement or disagreement, what I made you think of, new like Simmons just gave us, extensions on my thought of the sort Peter and Dave do. There is another area I want some help with. I thought of it when Alan Parker caused me to think about the assumption I always had that non-whites have white “selves.”

Yes, Virginia, even I did realize how stuck I was on that aspect of “We are the same under the skin” thinking!

One of the things I do that is most useful to you is to pull out the ASSUMPTIONS no one even thinks about and laying them naked before you. The worship of the World War II Generation has been something NOBODY but me dared to take on. But you will regularly see me thinking over things like Edison’s “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration” and showing how incredibly moronic they are.

It is out ASSUMPTIONS that underlie all the disasters of the twentieth century. It is the assumptions we aren’t even aware of that we must cut out like the cancers they are.

I may have hit them all, but I doubt it. In this case I am asking you to outsmart me, to pull out assumptions I haven’t already dealt with. Remember we are trying to find concepts that are so basic to our thinking that we don’t even KNOW THEY ARE ASSUMPTIONS.



Simmons: Some News We Hadn’t Heard — What a Surprise!


Speaking of mummies some archeologists have recently found a 2000 year old mummy in Monglolia and he has blond hair. I have seen the pictures that Spiegel posted. Some profs in Germany are studying him now and of course in a matter of weeks it will be found out he was anti-semitic and life should be centered on endless discussions of the Old Testament and its wonderful people.

Comment by Simmons