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Thanks, Richard

Posted by Bob on January 19th, 2007 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses


Hitler-style ‘designer’ babies coming under fire in Texas

Medical group says breeding for traits will lead to death for those who fail

A Texas fertility clinic now promoting its plan to “design” babies for customers is moving society another step down the road toward full-blown eugenics in the United States, where there would be certain categories of lives that simply would be valueless, according to a spokesman for an organization of physicians.

“I hope we have the gumption to have laws passed that will prohibit this,” Dr. Gene Rudd, the associate executive director for the Christian Medical Association, told WND. “But one we’ve gone so far, how can you justify not going just a little bit further … down that ethical abyss.”

Comment by richard


Only Hitler seems to have wanted children to be smart and pretty. KIDS don’t want to be smart and pretty, do they?

I don’t think the “Christians” will do as much harm here as they did in their fully-scale campaign against smallpox vaccination around 1800. But they’ll try. And the medical establishment’s Galen bit, some professors hung onto it, was with the preachers then.

So every university Ethics Department will say that only Hitler would support this. No, gang, this alliance is NOT new.

  1. #1 by Peter on 01/19/2007 - 10:42 pm


    Bob, I think your forgetting one very important motivation – the instinct to want to pass one’s own genes and traits onto the next generation. That’s why adoption is normally a last resort alternative to conceiving a couples biological child.

    If the designer baby movement has any chance of overcoming that, it would be merely some gene therapy on ones own progeny to correct some defects, or perhaps by some process to select only the choicest genes from one’s own body (as in the movie Gatteca when the Doctor (to paraphrase) explains that, “He’ll still be you, only he’ll be the best of you.”).


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