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A Quick Note About Me and Pain and Al Parker

One of the great victories of this blog is that we are rid of the Delicates.

The Delicates are those who say, “You been MEAN to me. I’ll never speak to you again.” That makes me want to puke.

So when Pain thought I had insulted him, he raised hell. I had called him a pain. When he realized I was kidding him, he adopted the name. I may have been wrong, I may have made my insults sound too real. But in the real world, I have more to do than be diplomatic.

So the only way to deal with me is the way Peter Pain did: Hit back. Don’t go whining off in a corner like a mortally wounded wild dog.

I have jumped all over Al Parker. He knows the rules: He jumps back.

I don’t like a lot of Al’s ideas.

Like he gives a damn!

Al HAS ideas, and he is not about to let ME make him whimper.

Just spare me the Delicates. Especially right after a meal I want to keep down.


I Bitch at Alan (NOT Al)

Here where I live there are several new developments that are expanding, many people talk about how the city is growing, yet the population has declined by several thousand. population shifts have occurred, those who move away seeking jobs are replaced by others who arrive from another place, the market demands of the labor market have this effect. Don not let the PC sickos fool you there is an over abundance of resources in America, the only scarcity resources we have here are inflicted on us by those wealthy or powerful enough to control them. Every goddamn thing in America today is over priced, homes that were built for 5,000 40 years ago cost 80,000 today. Here in Iowa scrub land goes for 2,000 an acre. Out west where one can drive for ever and see few homes, land prices are insane, the Ted Turners and company buy up tens of thousands of acres out west, land values soar and the rest of us can not afford to move there. The population of China lives in an area one third the size of the United States. This whole scam of shortages and over population is created by those who want to control your life, price you into the poor house, its bullshit and these people are totally worthless to our society, they contribute nothing of value in in reality. The hinder our race and prosperity, they are a plague so to speak.
Comment by Alan


How can I say this? I consider most people hopeless. YOU I criticize.

Alan, you would have said this had I never been born, which does not flatter me.

There is a story behind the overpricing in America. I said something that no one who spends his life worrying about the Bilderbergers would ever mention:

Some land in America is overpriced. That is because, regardless of its quality, it is INSIDE America.

America is not the only SUPERpower in the world.

American is the only POWER in the world.

There is now a SUPERSTITIOUS thing about America: Anything WITHIN our borders is damned near HOLY.




Alan Parker



this is Al Parker, logged in as Peter again.

Like the European intellectuals who talked a good deal about how wonderful Communism was but didn’t want to cross over into Eastern Europe, how do we know WE would want to live under the type of government that would be empowered with upholding the views and values expressed on this blog?

I wonder if we are malcontents or if we really mean it.

Comment by Peter


As so often happens, what I am about to say is so true it sounds like a joke.

But, Al, what IS the type of government I seem to advocate? I ask this because, since I gave up conservatism, I am no longer sure what it is I would advocate. My aim now is to concentrate on race and, since my faith in my race is strong, to let THEM decide policy.

I have a very good how WIDE a range “type of government” covers. That was my job.

I have advocated that any honest citizen be allowed to be armed and my freedom of speech ideas would be ACLU if THEY believed in the same freedom for the right as for the left. I would not only end subsidized higher ed and the education monopoly, a major proportion of today’s college administrators and professors and others would be punished under anti-monopoly law.

Beyond that, about all I have done here is read the Preamble to the United States Constitution to you.

No, illegal aliens would have NO rights here, and there would be far fewer legal ones.

I am being honest here. What kind of government IS being advocated here, Al?

No answer constitutes a reply.