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I begged you folks to look at basics. I thought you MIGHT think of costumes, aka, uniforms.

OK, damn it, I’ll do it for you.

No one explains why General Patton wore those two silver-plated revolvers. I don’t remember this exciting episode in his life mentioned in the movie Patton.

Before World War I, Patton was the last man to have a real, old-fashioned gun fight. In fact, it was larger than life. He was along when the Mexican raiders came in, back in the Pancho Villa days, and there were – REALLY – a lot of them and one of him. He had his guns on and he faced them on foot as they came in on horseback.

He killed them. Their leader, a famous bandit, dropped his gun and Patton waited while he picked it up and fired wildly at Patton.

They are still trying desperately to show that the men at the Alamo acted just like a bunch of panicky New York Jews would have acted. But Patton’s gun fight, which would have made a hell of part of the movie, had to be just ignored completely.

That’s why Patton wore two six-guns to the end of his days. He EARNED them. Hollywood likes to make it look like he was just an overaged cowboy. In the real world, an overaged cowboy is anybody who is above the rank of colonel and wears a costume, a.k.a., “uniform.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower never heard a hostile shot fired in his life. But, as General Douglas MacArthur, not one of Ike’s worshippers, said, “He was the best staff man I ever had.” Eisenhower was an EXCELLENT staff man. He was one of the finest bureaucratic decision-makers of his time.

But why did he have on a costume?

In “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes,” the President is conferring with the uniformed services. One guy has on an army uniform, another a Navy uniform, another an Air Force outfit, and then one has on a Boy Scouts uniform. It actually took me a full minute to catch onto the joke here. That is how accustomed even I am to costumes being called “uniforms.”

But, as I keep pointing out what seems an endless number of times, I am trying to get you to QUESTION the most basic assumptions. This does NOT mean that I am able to catch them instantly myself. Which is why I am looking for intellectual partners, not disciples.

Why SHOULDN’T the head of the Boy Scouts be there?

One of the mainstays of every tyranny is the worship of a costume. When the President swears to uphold and defend the Constitution, he never says what he means: “I will uphold and defend the latest decision of the United States Supreme Court.” But if you study Constitutional Law, at public expense, you will find it consists entirely of Federal Court decisions.

And what do ALL of these federal judges have that sets them apart from the mere mortals who are presidents and senators and congressmen. They ALL wear DRESSES.

Why can’t you defend yourself with a gun? Because it is generally accepted in America, and ABSOLUTELY accepted in almost all of Europe, including Canada, that no one should be allowed to have a gun but someone who is wearing a government-sanctioned costume.

Policemen have a consistently low IQ (two were rejected for the job because their IQs were too high), a suicide rate that is out of sight, and a rate of alcoholism in the same range, while they are armed to the teeth all the time. But they got COSTUMES.

The pro-gun crowd WORSHIPS law enforcement, so they are the first to drop on their face in front of those uniforms.

Before the bitching starts that this is too long, let me cut it off.


cl and Simmons

One of the glaringly obvious differences between Whites and others is that White groups tend to take on pejoratives as their own mantle (redneck, yankee, most of the denominational labels, etc), while non-Whites perceive words as the thing itself. Thus, for instance, Blacks must continually be re-labeled since the “term of the day” always takes on the connotation of “worthless.”
Name-calling is a form of blackmail. The proper way to respond to blackmail is to shrug your shoulders and say “so what,” ala Bill Clinton. Only then does a pejorative lose its power. It’s also a way in which the opposition does our work for us, by automatically culling the wishy washies who are “scared” of being a “racist” (leaving us to separate out the freaks).
Comment by cl —

“The pretense of equality. . .”
That’s a good phrase! All the liberal propaganda terms should be associated with an “enlightener,” like “pretense.”
Comment by cl

“Questions!” Programmed entities being either human or computer cannot handle questions that are the slightest bit deviant from their programming. Its why I keep harping on our need to find a sense of inquiry in our particular intellectual culture. Even Bob would like to have the word “racism” defined by the Dictatorship of the Professors so as to trip these high priests of stupidy tripped up. Questions are our perfect weapon.
Comment by Simmons

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Today’s commenters, cl leading the way, sounded like a group of pros, people who are now grad level, who are doing intellectual WORK together. This is a thousand miles from where comments started here, basically just rehashing the bitches they would have been talking about if I had never been born.

One person did the old commenter thing, though, saying what he would have said if I had never been born. That serves as an example, though I expect everybody to make that mistake from time to time. He began his comment on my “Feminine Generation” with standard and packaged, “Ah, but those were Hollywood types, not the Real Guys.

NO! That undermines my whole point, and that is what is usually said about the crowd that calls itself The Greatest Generation, and it makes my point USELESS.

NO!!!!!!! I am not just making another just making another complaint about the standard Bad Buys and exempting Good Old Uncle Bill or Uncle Jim or, to give the whole generation its proper name, your Uncle Tom for being the being the Greatest Moral Cowards America has ever seem. NO! NO! NO!

Let me repeat an example for SIXTH time, since you missed it every other time. In the alcohol and drug program, one WWII hero was talking to me and leveled with me. On an island consisting almost entirely of combat officers, including NCOs, the commanding colonel was known for becoming a bully when he drank. He slammed into people and nobody dared react. Then one officer wouldn’t take it anymore and knocked the crap out of him.

If any one of those Heroic Greatest Generation Our Boys Our Fighting Men had testified for the officer at the court-martial, which, please note, the colonel held when he sobered up, the man would have been acquitted. NOT ONE of the combat veteran Heroic Greatest Generation Our Boys Our Fighting Men said a word. They all told EACH OTHER how unfair it was. They let him go to PRISON without any support, just as they let this country turn into what it is today.

Does this sound familiar? Not one of The Greatest Generation had the guts to go public, no matter how loudly their “comrades” shouted that their buddies had died at Normandy do interracial marriage or open borders.

NO!!!!!! I am not massaging your old gripes; I am talking about Good Old Tom who never talked about his days in WWII.

I think I know WHY. The same reason ex-cons don’t talk about being rogered in prison or ignoring others being rogered in prison. The same reason those fine men, the priests and bishops of the Catholic Church, totally ignored millions of rapes of small boys, the way EVERY bishop of that church abetted priests or knew about the abetting of molesting priests, abetting BEFORE the crime, which makes them as guilty as the other bishops who did it AND the priests.

If I had guessed at these thirty years ago, everybody would have lynched me. But it’s time to stop being so naive. Here we have a whole generation which NEVER fought ANYTHING in public. Nobody ever mentions any sexual molestation by those sergeants they love so much in WWII. NONE. And who, exactly, WOULD have talked about it?

This is important. It is part of the explanation of the greatest betrayal of our race in history. It takes a lot of the steam out of the “That sweet black guy fought in the War so he deserves our women” line.

NO! PLEASE don’t just toss in comments that say what you would have said had I never been born, and that undermine the point I am trying to make.

We need intellectual TEAMWORK of the type Alan showed when he complimented kevin on SAYING he would call Kelso for me. kevin got my point and SAID he would act on it. Alan went farther. He did not sit around and wait on ME to compliment a comrade on a positive action, or say, “Bob, YOU should compliment him.”

Intellectual WORK is what we need, TEAMwork.

cl shows us the way.

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