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Sillier Than Houris

Posted by Bob on February 12th, 2007 under History

One thing “Christians” love to do is make fun of Islam because its Heaven includes a bevy of renewable virgins for every man, the houris.

Let us now look at what the ian heaven consists of. According to the Old Testament derivation, heaven is where the saints spend all of eternity shouting praises of God. No women for the men, no men fo rhte owmen, no food, no wine, nothing but song. And the songs are nothing but praise, explaining to God Almighty that he is Special.

If you’re going to make fun of somebody else’s Paradise, you have to be willing to take some discussion of your own.

As I rmemeber it, the reason Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer began with the statement, “It is enough that you calla fish a fish.” He then proceeded to show how one simply told the Father what one wanted: daily bread, forgive us IF we forgive others, and show us the way.

End. Schluss. Fini. It is enough to calla fish a fish.

Jesus NEVER ONCE told people to Read More Bible. And Jesus MEVER OINCE said “Praise God!”

That is STRICTLY Old Testament and pagan stuff. God KNOWS who he is.

There is little in the accepted biblical text more obviously nailed on than, ath the end of hta discourse about calling a fish a fish, the word: “For thine is the Kingdom, hte Power and the Glory Forever.” It’s beautiful,but it is absurd. But later writers could not let Christ get away with no PTL.

And that, boys and gfirls, is sillier than houris.

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  1. #1 by shari on 02/12/2007 - 12:48 pm


    Boy, you and God are sure going to be bored in heaven! Ha!

  2. #2 by Elizabeth on 02/15/2007 - 4:10 pm


    It doesn’t hurt to say “Thank you” to Him occasionally.

    I _think_ there’s something in the Gospels about how in Heaven
    there will be no taking or giving in marriage. Given that the
    Middle East was a polygamous society, an answer like that would
    avoid some problems.

    Even today, here on Earth, we have lots of strife when a new stepparent
    comes on the scene…

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