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Pain and the Molestation Generation


“Their sergeant taught them you can’t fight City Hall. So a real, tough experienced man shows his manhood by giving up.”

Because I am younger, I haven’t run into too many of the Sell It All generation. My grandfather didn’t go because he had a family and was a preacher. The few I’ve run into didn’t like to talk about their experiences. Generally they said yes they were in combat, no they didn’t want to talk about it. If asked if they were decorated, they said yes, but anyone could get a decoration.

I always found it frustrating that the ones I ran into weren’t like the stories I saw on TV.

Until a few days ago. Whooee. I had missed nothing all the years. I spoke to a man’s grandson who told me some of his stories, but I had already heard them before. On TV. In fact the stories sounded exactly like a TV show, down to the exact words used and the PC script about the poor segregated black folk and the Jews they rescued from the disaster shelters. My historian’s sniff meter read: “This man was a cook far back behind the lines.”

Why is it the ones with the real stories of bravery are trying to forget?

Comment by Pain


I will rephrase Pain’s last question:

“What is it that the ones with the real stories of bravery are trying to forget?

Once again, let me remind you of the combat veterans I have talked about here repeatedly, officers who let a fellow officer go to PRISON rather than speak out against their abusing colonel.

Someone said that by MENTIONING the boy rapes by Catholic priests, and the even guiltier bishops who abetted them and helped them do it again, I was being evil. Sorry, but if this is evil, then count me in. There is a HUGE lesson here, because it does not just relate to sickness inside the Catholic Church, but inside of every bureaucracy. And it demonstrates that just because a bureaucracy is running around in costumes, uniforms or backward collars, does not mean that its sickness will be exposed.

British boys’ schools have been homosexual breeding grounds for centuries and everyone knows it. A military force that is given an absolute cart blanche like the World War II one would NEVER expose even the grossest of sex abuse. I remember one little boy talking abut his being raped by a priest when the other priest came in. The other priest, who did not molest boys, didn’t even say a word. He wanted to keep his costume and his job.

When I was in alcohol recovery, a number of the guys there had been molested as boys. They ALL felt guilty abut it, as if it was their fault. They had never before talked about their shame, and THEY had nothing to feel guilty about.

WWII vets may well feel guilty about not exposing what everybody knew was going on. Remember, don’t-ask-don’-tell is always thought of as applying to soldiers of the same rank, an entry-level requirement. The Masturbation Generation probably DID.

We are dealing with a group whose men of established physical bravery let their buddy go to prison rather than speak up. In the conditions of WWII a soldier would NEVER have accused a superior officer of abusing another young man, certainly not himself, and that complaint would never have gotten outside his chain of command.

Field Marshall Montgomery was certainly a raging homosexual. Eisenhower despised him for it. Who in the British Army would have denounced him for ANY action in his bedroom?

In other wars, there was a smaller number of soldiers and the lack of total war would have given them a better chance to complain. It was noted at the time that WWII vets never talked about their experiences, whereas Korean War vets talked abut it all the time.

It seems very likely to me that a Catholic Church type situation was in the World War II armed forces. The same generation that kept the Catholic one under wraps kept that one under wraps.

Yes, sir! A Band of Heroes!




You may wonder why I don’t comment on this blog very often like I used to. Truth is, I find you folks comical — yes, even you Bob.
While debating how to word the mantra, hardly anyone is using it I’m assuming here, but with the lack of feedback of how it’s being used, when, and where, makes this a no-brainer. It just plain ain’t being used.
Go on, comment you whiney-babies. Re-word the damn thing to death, and have your intellectual conversations all you want you Buckleyite-sounding do nothings. Little has changed and unless in the so-called pro-white movement. There are a thousand armchair generals endlessly “getting ready” for the next “big push” but the privates have all gone home to watch Jew T.V. and wait for baseball season to return. I wonder how the white race every got anything done in the past. If genetics is responsible for our achievements you couldn’t prove it by watching you oh-so-smart pro-whites in action today.
Inactivity in action? Hell, I’d call it comatose babbling of the worst sort.


So what am I supposed to do about this?

Believe me, I think regularly about closing up the blog, but where would I put my own thoughts? I do the paying, I do the work, and you are upset that people aren’t putting in effort.

With ME!

My contributions have, given diminishing returns, over ninety percent already made. Problems with the cable monopoly here have made me pay for a land line in order to keep my DSL.

I am thinking about doing all my internet work on another computer once a week.

What you may be doing is overestimating my importance in my own eyes. I am no longer assembling a team or expecting people to do what they manifestly are not going to do. But what we have here is a group of people who are WORTH me putting my ideas to.

But Mark and I are burned out. I have had two nervous breakdowns and am back. I just read a biography of Stalin that mentioned that when the Germans brought Lenin to Russia in 1917, it was the first time in his life he had ever spoken to a large crowd. The large crowds and the marches come at the end, with the sunshine patriots and the summer warriors marching in them.

I listen to Basso Profundo here telling me I haven’t overthrown the establishment. Gee! How would I have known that if he hadn’t had the originality of thought to come up with it?

I am doing what I can do. Don’t think I have been disappointed for fifty years?

Mark, if you are going to roar in and then quit, you will join a long, long line of others who have done the same thing, including three separate teams who did WOL. All did fine work. But no one has asked a warrior to serve his stretch for twenty-five years since the Roman Empire.

I do not expect ANYBODY else to serve WITHOUT PAY as long as I have. I would have gotten my political money easier if I HADN’T insisted on fighting for our cause. I simply CANNOT stop, and I have watched soldiers and honest fighters like you who have actually done greater things than you will ever know come and go.

You have more than done your stretch. No one will stay in the way I have – nobody else has been in the front of this fight nearly as long as I have is they didn’t make their living at it.

That’s my JOB. That is what I will die with, and it makes me very contented.

I don’t need the torchlight parades. I can see the side I started out against sinking slowly in the mud, with a whisper, not a blast. I see a new world that no one else who has not been right where I am can see. Even if they SAW it, they couldn’t SAY it. A person who makes his living at this must search for things that reinforce his audience’s preconceptions. He must demand attention to his part of the whole. Finally he thinks in no other terms.

Once again, “the manufacture of information.”

If I relied on the work of my audience, I would have quit long ago. I would have quit in the 50s when I saw the Masturbation Generation weaseling out on us and a hundred times since.

But I cannot speak for Mark. I see where I am going. If anybody else could, I would be turning the thing over to them.

In the meantime, I do my duty and I see what others do not see. I predicted every major trend until today, so I have pretty good faith in me.