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Simmons Misses BAD!


I cannot say that I’m totally on board your theory of the services as queer fraternity


PLEASE don’t do this to me! This is the kind of mindless reaction our enemies will have to what I say.

I DID NOT say the armed services were a queer fraternity. I did not say the Catholic priesthood was a queer fraternity. A queer fraternity would be morally superior to what they ARE.

The only people punished in the Catholic Church were the pedophilic priests. What about the heterosexual priest who simply ignored the little boy — obviously to the first he had seen — who was being raped. Above all, what about the BISHOPS? Every single bishop in America knew this was going on. Compared t the bishops who were godfathering these rapes for decades, sending pedophiles to new locations for new victims, the pedophile priest himself was a saint.

IT is NOT, NOT, *******NOT***** the perverts I am condemning here. Having been a drunk in treatment myself I have less power to condemn other weaknesses than you do.

I condemn the judge who put a drunk driver back on the highways until he kills a family. I am outraged that not one single bishop even got MENTIONES in the church scandal. I am outraged at the heterosexual members of the Masturbation Generation who, I cannot doubt, world NEVER have reported ANY abuse of young boys in basic training by the Sarge or anybody else.

They carried that SAME silence into the destruction of my race. This has NOTHING TO DO with perversion itself.

I do not LIKE homosexuality. I also do not like the idea that I spent a major portion of my life, “Knee-walking, commode-hugging, shit-kicking, nigger-kissing drunk.” I was not cursed with homosexuality, but that is an accident, not my moral superiority.

addicts and queers need to be harshly controlled. But people who ABET addicts and child molesters should be executed, slowly and painfully and in public.