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The Greatest Generation “models” contributed little. Their “corporate form” had to be undone in the 1980s to get improvement in America’s productivity.

The Greatest Generation was one of the most unproductive generations in history, the proof being the great inflations of their working lives (1940s through early 1980s), inflation representing nothing more than a shortage of consumer goods, the opposite of what the MSM tell us.

The Greatest Generation was good at getting others to pay their bills. That’s over, and that fact that we are stuck with their bills is the biggest economic problem we have.

Comment by Dave —


Yes, we are STILL paying for WWII and those benefits. I tried to introduce this into the economics literature, and you can imagine the reaction I got.

Back in the 1960s I added up the costs of the DEBT from World War II, just the war, not the veterans’ benefits still being paid. The war had been paid largely by debt. But that debt had been racked up over twenty years before. The INTEREST on the debt had more than doubled it.

Ever since 1945, the Federal Government had routinely run a deficit. But if you subtracted the interest on the debt from World War II from that deficit, outgoes and income were equal. In other words, our ENTIRE debt came from WWII. It has not been paid.

Now WWII and its debt are in their SEVENTH decade. Would you care to do a little arithmetic and figure what the geometric progression has made it NOW? PLUS the debt we ran up paying those benefits to twelve million “vets.”

Giving a third of the world’s population to Stalin and Mao was an expensive proposition.

Besides which, since we had destroyed the Anti-Cominterm Axis — the word before “Axis” has not been pronounced in many, many years — we spent most of the Federal budget defending against a threat Germany and Japan were no longer there to resist.



Dammit, Simmons!


I tried to say that with my Peak Oil posts, that the timing for the death strike against white liberalism is very near, but you chewed my head off then beat me with the mantra. Even white liberals (and that is the only kind) realize that what they advocated in regards to racial equality is a failure, and so most of them are switching over to Global Warming and energy depletion as their choice of “dramatics.” If it weren’t for the propaganda efforts of the “respectables” and their quest for empire the whole charade would collapse, and it will once our economy seeks its natural level and the cult’s lies are no longer profitable to the average lumpen.

Comment by Simmons


A little while back Simmons told me to take a break, “We’ll take it from here.”

So I took break, a long one for a workaholic like me, and waited for Simmons to get in here. He disappeared, unless this is my attention deficit talking. Now here he is back, thank God, but the old bastard Bob has another bitch to make.

I want Simmons to stop mentioning it and giving us web sites and TELL is what EXACTLY his “Peak Oil” idea is.

Yes, Prof Bob pooh-poohed it once, but this is NOT Mommy Professor territory.

Basso Profundo just got slammed — again — but he’ll be back and he enjoys it. I have slammed about everybody here and nobody minds slamming me when they think I need it.

Try THAT on Mommy Professor’s turf!

I approve your comments. I decide who is an old timer here, and I think you should be COMPLIMENTED when you get in here as a regular grad in our seminar. This puts an obligation on you. I am not interested in what some website says. I am interested in what YOU have to bring to US.

Even SHARI, whom I thumped on for a year about her humility, has stood up and started walking tall. She now understands that if you get in here the way she has, it offends ME if you act like you are not proud of it.

Dammit, Simmons, I want you to sit down and WRITE what Peak Oil IS, and put it in OUR context. No one outside our group can DO that, so referring to a web site won’t do it.





The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies:

Alan makes a much stronger point than many may realize.

For instance, I broke with Conservatism when I realized that, for SOME reason, the Godless Communists of the USSR were always facing massive crop failures, and yet, somehow, we kept bailing them out. At THAT point, I realized that Conservatism, in practice, was more of a CON game, than CONservatism.

I suspect that, at the end of the day, it all comes down to Peter Shank’s elegant formulation of FAMILY, RACE and CULTURE – especially RACE, which I see as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

I also realize that we are degenerating into the Aristocratic Republic we grew from; twelve years of Bush, eight years of Clinton, eight years of Bush – and Hilary guaranteed to run in ‘08. Further, it looks like The Game was rigged all along – BOB DOLE for President?

Thirty years ago, Robert Townsend, writing in “Up The Organization,” noted that the corporate form ws useful; even if the people who owned them were using them solely to keep the Game going, it was useful. Those corporate Forms were derived from the self-proclaimed “Greatest Generation’s” experience, and models of organizational behavior. You respected the uniform of a superior officer, and ignored the character of the man in it.

Those were the matters of Form that led us to where we are today.

We have been led down the path of folowing the matters of Form without question, and pretty much, ignoring the matters of Substance – Family, RACE and Culture – to our peril.

Our hereditary RACIAL enemies, the Satanic demons known as JEWS, have never lost their clear focus on just these issues; to them, RACE above all, and CULTURE exists solely to serve the RACE.

We have been like blind men playing baseball, with no idea what the game board looks like, or what the rules REALLY are, with the referee working hand-in-glove with our RACIAL enemies.

It’s really very simple – everything outside of Family, RACE and Culture – especially RACE – is really something of a sideshow, designed to keep the Drones amused, and busy, while remaining in their place, as cattle before Gods.

We have always been the ones who compromised, who HAD to compromise, as we accepted our RACIAL enemy’s terms and definition, in a social environment, a Culture, where we were encouraged to “go along to get along.”

No more.

Either we recognize that this is a life or death battle, and our children, our Posterity, and the world they will inhabit, are the stakes here, or we are doomed to always playing the Enemy’s gsmer, at the Enemy’s table, on the Enemy’s terms – and the Enemy gets to referee.

For the FIRST time, we have reduced the terms to what truly matters, and understand them.

Now, we must apply the same level of skilled ruthlessness to them, that they apply to us.

Above all, we must develop that skill, first and foremost, within our selves, by being focused and disciplined, and never allowing ourselves to forget the REAL issues at stake in every decision we make, no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

And what ARE those issues?

Family, RACE and Culture – simple as that.

Especially RACE.



Basso Profundo

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Just keep plugging everybody. Total victory is just around the corner. A week. A month. Maybe a year at the outside. Just keep plugging. Surely you can see the signs of victory all around you. Your check is in the mail.

Basso Profundo


I stood on a bridge in Moscow and gave the finger to the most powerful despotism the world has ever known because I had been instrumental in destroying it.

I was appointed to a critical job by a president I was instrumental in electing.

During all the years I was doing these things, the Basso Profundos kept losing, and kept telling me I would lose.

I wonder if you see any connection?