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For the first time in the history of The Blog People, I went to comments and there was NO Spam.

THREE comments arrive at my door. Can you imagine how you would feel if, one day, your mail consisted of nothing but PERSONAL replies?

What if we were like the leftists, and put the manra into EVERY note, every e-mail, and we didn’t give a damn if anyone was offended by it or not?

Some would decide you are nuts. Others would do the same thing.


Be inconsiderate. Be aggressive.

As Sarge says, DO it!!!

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Disaster is Our Element, Part Two

“May you live in INTERESTING times.”

So goes the Chinese curse. Nobody is interested in good times. When you read about them, they are boring. Have you noticed how fairy tales END with, “And they lived happily ever after.” No fairy tale describes this “happily ever after” period. It wouldn’t have been safe to do that.

You have just told fairy tale to children who enjoy the concept that Hansel and Gretel were about to be baked alive in an oven and who are now cheering the fact that a hungry old woman died in that agony instead. You then proceed to bore them to death with a description of the day-to-day uncluttered, uneventful life of uncomplicated happiness that Hansel and Gretel lived for the next fifty years, day by day.

I shudder to think that those kids would do to you. You had damned well better be sure there is no fire on the stove.

Compared to the fourteenth century outbreak of the bubonic plague, we live in BORING times.

No one will forgive me for pointing out, on balance, that Plague outbreak was a good thing. For the next two centuries, people in Europe lived MUCH better because of it. But those were BORING times.

You see, back then the population did not bounce back from a disaster. “A woman’s place is in the home” comes from the fact that a woman back then had to spend her entire life having and raising children just to keep the population stable. We have more fun blaming all this on a plot by men to suppress women, and the fact that it isn’t true never kept any documentary from having a guy with a British accent from pronouncing this Politically Correct point of view in the ad for Politically Correctness that comes at the end of every documentary.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, the Plague created a population deficit that remade the economics of the time for two centuries. With so many whole villages wiped out, owners of land had to pay the remaining peasants unheard-of wages. The old sharecropper system completely collapsed all over Europe.

Yes, the Intellectuals tried to stop all this by Planning. They got together and set wages. But, as in the Soviet Empire, it just didn’t WORK. Back then they couldn’t even build a Berlin Wall to keep the workers from escaping.

All this brings us back to Global Warming. There are three positions on Global Warming and the Global Freeze it is supposed to lead to:

!) Liberalism: There will be Global Warming and Freezing so we must have Intellectuals take over the world and plan everything;

2) Respectable Conservatism: Yes, if this were the truth Liberal Intellectuals should rule the world, but it’s not true:

And mine, which nobody but The Blog People hear:

3) So what?

Here comes the Politically Correct narrator:

“Oh, God, Bob! Unlike me, you do not appreciate the HUMANITY here! I feel the pain that only a True Intellectual can appreciate!”

I will agree, because they bore me too much to do anything else, that only Intellectuals like Rousseau, who never saw a savage, Noble or not, in his life, can really appreciate Human Suffering more than I can, thought I have seen and SMELLED starvation.

As I say, all this Politically Correct hysteria bores me so much that I am happy to stipulate what this London-bound narrator with his Politically Correct ad at the end of every documentary says just to shut him up.

Yes, British Accent, only you and the Intellectuals understand Human Suffering.




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Disaster is Our Element, Part One

I was watching a documentary about The Little Ice Age. They discussed the Black Plague and how it may have been so bad because people were weak and hungry from the change of weather. So far, so good.

They talked about how the Intellectuals of the age reacted to the Plague by burning witches. We have seen the same reaction when Soviet economic plans kept failing. Obviously this couldn’t be the fault of the Perfect Economic System run by Intellectuals, so it had to be “wreckers,” tens of millions of them, who were sabotaging the Perfect Economy.

Those who burned witches in earlier centuries were pikers. They killed a paltry few thousand witches. “Soviet Power” killed its witches by the tens of millions.

But every documentary must end with an ad for Political Correctness. This one ended by saying that if we have global warming it will be worse, because we have a lot more people on earth than they did in earlier centuries.

When somebody says something this dumb, I can laugh or I can cry. As Basso Profundo advises, I have spent too much of my life raging and moaning. So I’ll smile, though you might hear a bit of tooth-grinding in the background.

How in heaven’s name can anybody say that we are less able to handle a fifty or hundred-year crisis today than Communists or earlier witch-burners were? I quoted the Politically Correct advertisement from another documentary that said that half the population lived on the coast, and if sea level went up over the next half century, they would all drown.

There are two positions on global warming:

1) Liberals say that every white country must stop economic development to stop it;

2) Respectable conservatives say it ain’t gonna happen.

As an evil racist, let me add a third point of view:

3) So what?

If there is global warming occurs, with global freezing after it, we will turn up our air conditioners and then our heat, year by year.

Back to Peak Oil, which by now I may understand. Air conditioners and heat up will require more energy. So we will produce more energy. Just as people will move out of coastal areas as they go under water, we will produce the energy. We can do that now with nuclear power, but in fifty years that will be primitive.

Speaking of primitive, all the Political Correctness ads at the end of documentaries feature the fact that agriculture will be screwed up. Will we all starve? No, we will develop hydroponics. Like Peak Oil, we don’t develop hydroponics now because it is cheaper and easier to take the cheap stuff we can get from the soil, be it oil or wheat.

But are we all going to die because developing something else is expensive? I doubt it. If we spent the money we put out now protecting Israel’s interests in Iraq on atomic power plants and hydroponics, we would have more good and fuel than we do today.

A good example is what happened with rubber during World War II. You can still see movies from abut 1942 and 1943 when people were fighting over old tires. The Japanese had overrun the rubber-producing areas of Southeast Asia and, even in the other panics of the early World War II period; the total absence of rubber caused a panic.

That crisis had been forgotten by 1945. A synthetic rubber was produced. It was a very bad rubber at first, very brittle. But by 1950 NOBODY would have gone back to natural rubber.

It is too bad our documentary-makers couldn’t be in the 1942 period. They could have pissed and moaned about our artificial white society had depended on exploiting the poor Southeast Asians for rubber, and we were going to PAY THE PRICE. They would say that our only salvation was to ration rubber and turn Rubber Planning over to the Intellectuals.

Of course, having a Kyoto Conference on Rubber in 1942 might be a bit awkward, but there is always a place for Intellectuals to meet and Plan Things.


Way to Go, cl!

It might be helpful if someone followed-up with a reply.

Comment by cl


I see one reply so far. Is that one of the Blog People?

Come on, gang! Let’s not leave cl hanging the way we did Mark!

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I don’t think I have ever posted one of your essays, but I post the mantra so much that I’m surprised someone has not whacked me over the head and said “DAMNIT WOMAN, STOP POSTING THAT THING. WE HAVE READ IT ENOUGH!”

I just don’t bother to report back on here with a “look at me, aren’t I so wonderful by doing something so simple as cutting and pasting words that aren’t even my own”. I mean, why brag about that? The answer to that seems to be that it makes you feel better, but I’m telling you, it feels awfully unnatural.



Papillon, you made a common mistake:

You were so concerned about the social lesson you have been taught about not being a braggart that you completely forgot the fact that Ole Bob may NEED to hear what you just wrote.

It helped a lot.

Please see if you can help Mark and cl out.