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AFKAN, Willis, and Yockey

Posted by Bob on March 4th, 2007 under Bob, Coaching Session, Comment Responses, History

The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody directed a brilliant comment aimed at Alan. You are talking to each other now, and Ole Prof Bob just sits back with a contented smile and thinks, “I am one HELL of a teacher!”

I am not going to take all the weight up here when I have worked my butt off to produce commenters who are doing it as well as I could.


But I do have an institutional memory you can use, and one sentence of AFKAN’s jogged a piece of it:

“Everything worthwhile flows from the Idea of RACE, as Yockey defined it.”

I said some time ago, when Willis Carto blew up at Kelso that Willis had done so many things for us, long ago and all alone, that I could not even REMEMBER them all. It is entirely because of Willis Carto that we have Yockey’s book, Imperium. He discovered it, he published it.

But one thing Willis – and I – HATED was Yockey’s childish errors in the area of genetics. You’ve seen the same sort of stuff in this Blog. Like Yockey my forte is connecting widely separated things that experts could not imagine had any connection. The price you pay for this is making really stupid errors about factual matters in all those widely separated fields.

I never hesitate to call stupid stupid, especially when I am doing the stupiding. I just correct myself, sometimes with a belly laugh about how wrong I got it, and go on. It’s fun, because I KNOW I won’t suddenly decide that I am calling that I am calling my mother ugly or intending some vicious attack the way others I laugh at – or with — do. That alone is a good lesson from Ole Bob.

I even laughed at the paragraph above. People that Bob means to insult them indirectly. They think Bob is being subtle.

Let me repeat that: People think BOB is being SUBTLE! If that doesn’t give you a yuck you need some Pepto-Bismol.

But Yockey didn’t have the chance to be corrected. Like John Ashbrook and Sonny Bono, he died mysteriously after completing Imperium. He was being tried as a subversive after WWII and he was found hanging in his cell.

Let me repeat, if I seem paranoid at the death of my friend and boss, John Ashbrook, please note that his body was not in the coffin we buried. The police had held it back for further examination.

Yockey had a totally Spenglerian – actually a Thomist –outlook. Though like Spengler he dismissed blacks from any participation in any great civilization, past or present, he did have the idea of rise and fall as essentially a Mystery, in the religious sense of the term. So in a sense all Great Civilizations, white and non-white, were equal.

Carto was Yockey’s greatest fan. The one page of Imperium that he HATED was where Yockey dismissed genetics by talking about how unfit for survival the DOMESTIC CHICKEN was. One thing I have in common with Yockey is that when us geniuses say something stupid, it’s not a misstep, it’s an avalanche.

But that’s what they pay Mommy Professors to have traumas about. Us grownups just accept the correction and go on.

The copyright for Imperium belonged to Yockey’s sister. Carto asked her permission to change some of the nonsense abut genetics. Her reaction was one that both Willis and I understood perfectly. Carto could print the book if he used every single word EXACTLY as her departed brother left it to her. It is hard to imagine Willis Carto begging for anything, but I am willing to bet he had tears in his eyes when he implored her to let him at least take out the chicken story.

She was adamant. She was Francis Yockey’s sister. We expected her to be adamant. Genes DO tell, chickens or no chickens.

If AFKAN says Yockey’s definition of race now makes sense, I assume that the lady is dead and that Willis, who is not known for giving up, got it straightened out since. Willis damn near destroyed me once, but I will admire that man till the day they finally hang me.

  1. #1 by AFKAN on 03/05/2007 - 1:46 am


    The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies:
    My definition of RACE pulls from “Imperium,” and in particular the section on Cultural Vitalism. The knowledge of genetics that we have before us if far beyond his understanding, further, the idea of genetics as one component of human evolution has gained greater credence in recent years, and not one iota of this research minimizes the role of genetics.

    It remains beyond refutation that only ONE race, the WHITE Race, can carry Civilization forward, back to the Stars from which we came.

    I have just finished rereading the inspiration beginning of “Imperium,” and, while many can accuse me of elaborate ex post facto rationalizations, I think it is irrefutable that the social systems created by Civilization – WESTERN Civilization, to be sure – all combined, not in a Virtuous Circle, but in a Virtuous Spiral, as if we have been led – GUIDED – from the dust, to the stars.

    It is almost as if Somewhere, we answered a Call:

    “If YOU will be my people, then I will be your God.”

    “Alright. How about those people over there?”

    “They will not be My people. They worship another God.”

    “Alright! The Hell with them!”

    “My Plan Exactly.”

    All we have to do is our part, which can be seen as our duty to our RACE – nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

  2. #2 by richard on 03/05/2007 - 8:08 am


    I’d be very interested to know your thoughts on the deaths of John ashbrook and Sonny Bono – why they were ‘mysterious’, who might have wanted them dead, and why.

  3. #3 by Peter on 03/06/2007 - 7:16 pm


    Ditto, Richard’s post.

    Back Bay Grouch


  4. #4 by mderpelding on 03/06/2007 - 8:49 pm



    Funny thing is that Yockey’s definition of race is like that of Peter Brimelow.
    That is because Yockey rejected the purely rational/mechanistic worldview of contemporaray established opinion. Yockey, like his intellectual progenitor Spengler, viewed race and culture as being defined by a shared moral/ethical/religious destiny as opposed to being some sort souless automatons guided solely by scientific “reason”. Read any paper published by so-called “social scientists” in the contemporary literature. All people are categorized into certain groups that can be collated according to objective performance measurements and controlled via well trained system analysts who have the necessary management and psychological education.

    The Imperium fails because Yockey misreads the nature of The West.
    He agreed with Spengler’s historical vision regarding Western expansion.
    But he viewed the endpoint or destiny of the “west” as a physical event.
    But, you see,the brilliance of the west resides in our ability to make what is abstract “real”.
    So, while Yockey viewed the destruction of the Third Reich as a disaster to western civilization and the so-called subjegation of the European continent to non-European forces as a disaster, in the end the whole world utilizes our technology. The whole world wants to live in our countries.

    Our ultimate expansion is intellectual.

  5. #5 by AFKAN on 03/07/2007 - 6:04 pm


    The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies to mrpelding:

    Good point concerning our ability to IMAGINE the abstract, SEE the abstract, and BUILD A BRIDGE to make it real

    Look at this, for example:

    Truly, the ability to see the spiritual Light in the material Darkness, in the context of the Infinite Plane that is the Prime Symbol of the West, is part and parcel of our RACIAL greatness.

    The collapse of the Third Reich WOULD have been seen as a “disaster to western civilization” by Yockey, and rightfully so. Remember, Whitaker Chambers stated, “I know I am on the losing side” after he came over to our side.

    To rephrase that formulation, “The triumph of the Asiatic Hive Consciousness that is the vehicle through which the inherently demonic process of Judaism operates over the Western Renaissance that BEGAN in the first modern state where Jewish influence had been neutralized ‘was a disaster for Western Civilization.’ Indeed, it was all the more a disaster if you simply extrapolate the economic and technological growth curves of NSDAP german forward, and remove the negative force of a debt-based fiat money system.”

    The Change of Mind that will Save Our Kind is part and parcel of our unique RACIAL heritage, and the fostering of that Light, even by keeping the smallest Spark of it alive in our lives, is our first and foremost RACIAL Duty.

    Our RACIAL Duty!

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