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Filter Down III, the GOOD NEWS!

Posted by Bob on April 22nd, 2007 under General

Filter Down III 

The previous two pieces were to explain something that no one today can really EMPATHIZE with.

I am very happy with things today for precisely the same reason I was an alarmist in 1955. The Masturbation Generation is dead or dying. Every idea they spread is now looked upon as quaint.

I won’t go through the whole list. Let’s just say that male birds only tweet to attract females is typical of that damned—literally – Generation’s ideas. As C.S. Lewis said through the mouth of Screwtape, the best route to Hell is routine, without twistings or turnings, just going along with what, in your heart, you know is Evil. From Mommy Professor, that was the route the Masturbation Generation took, bitching but never in the open, always with the Inevitable, always following orders.

Now let us go to the basic problem with Inevitability.

It doesn’t WORK.

Especially, it doesn’t work TODAY.

Nobody understands what filter down MEANS. It means that today’s world is bad and getting worse because all of our present institutions, all of our present practical methods of getting ahead, all fashionable opinion, is based on the ideas I saw filtering down fifty years ago.

I cannot see a single BAD idea filtering down today. Every documentary tells us that “the so-called savages” were actually very moral and forward-looking. This is Doctrine. OF COURSE that is what anybody who wants to keep his job says. But up where the filter-down begins, it is seen as quaint. “Why,” article after article asks, “do all of THEM keep insisting that there is something noble about being a backward savage?”

You are doing the Mantra because in the very near future, race will be a matter of CHOICE.

In the 1950s, the very idea of heart transplantation was laughed at by all the Practical Experts. They pointed out that you couldn’t even do a tiny skin transplant without the body rejecting it, much less a HEART, for God’s sake. They were perfectly correct and totally wrong.

Every concept our society is based on is dead, dead, DEAD. Ex Oriente Lux, “A small step for man, a giant step for Mankind” is now laughable and part of every documentary. This is NOT a contradiction. This is simply filter down.

Long since, even documentaries show the class system among animals, the universal territorial imperative among animals. I discussed THAT in my 1976 book, long before it happened.

In 1900 Indians were called The Vanishing Americans. With the abolition of slavery in 1865, the death rate among blacks INSTANTLY doubled. In 1900 blacks were, inevitably, a smaller PART of the American population.

In 2000, this Inevitability was reversed.

Nobody noticed.

But me.

The only perfectly consistent thing I can see is faith in Inevitability.

I have just spent two thousand words or so explaining why this Inevitability Faith is the silliest one possible. But the Practical Man believes in it, thumps his chest over it, generation after generation. And in every age, the Inevitability reverses itself completely.

But fifty years have given me a sense of humor about this I did not have as a suffering, understanding boy of fourteen.

Thank God.

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  1. #1 by Pain on 04/22/2007 - 4:39 pm

    This sounds like Spengler. His examples of civilizations ending included those civilizations that changed from one to another without anyone noticing. The Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire, but the people there still called it the Roman Empire. The North changed from the chaos of the heroic era to Western Civilization without any die-out of Nordics.

    The changes moving us from the old age to the new already happened. The New Age is that of race. The Germans who died successfully keeping Communism out of Western Europe and the Anglo-Saxon continents knew this, and reading Spengler, they said they could be the last of the old age or the first of the new. History will date the dawning sometime in the 20th century.

    But it happened in such a way that nobody noticed.

    The drama and the torch-light parades have already happened. One quarter billion whites died in the war that communism lost. It has been smooth going since.

  2. #2 by AFKAN on 04/22/2007 - 11:23 pm

    The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies to Bob AND Pain:

    RACE explains so much, so clearly, precisely the situation in which we find ourselves, and how it came to be that way.

    RACE is the Shadow that we go to such great lengths to deny, while our RACIAL Enemies in general, adn the demonic damn JEWS in particular, have used it so such great effect – for themselves, at OUR expense.

    Think of an alternative history of the Twentieth Century where we said “NO” to the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, World War I, World War II, the Cold War – all enterprises where one Aspect of the goddamn JEWS worked hand-in-demonic-glove with ANOTHER Aspect of the goddamn JEWS.

    Their track record inspires awe; it really does.

    Pain, think of the ONE-QUARTER BILLION WHITES who died in the battle with JUDEO-Communism.

    THINK of what a society they could have formed; they could have followed organic expansion paths, and the people of Mexico would look like snow, and ACT like White people.

    Look at the horrific national, state and local debts that were incurred in the battle against JUDEO-Communism, a battle that was CERTAINLY won by the central bankers, in a price paid for with our people’s labor, lives, and blood. Is there ANYONE who won’t look at the national debt PRIOR to Reagan, the “Great CONservative,” who ran debts that laid the foundation for a national debt that will NEVER be repaid.

    One more such “victory,” and we shall be defeated…

    ALL, because the goddamn JEWS – the master WORDISTS – shaped the terms and definitions of the controlled mainstream media, the political system, and the mandated public fool indoctrination system.

    How much better if we had thought in terms of our unique RACIAL Character, and designed these Institutions to serve our RACE, and not the wishes of the demonic damn JEWS?

    We all know that the JEW-controlled “Soviet Union” would have died on the vine if it was not for the massive financial and industrial support “we” gave them, at all points of their history…

    Alex Linder gave a fascinating Insight into politics: to understand what is truly happening, look at how the issue might effect the goddamn JEWS, and remember that JEWS don’t just take one side of an argument; they take ALL sides of an argument, to insure that, whatever the outcome, it is at least not against the ONE COMMANDMENT of the demonic JEWS: “Is it good for JEWS?”

    Looking at World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and the banking system that indentured our futures to pay for them, HELL YES!

    My GOD!

    With a quarter of a billion WHITE people, we could have been having this conversation with our Mars Colony, for God’s sake!

    The Question Before Us is really one of reordering and creating a New Society out of the ashes of the one in which we find ourselves.

    Say what you will, Harold Covington’s Northwest Trilogy of books lays out such a Creative, explicitly RACIAL social order in its own Northwest Republic.

    I think of the thirty-two Children who were slaughtered in their pens like cattle at Virgina Tech, and I ask myself HOW could that situation develop in the Northwest Republic, and why, or why not?

    It COULDN’T, for about thirty-two excellent reasons; a People with no illusions about how the world works, and no illusions whatsoever about the primary importance of the issue of RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

  3. #3 by Mark on 04/23/2007 - 8:11 am

    “One more such “victory,” and we shall be defeated…”

    No they will not defeat us. They will come close, but in the end the white race will defeat the jews and their puppets. Stop sounding like a defeatist. There’s work to be done.

  4. #4 by Ian Santiago on 04/23/2007 - 10:39 am


    A NorthWest homeland is not enough. We are going to have ALL of the Americas, from the Arctic to the tip of Argentina!

    Viva La Raza Blanca!!

  5. #5 by AFKAN on 04/23/2007 - 2:24 pm

    in reply to Mark:

    you wrote:
    “One more such “victory,” and we shall be defeated…”

    No they will not defeat us. They will come close, but in the end the white race will defeat the jews and their puppets. Stop sounding like a defeatist. There’s work to be done.

    in reply:
    I’m not thinking like a defeatist, at all.

    I’m thinking with a cold, clear analytical clarity that our conceptual models have lacked a focus, a temporal focus, that will help us to think clearly on what needs to be done, and how it could be done, and how it MUST be done, without remorse.

    This requires explicitly defining all issues in terms of RACE, writ large, as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture.

    From Family, to Nation, to Country – a true Homeland – creates a living path of possible solutions to the societal problems, transforming the problems into opportunities.

    However, to speak of RACE without understanding how the demons-who-walk-the-Earth known as JEWS have accomplished so much for their RACE, by beginning all discourse with a reminder of their RACIAL foundations, is like putting Helen Keller in the ring with Mike Tyson.

    At SOME point, we must move from defense, to offense – a constructive, Creative, offense, and the best analytical model for that, I believe, is to use Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic as an analytical model.

    If something better comes along, we’ll use that, too, because WE will have CREATED it.

  6. #6 by AFKAN on 04/23/2007 - 2:32 pm

    in reply to Ian Santiago:

    If we had just kicked the demonic JEWS out in say, 1912, the logical expansion path would include everything from the Arctic to Argentina…

    Wait a minute!

    Argentina, as I understnad it, is about 85% White, and Canada, particularly in the North, at least whre you find Civilization, is about 90% WHITE.

    All we have to do now is fill in the Gaps!

    Here’s one Idea:

    The jungle savages are back to arguing for Reparations (for slavery), and I think this is a wonderful opportunity to bring Healing to the RACIAL issue.

    Simple transaction:

    We will pay off all of the debts of the black people, and give each of them ten thousand dollars in cash, forty acres, AND a mule.

    In Africa.

    Present day transportation – the mothballed fleet, for example – would make this easily a matter that can be done in a year, two at the most.

    To make it easier, we can start by simply outsourcing our prisons and correctional facilities to, say, Chad. We get the good oil, and they get good jobs.


    Now, THAT is how you kill two birds, with one stone!

    Thomas P. M. Barnett just might have some value around here, after all!

  7. #7 by Al Parker on 04/23/2007 - 8:47 pm

    This is funny. Here’s the response I got in the defeatist group after posting the defeatist article:

    “what you say is true but we should avoid blaming the victim fo being a victim. Those people you speak of are the ones whose heads have been put under water for a long time and they only have seconds to catch their breath before being deeped again and again. Only solution is what the Pioneers took.

    Move NorthWest young and old. Move Northwest.”

  8. #8 by Anonymous on 04/29/2007 - 10:39 pm

    Forget the Jews, Bob has pointed out the Jewish narrow sightedness on Jews multicultrialism. Even the stupid Zionist will see the light, muslem Eurabia and mexiamerica will bring their genocide for sure, both groups could give a hoot about the needs and requirments of their race, the Jews. Our superior white race will never be defeated or destroyed, our present situation was sponsored by the Jews, but it was the race traitors who made it happen by selling this multicultrialism poison to others of our race, they are the real enemy. What our race needs is leadership, inspiration and objectives, we need to focus on what makes us great and be proud of who we are and what we have done for our people and the less deserving races who freeload off our success.

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