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Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson

That thread gets more and more interesting, and it provides many lessons.
Antis either argue that we compete with non White birth rates to keep what is ours, (that’s a lot of sex) or they say the White race does not exist.

And that really is all they have????????????????????????

To think the ethnic cleansing of a whole race of people, is based on something so WEAK and SHALLOW!

I can’t be the only one to see this?

Their own ideology is biting them in the arse so hard its embarrassing to watch.
I say everyone join in the fun, and encourage the antis to take the challenge.


Yes, that is all they have.

But no one SEES that but us .

Since WWII in order to be taken seriously you have had to show that you take THEM seriously.

For half a century I have lived in a world where people tried to prove, with an earnestness that they had to show,that Wiley Fox’s efforts to catch the Roadrunner represented a logical error.

At last, I have some people who see that there is nothing “intellectual” about this. For me living in a world like that has not been easy. In fact it is hard for you to imagine.

But there is no POINT in your imagining it.

To make Bob happy, Just GO GET those SOBs!

How often in all of history has anybody been offered the chance to tear the ruling Absolute Faith apart and have a ball doing it? Follow Lord Nelson and ENJOY it.

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“Cutting them up” meant that, hearing that I was an unapologetic young racist.”

America was a different country then. Today you would be kicked out of school.

Comment by Pain


Pain, using my diplomacy with which you are thoroughly familiar, hence the screenname “Pain” you are justly proud of, I say BULLSHIT!

It was NOT safer back then to be like me. The same professors I had so sweetly corrected, despite their careful anti-racism and tenure, were all kicked out of UVA by the Free Speechers: “We’re going to get rid of that nest of right-winger in the economics department.”

Two of that “nest” later got Nobel Prizes.

I never got my PhD because of it.

Things are BETTER now. Nobody used the term “Political Correctness” then. Cleaning out all opposition was routine and never questioned back then.

Pain, as my heroes, The Masturbation Generation (MG), says, “You young folks just don’t appreciate how hard WE had it!”

Oh. And also, as the MG says, “Gimme MONEY!”

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“Most people who think they have power are not really that interested in power. Their illusion of power comes from carefully keeping the good opinion of others.”

This is a priceless quote from BW. In it he has fully explained everything there is to know about Asian society.

Extreme consciousness about issues of organizational rank. Personal autonomy not allowed.

BW is like a bouncer I used to know: He was questioned about blooding up a couple of Marines. He replied: “The Marines are trained to fight. I FIGHT EVERY DAY. Big difference.”

Comment by Dave

This “pro-us” stance is key. It is “the force in being” BW has talked about. We saw it earlier several months ago in the severe backlash Miller Brewing Co. endured when it was discovered Miller Brewing Co. backed an immigrant rights event.

Miller Brewing Co. was severely chastened and it shows in its new “our posterity” orientation in advertisements and race based product orientation. Miller firmly got the message that multiculturalism is pure crap and it had to divide itself explicitly on a product spectrum based on race.

Miller Brewing Co. agrees with BW: It sees a world divided forever. This view is central to its basic long-term strategy. Even more significant, it has made this view explicit and public.

Accordingly, racism is going corporate, mainstream, and public.

This is the mirror reverse of the message corporate America got from the 1990s Texaco scandal when a whistleblower caught some line executives making racists comments on tape.

Texaco then lost its black customer base and a significant piece of market share.

It was then that all of corporate America jumped on the bandwagon that blacks are just whites with a different color of skin.

This is now over and it means a new world has been born and that world is strictly racial and divided.

Only college kids and Mommy Professor is not aware of this. Our corporate command has moved on.

Comment by Dave

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Priceless Anti Quote

Originally Posted by an anti:

Their racist beliefs are based in ignorance, but they support them with an overwhelming amount of research.



Bob I have recommended to the editors of the comments section at the AR page to interview you but along with my posts that don’t conform to the “If Bob never existed” type they just get canned. If anyone one wants to see the cardboard people’s posts go to AR.

Comment by Simmons


To cope with this, I developed a “If you can’t get what you like, like what you get.” mentality.

One of my former buddies said that the first time he saw me was a second-year grad party welcoming the new graduate economics students to the University of Virginia. Somebody said, “Well, I see Whitaker’s cutting them up again.”

“Cutting them up” meant that, hearing that I was an unapologetic young racist, one after another of the new students came up to me and recited what William Buckley or Ayn Rand had taught them about racism. I took about three minutes each making each of them look like a total idiot, at which point they would get another drink and wander elsewhere.

Everybody knew what was going on because I had done that to every member of my own class who tried that crap and to every PROFESSOR as well.

NO ONE takes me on head on, as you will se in the antis section of SF.

This means that people like Jared and Joe Sobran find I said something they don’t like and then simply cut off communication with me. After I wrote my first book, condemning both liberals and conservatives, a lot of conservative congressmen would scorn me at parties. But NOBODY took me on.

When I was young that hurt, A LOT. But you can only be hurt so many times before it becomes routine, and this has been happening to me at least since 1958 on a regular basis. It soon left only a practical problem: How was I to know that the former buddy I had helped for years was just very busy or had decided to freeze me out for some unknown reason?

I say plenty that offends everybody, so finding out why is not an easy problem. I need to know they are freezing me out so I can go on to other things and not depend on them; this is a practical matter, as I say, but NOBODY ever tells me what they are upset about or even that they are upset.

This is, of course, one of the reasons I got thngs DONE that others didn’t. It is the opposite of networking. Most people who think they have power are not really that interested in power. Their illusion of power comes from carefully keeping the good opinion of others.

I’m just plain different. I would rather be liked, but it is WAY down on my priority list. After all this time, I simply am not capable of getting mad at Jared or Joe or all the hundreds of others. All I can think of is who is on the side of my race and who didn’t. They cannot understand that my praise is more valuable to them personally precisely because I know, for reasons I don’t know and have been at this too long to care about, that my praise will buy me nothing.

I wish my former buddies didn’t turn into nasty little cowards when it comes to me. But if you can’t get what you want, you have to learn to like what you get. None of this slows the circulation of my ideas much. People use what I’ve got without attribution. Conservatives usually quote what I said when some liberals uses it because he heard it from somebody and it’s good.

If they knew who it comes from, they wouldn’t use it. But good stuff like this is he way they make their livng. When Bill Rusher gave me credit for the observation that the Federal courts are always the last ditch for every group that is going out of power, NOBODY used it.

So getting credit is just too costly. I made my living and a good retirement doing this, so I don’t need to be reminded that I am good at this. I don’t WANT credit from them, I want the power they don’t know they’re giving me.

I say what others will not say. I do what others will not do. And it WORKS.

If our race is to survive somebody has to do this. I got what I asked for, and it has given me a purpose in life beyond that of anyone else on our side or the other.


Sarge Kicks Me in the … Reminds Me of Something

Mark says:

1. Good work Richard — I don’t know if Bob caught the significance of your post, but I sure as hell did! It’s actions like these that take our people out of the stereo-typed, knee-jerk reactions we’ve all been conditioned to (thanks to jew t.v.). It bothers me how many of us automatically act like the cardboard characters the media portrays us as. What you’ve done is broke the mold and proved we are more than what jew t.v. portrays us as.


I will very often delay discussing a comment that impresses me deeply. I want so badly for it to stick in your mind, but if you have ever written a letter protesting something you really HATED, you will know how hard it is to get started. The same is true with me of something I am overwhelmed by.

Richard has done what I dream of. He didn’t just talk about what I said, or make the same point the umpteenth time. He USED my thinking in a REAL situation. Thousands of people have heard my points again and again and again. But when a real debate starts, they forget it all and go for what they’re used to. Richard USED it.

I remember when Jared Taylor was on a major talk show. He was trying to show what a Real Gent he was. After Taylor talked about Immigration, the fact came up that JAPAN was not under pressure to take in the third world. Taylor just said “Yes” and went back to his “See What a Cool Dude I Am” bit.

You can imagine how I felt about that.

Richard USED my thinking when something actually came up. Sarge is right. The significance of that is enormous.

This doesn’t fit on this thread, but I wanted to tell you something that happened recently. I was working with the BNP on a local council in England, and they were planning to call for the abolition of the council’s ‘Black and Minority Local Government Workers Association’. The reasoning was that it was wrong for the nonwhite workers to have their own group while the whites don’t.
I was going to support their call, but then I thought, ‘What would Bob do?’ I realized that the answer wasn’t to abolish the nonwhite group, but to establish a white group. So now the BNP councilors are going to call for a White British Local Government Workers Association to be set up alongside the nonwhite one.
The shift from being ‘anti them’ to being ‘pro us’ is a very significant one, and I think it will have a big effect on their level of support. May 3rd is the local council elections date, so keep an eye out.
Comment by richard