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Posted by Bob on May 6th, 2007 under Coaching Session, How Things Work

We need to do some serious rethinking in the new millennium. We have to dump nineteenth- and twentieth-century thinking.

White STATES have given up their racial identity. Soon there will be no white STATES except possibly in Eastern Europe.

A lot of whites have far too late begun screaming about immigration. Then they talk about white nationalism. The two are not related.

Western society developed into the concept of the nation-state. But that concept died unnoticed. Immigration is burying that outdated concept in the West. But not only in the West. How many “nations” are there in the “United Nations?” The “nation” of Iraq is an absolutely typical example of a non-Western “nation.”

What IS this “nation” called Iraq? How was it founded? Like almost every non-Western country in the “United Nations,” Iraq is the continuation of a set of borders set up as a division of a European Empire. It has a piece of the Kurdish Nation. It has piece of the Sunnis and a larger piece of the Shiites.

Jump down to Africa and tell me how many nations there are. Zimbabwe has a piece of the Beles and a larger piece of the Shonas. A Bele from Zimbabwe who goes up into the Beleland part of Zambia finds people who speak his language and share his history. That’s his NATON, not Zimbabwe.

Can you speak of an Angolan NATION or a Mozambique NATION?

The third world is made up either of ridiculously tiny states or of former colonial divisions. Their “nations” were decided in power struggles between European Empires. When a European Empire got its slice it then divided it up for administrative convenience in Paris and London. The resultant administrative hodgepodge then became, in twentieth-century thinking, a “nation,” a member of the United Nations.

When I was an honored Senior Editor of the Southern Partisan, i.e., when they NEEDED me, I wrote a cover article entitled “Southern Nationalism.” I pointed out that secession would not MAKE the South a nation.

The Irish were an integral part of the British Empire for centuries, but they were ALWAYS a Nation. Germany was politically united in 1871, but it was a nation all the time. Poland has been subdivided repeatedly but it remained a NATION.

A commenter said that whites were becoming One Big White Tribe. Actually, we are beginning to REALIZE our NATIONHOOD. The nation-STATE DIED in the twentieth century. We are Irishmen, Southerners, Boere, Germans. Those histories and roots are a part of our makeup, our identities. No real nation ever gave up its recognition of its subdivisions.

No NATION is the result of political machinations. A NATION is a derivative of the Latin word for “birth.” The white nation will be the results of a birth as painful as all births are. The white nation is a REALIZATION, not a political movement.

White hegemony was destroyed in the twentieth century by civil war. Their kinship was forgotten as they murdered each other in World War I and World War II. They felt no unity.

Please note this: They HAD a unity, but they FORGOT it.

Now the REAL aliens are here. In French prisons filled with Arabs and blacks, the white French prisoner heads straight for the area where the Poles and Germans and other white Frenchmen are.

White nationalism is a REALIZATION, not a political movement. It is happening right now.

  1. #1 by Alan on 05/07/2007 - 5:56 am

    Whites can no longer afford to kill one another over state-ism, our race is one, our state is our place on this globe, our unity is our skin and the natural bond we feel for our kind is the glue that will bind us for ever. The nation state is dead, darkie has shown how borders and oaths mean little to those who’s skin color differs, kinship is based on blood that only those of the same color share, period.

  2. #2 by Dave on 05/07/2007 - 12:04 pm

    This is something that nonwhite intellectuals have no realization.

    While they pretend they are capable of challenging white power they are clueless that the white man’s historical and considerable obsession with weapons is now aimed at them.

    The day and age when white people will kill each other is long gone. Accordingly, they have reason to tremble in their delusion they can take down the white man. But they don’t tremble. That’s what makes them absolute fools.

  3. #3 by richard on 05/09/2007 - 8:19 am

    Reminds me of a guy I knew whose parents came to Britain from Poland in the 40s to escape Hitler on one side and Stalin on the other. He always called himself Polish. One day I said to him, “You were born in Britain, you have a British passport. You don’t even like Poland very much. Why do you call yourself Polish?” He scratched his wrist until he drew blood, pointed at it and said “THAT’S my passport!”

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