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GREAT Comments

I believe it was Pain who summed up my discussion on the subject as “Christ Against Christianity.” I was delighted with this. It is hard for me to sum up my own thoughts, for the same reason it is hard for a writer to edit his own work. So when Pain did it and mderpelding did it below, I was delighted.

When Lord Nelson completely astonished me by simply using Mantra logic to define the white race, I LEARNED something invaluable. It had never occurred to me! Lord Nelson did not get into the muck of detail, he simply said that the white race has already BEEN defined: It is the race that makes up the countries all the antis say the third a world should be allowed to pour into.


Western genius does not come in tomes. It comes in Occam’s Razor or the Laws of Thermodynamics. I repeat, Lord Nelson’s statement is GENIUS.

If you read my 1976 book you will be mystified why it caused such an explosion. It’s all common sense now. But every child knows when you fire a gun you get an equal and opposite reaction. It is easy to miss the genius of those who first cut through all the crap and SAW this.

There were a lot of ships before the Law of Displacement was stated.

Go ahead and TALK. Ramble. Just let me say when I think you are getting off track.

And don’t be afraid to make your OWN track. This is NOT a contradiction to the swamp analogy. But like all true thinking, this has to be two-dimensional. You need to express your OWN thoughts for no reason except that they are your OWN. No loud-mouthed Jew or cranky loud-mouthed old Bob should stop you. Out in the real world, if you express yourself, you will have to face a lot worse than a snide comment from Coach.

The coach is a bit mean in training, but if he does a good job, you will get better results on the field from it. If you don’t catch SOME hell from me, I’m not doing my job.

If you don’t give ME some static, as Sarge is so good at doing, we need some waves.

The question is not how I LOOK or how you LOOK. We are here training and thinking.

I spent fifty years getting the points I have, the guts to fight it out, the willingness to go it alone. But mine has been a life of frustration. I have been teaching arithmetic to people who, as Orwell said, simply will not allow me to say that two plus two is four.

By the time my course is over, you will head on to the Calculus and to the stars.



Draining the Swamp

The article below was, as is usually the case, not the one I sat down to write.

What I WAS going to write about was a sign of real progress. Then I made two regressions. First, I was going to explain that OUR message is showing up in every mainline article about the white movement. “A plot against the white race” now appears in every sneering article. It USED to be “Hate.” Now it is a crazy idea we have about this “plot against the white race.” That is a MAJOR change.

But I realized that I was going to have to wade through all the “You are looking at THAT tiny thing while we are fighting Israel’s war in Iraq” or “NEWS ITEM: Illegal aliens are flooding in’ or “This doesn’t affect the Powers That Be” and on and on and on. My point gets lost in all that muck.

Outside the blog I cannot make a point because it gets lost in the swamp of muck, stuff others want to rant on about. So I made a SECOND regression: Why is the point I am making more important than the ten thousandth repetition of a standard theme.

Well, to begin with, I made TWO regressions, two starts, before I found the NEW points I wanted to make. That should be worth something. But I wrote the article as a result of the second regression: Why should you pay special attention to the point ***I*** am trying to make?

A change in media wording certainly isn’t in the same league with someone who thinks he is going to expose and bring down a world-wide conspiracy.

How do I DARE say that my observation is so critical that you must ignore tomes of material and concentrate on it? Because I have one field of expertise, and this is a seminar on it. If you are a freshman ad the professor mentions a point, you can afford to privately obsess on it. But in a real graduate seminar, your professor is following a CHAIN OF THOUGHT. It is an IMPORTANT chain, or you would not be in his seminar.

That means I am saying that I am a valuable resource AND that your Conspiracy is not as important as my expertise. That is one HELL of a claim! So how did I get to the point where I would have the chutzpah to make a claim like that?

Which is what I ended up writing abut.

And that, boys and girls, is how a SEMINAR should be conducted. After years of trying to poke supply and demand or the fact that congress has two houses down the throats of bored, hung-over and/or horny students, he FINALLY gets a chance to talk to people who are INTERESTED in his subject and who do not have to be spoon-fed.

That’s what seminars USED to be and what MINE still is.

Intentional repeat:
That means I am saying that I am a valuable resource AND that your Conspiracy is not as important as my expertise. That is one HELL of a claim! So how did I get to the point where I would have the chutzpah to make a claim like that?

Which is what I ended up writing about.

What I have to say is a result of a lot of mental WORK, as you can see. I do not APPRECIATE it when somebody decides to get off the very, very subtle and complicated track I am trying to lay out by expounding on The Grassy Knoll or something.

Today, what is called “seminar” is like any other class: You learn to repeat the Party Line. So there is no ORIGINAL anything. Your notes have everything you need to know. But HERE I am not just TEACHING. I am trying to get you to JOIN me in critical thinking. That means feeling down through all the muck and finding the POINTS.

This is not your only source of mental stimulation. You can Google up tome after tome on any subject that mucks up this intellectual swamp I am picking through. PLESE NOTE: Only HERE is Covington or evolution or anti-evolution theory an intellectual swamp. There is nothing wrong with talking biology, but you should seldom do it in a physics seminar.

What I have to say is HARD to explain. I am engaged in a seminar that results from a LIFETIME of practice. I made my living figuring this stuff out. I had to CREATE this seminar at huge expense to myself and work my doctor says is more than I should be doing.

We have changed the mass media in a way THEY are not aware of. That Village Voice article would have looked VERY different a decade ago. All the swastikas and Confederate flags are incidental to our paranoia, not the result of “Hate.” The THRUST is different.

AND it so happens that a lot more readers every day find the “plot against the white race” line a lot easier to accept.

That is a PRECIOUS bit of truth. But you can’t SEE it until you drain the intellectual swamp before you look at it.



Reversing the Wimp-Out

You will read many times here my admission that I not only MADE the mistakes I criticize, but I still do and I will do the same thing in the future. If only perfect people gave advice, there wouldn’t be any.

I kept jumping all over Shari for APOLOGIZING for her very good opinions. She has quit it, and I have criticized others for the same thing before and since. But it reflects an attitude I had, so I recognize it.

“Who am I to say this?”

In fact, one of the main problems that made the 1960s was THAT attitude. It was the high mark of the loud-mouthed leftist New York Jew. A WASP who had been taught deference would be scared off by a screaming Jew. The kids learned that their obedience-trained World War II fathers had gotten a double dose of this fear of expressing their opinions. So, after watching Bella Abzug and Abbie Hoffman scare off disagreement kids learned that all they had to do was scream and his father would capitulate, fast.

It was the fact that the elders I SHOULD have been able to follow were such wimps that forced me to realize that my Southern reticence had to GO.

In my defense, let me point out that history told me I had a RIGHT to expect my elders to take out those New York Jews themselves. We had taken our state back from Reconstruction. We had taken America from the Indians and built a power. No civilization in history had ever dreamed of. The generation before the WWII wimps had passed the national origins immigration acts in 1921 and 1923.

The white man stood over the world like a Colossus. I had a hard time believing that only ***I*** could see some loud mouths needed standing up to.

From a colossus to a groveling wimp in ONE GENERATION!

The leaders I looked to were all older men, the Harry Byrd types. But no younger men came to stand in their places. It took me YEARS to realize that no one WAS coming and the Old Guard was dying out.

Every time I saw something else incredibly stupid, like the idea that bureaucrats running the economy would be efficient, socialism, I could not BELIEVE that I was the only one who did not see it as intellectualism and idealism, but as obviously pig stupid. I often had that same feeling in Washington when I was sitting (or standing by my boss) in a Committee meeting.

But I was always right and they were always NUTS. This is not an easy thing for a sane man to accept. All one of them had to do was shriek or shout how offended he or some group he said he spoke for was and the Masturbation Generation would go into grovel mode.

One man said that the Kennedy assassination will always seem to be a plot because people look for causes for big events. A little failure like Lee Harvey Oswald could not change the history of the United States. There had to be more to it.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME THE STANDARD CRAP ON JFK. I am trying to make a point here.

And the point is illustrated by the italicized words above. What was wrong with socialism, and what ended the Soviet Empire, was that it was SILLY.

That’s IT!

What kept it going were CIA growth estimates which are laughable now that we have seen the pitiful ex-USSR economy and were laughable TO ME then. What kept it going was that no one pointed out that Communist countries SHOT escapees. Instead, because of leftist shrieks, we kept feeling guilty about tiny non-Communist tyrannies. Everything THEY said was what WE dealt with.

We are living in the bad dream I understood THEN. But I felt that I MUST be an extremist, that I MUST be missing something. Every extremist position I had is now accepted generally as common sense.

One miserable little generation created this nightmare. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME THE STANDARD CRAP ABOUT OTHER GENERATIONS’ MISTAKES. They were mistakes, not wimp-outs.

What we are reversing here is a giant wimp-out, a wimp-out that has become a HABIT in two generations.

We must reverse the wimp-out.




Christianity in it’s various forms and Marxism in IT’S various forms make natural bedfellows when viewed through the lens of a thoughtful mind. Isn’t neo-conservatism that synthesis? Likudnik collectivists and
conservative evangelicals both view their respective poetic tomes as scientific fact, don’t they?

Both Christians and Marxists seek perfection through magic. White people seek perfection through EFFORT. That is why both Christianity and Marxism should be rejected by whites. They are oriental religions.

Let us be free of eastern hocus-pocus and concentrate doing something.
Just like our distant ancestors.

We are at the edge of a historic tidal wave.
Either ride it or be swept away.