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Bob says :
After DECADES, the point that if one innocent person in a slaughter had a gun there would have been no slaughter is, after over a quarter of a century, FINALLY becoming widespread.

Prometheus says:

Which gets me thinking, will people who haven’t heard these arguments befor think they are NEW arguments?

Surely not.

Will this not beg the question then, WHY was this not brought up before?


Because, for most causists, this is a HOBBY. A young person, finding out what a mess things are, will instantly come up with a quicky solution, which will an Only True Organization or some action he may go to prison for trying. Others find a nice living in the cause, and sell their books and become some kind of political bureaucrat.

What I just gave you is Whitaker thinking: WHY should somene produce and use the killer approaches? Whitaker thinking says, Why does someone produce ANY information?

My approach is not QUICK. It is not EASY. Most people can’t understand it at all.

People who go to this much trouble SELLS inside his niche for money and or power and or the simple fact that, without what he has invested in the cause, he is nobody.

That is WHY I keep repeating, “YOU can have the fame, you can have the money. All I want to do is rule the world.” The usual reactin to this is sometimes laughter, sometimes a canned reply, or both. What I want is a chuckle and then I want you to THINK about it.

You asked why people using the killer arguments are so rare. I ask, why does nobody THINK about what I said? You have to THINK to use Whitaker thinking.

People WANT money, ppower,a title, or even sme fame inside a movement. Nobody WANTS to rule the world.

Does THAT answer your question?