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“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” doesn’t require a Masters, PhD or intimate knowledge of social science. Quantum science or Calculus didn’t need to be developed in order for Christs words to make sense. The people he preached to at the time had the faculties to be able to put that into practice.

The complexity in the argument “what is happiness”, is not based on the inherit complexity of the question, but the difficulty in keeping the answer SIMPLE.

Keeping things simple is HARD.
Arguing with ever increasing levels of complexity is EASY.

I’ve argued such questions with philosopher types and gotten into ever increasingly complex arguments, bringing in all manner of philosophers, theories, science etc.

It certaintly looks difficult, and impressive. But its EASY and LAZY.

Try doing that, and just keeping it simple, being able to nail the basic point and sticking to it. That’s HARD.
That requires a mental clarity and discipline that we aren’t taught at school.


“Keeping things simple is HARD.”


AND an excellent example of doing just that!