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Jewish Communists or Communist Jews?

Jews who are Communists or Communists Who are Jews?

That former KGB man on the Youtube

gives me a breakthrough here. He explains so much I have been trying to explain. One of the things I keep saying, but can’t get across, is HOW pure hatred destroys the hater.

This is not a moral statement. This is not a theoretical statement. This is a statement from a person who has practiced hard core power politics for half a century, and made his living at it.

I have repeatedly told you that the Jews who made Europe import the third world have cut their own throats. Europe is now being populated by people who make Hitler’s hatred of the Jews seem impersonal. The Arabs’ hatred has no chance of drifting away once a Fuhrer passes away.

The third world in the UN is now a solidly anti-Israeli bloc, yet it was Jews who made this possible with their anti-colonialism. Now the American LEFT is becoming anti-Semitic as Bush fights for Israel.

As Kissinger said, “A people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG.”

It is no accident that, while Jews in general are in the midst of a population implosion worse than that of Europe, the Hassidim multiply the way Americans did in earlier days. It is no accident that, BY FAR, the solidest bloc of voters for conservative Republicans are, of all people, JEWS, Hassidic Jews.

Communists made no progress among Hassidic Jews. Demoralization found no support there. But demoralization and Communism are both the products of the HATING Jewish mentality. Franz Boas and Boas Marx had the HATING ethic, though both abandoned Judaism itself.

Now Jews are shouting about “the silent genocide,” THEIR OWN marriage of gentiles. But their children are only following the doctrine of race mixing hating Jews laid out. Hassidic Jews won’t even let a gentile into their house, much less MARRY them.


Is this the fault of Jewish who became Communists or of Communists, including the gentiles who became Communists.

The side of Judaism that concentrated on how evil everybody else was led to Communism and race-mixing, and that same Communism and race-mixing is destroying the part of the Jewish community which concentrates on past persecutions and getting white gentiles back for it.

So which came first, the chicken or its rotten egg?

Neither. Hate came first. The Devil came first.