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Informative Stormfront Reply

America’s ascent to be a superpower was mostly attributable to our vast natural resources. That’s what made the USSR the other superpower.


Japan has as high a per capita income as the US and has NO resources.

After the USSR fell and reality came we out found out that the whole USSR economy was HALF that of the Netherlands.

Didn’t Mommy Professor teach you any arithmetic?

We have a geographical problem-our long border with Mexico. It’s thousands of miles and tough to control unless we have cops standing elbow to elbow.

Good God, man, learn some arithmetic. It is two thousand miles long. That’s one mile for each ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND AMERICANS, over two Americans per INCH.

The entire protection area, the straight line, around the lower fifty states is ten thousand miles long, with Thirty THOUSAND Americans for each mile.

Antis don’t do arithmetic and they can’t think. The Communists sealed border longer than that to keep their people IN, though no anti ever criticizes that. Their economies and technology were tiny compared to ours.

Arithmetic again. To repeat what Mommy Professor didn’t tell you, after the USSR fell and reality came out we found out that the whole USSR economy was HALF that of the Netherlands.

Go ballistic and then listen. When you and the Moonie Washington Times scream that our border guard is the same as the Berlin Wall, let me explain to you, as I did to them, that ALL Communist countries shoot people to keep them IN that prison. We have border guards to keep people OUT, which is the right of every nation.

And, yes, to protect your border, you have the right to shoot. We probably won’t have to shoot ANYBODY if we make it clear we WILL. Even if we do, the casualties during learning time will be less than Mexicans who die in the desert entering illegally.

Once we get serious, things like the USSR and illegal immigration stop.

UnregisteredSam: America’s ascent to be a superpower was mostly attributable to our vast natural resources. That’s what made the USSR the other superpower. Look for the former USSR to partially or wholly reunite again under a different name. Eventually, they’ll realize it’s in their interest to do so. It will take years.

Some of us are still ardent patriots. I didn’t put 6 years in the Navy because I hated the USA. I almost made it a career.

Perhaps, but Henry was also a virulent Anti-Semite, so I won’t praise him. Most of the Jews I know still refuse to buy a Ford automobile. I can’t condemn them for that.

We have a geographical problem-our long border with Mexico. It’s thousands of miles and tough to control unless we have cops standing elbow to elbow. That would be expensive. The US taxpayers might stage a revolt.(probably a peaceful one)



The Way Not Taken

The Way Not Taken

Add YET to that title above.

The one thing I have DEFINITELY to offer you that you cannot get elsewhere is INSTITUTIONAL MEMORY.

This is CRITICAL now. We live in the age where the liberalism of my youth is totally discredited. More important, we have the KGB man link cited above. Our job is to GO BACK and, as commenters have pointed out, DEPROGRAM today’s society.

Which makes institutional memory critical. Our society is based on forgetting what we thought BEFORE programming.

In 1954, blacks had a chance to concentrate on equalizing their schools or integrating. Black leaders had no children in the public schools. Further the NAACP had never had a single black president. Both groups wanted integration uber alles.

At that moment in history, Southern whites would have done ANYTHING to avoid integration. Before the 1954 Supreme Court decision, Governor Byrnes had pushed through our first sales tax specifically to [w]in North Carolina, [where] the average black teacher pay was higher than the white. Affirmative action notwithstanding, that is no longer true.

In other words, in 1954 whites were ready to DEAL.

No longer. The fact is that integration is MUCH easier for Southerners than it is for Northerners. The rich folks whose children used to go to high tone public schools before 1954 send them to private schools now. No way Southerners would take a tax hike now to avoid mixing. The ones who COUNT are avoiding it now.

That was the road not taken. The NAACP concentrated on integrating upper class restaurants, getting whites used to future genocide, and now while the black community is more desperate than ever, all they talk about is the Confederate flag.

Black leaders and limousine liberals do not SEE the crack areas and the ghetto schools. The education establishment does very well indeed. In the District of Columbia over ten thousand dollars is spent PER PUPIL, 99%of them black. But nobody puts his child into one of those disasters voluntarily. I once saw Amy Carter standing in the school yard with two Secret Service agents standing beside her. The Carters bragged they sent THEIR child to DC schools. I know a lot of judges who ordered busing, and I have never heard of ONE whose grandchildren were not in private schools.


Blacks lost their opportunity. Blacks who could be employed have benefited from the help of their (relatively) high-income leadership and job quotas, but for the mass of blacks, things are worse than ever except for welfare checks.

But after fifty years and more of dealing with an anti-white obsessed black leadership, we are SLOWLY GETTING into a position to DEAL. What does not now exist is what was in place in 1954, a WHITE leadership.

Those who speak for whites, AS WHITES, will rule the future.

Immigration and white birth rates will not make the future. I was raised in a white minority. I spent a lot of time in Africa, where whites vastly outnumbered.

As the antis show every day, whites now make a weak, anti-white majority. But as a minority we will be more powerful than any minority in history. I look forward to the day when our national debt will be paid by corporations whose history is hunted down on VCRs and archives, and every anti-white act will be paid for as it deserves, with a small cut to the people doing the searching.

Who will protect today’s rich liberals and their heirs? Those who rushed to join the anti line when it became popular? Non-whites? They will have their OWN spokesmen, and the Teddy Kennedy and William Buckley types will be OUR business, not THEIRS.

It will be a variant of the Titanic, as today’s antis try to get on the white lifeboat.

We racists don’t KEEP records of antis. But when it PAYS to expose them, they are on the record, loud and clear, on the PUBLIC record. No anti[s] need fear [a racist] speaking up. When it PAYS, people will find them on the PUBLIC record. That was done on a small sale in the post-Reconstruction South. That is done by anti-racists to former racists today.

But the record in the 1880s and today is miniscule compared to the public record available in the near future. Each sell-out who tries to board the lifeboat has a [t]rail behind him that I, as one who spent a long time in Intelligence, [knows] is more detailed and will be more detailed than anyone can imagine.

We don’t do this for money, but society is not [only] vengeful, it is greedy. For every person who is ruined the way anti-racists want racists ruined, out of revenge, a hundred antis and their heirs will pay vastly for room on the boat. No blacks will want them. No Hispanics will want them. They will have their OWN boats. There is only one lifeboat for the anti-white whites, and it will be full of ANGRY, GREEDY people.

And I want it to be that way. My entire life has been ruined by anti-white whites, and I want to look forward to the day when they pay and pay and pay. I don’t hate minorities, [or] even Jews. But I DO HATE TRAITORS.

Especially the ones who act innocent, “Well, I’m just going along with what Mommy Professor said, and so is everybody else. That’s safe.”

Not i[f] I can help it, you son of a bitch.