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Thanks, Tim!

Posted by Bob on July 26th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Tim’s piece below is the thinking I have been begging for. I could not have thought this out. My job is institutional memory, getting back to pre-KGB pre-Masturbation Generation thinking. I need for YOU to take it ON from there.

I keep saying that I can see the cracks in the structure while others are rolling on the floor and drooling over the All Powerful, All-Knowing, Genius Conspiracy. I can see the cracks, but Tim has started telling me how things will crack.

When Perot almost took the presidency in one fell swoop, I saw a huge crack. When the entire Soviet Empire fell, I saw a huge crack. The others were still on the floor dribbling.

Nobody thinks the next election will make ANY difference. When the whole structure is tottering all they can do is wildly try to stay on top.

It happens that just before reading Mark’s piece I was watching the movie “Goodfellas” again. If you have an accurate world view, you don’t have to dig up dead scholars to explain things. A world view should always be jumping out at you.

In the 70s, as people felt that the system needed to be restored, Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson’s vigilante were surprise box office smashes. Now it is beyond that. The last craze was the Mafioso.

The Mafioso was TRIBAL.

As Paul Weyrich was saying before his death, the system is hopeless as it is, and Paul made a lot of money out of criticizing the elite. It’s going down when something takes its place. Isn’t it funny how the people I worked with thirty years ago are the ones who STILL can’t be bought?

Lord but it feels good to have someone teaching ME a basic! This intellectual load is too much for one man to carry.


  1. #1 by Back Bay Grouch on 07/27/2007 - 5:00 am

    “As Paul Weyrich was saying before his death…” He is not dead.

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