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woundednietzsche and a Tip From Me

Posted by Bob on July 28th, 2007 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

woundednietzsche: In having conversations with “those who can be saved”, I do discuss race issues in the context of a larger conspiracy. Usually because the fence sitters see the current race/culture wars as some natural chaotic expression of society. They do not comprehend why anyone would “want” to have these things happen to our nation and the white race. If you can help them begin to see events/policy/media as a concerted ongoing interlocking program aimed directly at them, at their children, they are more willing to do something about it, and at the very least find the courage to think outside the idiot box. Who wants to fight mother nature? Not me. Who wants to fight the media-brainwashers, the deniers of instinct, the cultural-marxist sappers who are destroying my tribe, my culture? Everyone does, who does not hate himself.


Great guidance but NEVER use the word “conspiracy.” It is part of THEIR arsenal.

“I do discuss race issues in the context of a larger conspiracy. ”

Use “part of the larger picture” or something, but NEVER “conspiracy.”


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