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A Lesson from SysOps

When it comes to discussing women, most men spend their entire time trying to prove they are not homosexuals. Speaking for men, the humorist Lewis Grizzard said, “If I found out I had AIDS, the dying part would be my SECOND problem. What I really couldn’t stand would be all those guys telling each other, ‘I KNEW ole Grizzard was queer.’”

Not bloody likely. Grizzard was married four times and had to pay big time with each divorce. He finally said, “I don’t even bother to get married any more. Now I just find a woman I hate and buy her a house.”

As I’ve said, the Gay Lib line is that a man who can’t stand being suspected of being light in the loafers is a LATENT homosexual. As a propagandist, I think this is a stroke of genius, because you can’t argue against it. The DEFINITION of “latent” is that you don’t KNOW it, so there is no way that you can argue that you aren’t a “latent” ANYTHING.

I find it tiresome to hear men constantly talking about how they lost their virginity before they lost their umbilical chords, but it is more than tiresome when it gets in the way of serious business. And there is no more serious business than what WE are doing.

Being a woman is a lost art. Being a man DEALING with women is a lost art. These things, so critical to the survival of any species, have been lost in various forms of Wordism. Feminism has its Wordist explanations of how sexes should relate which amounts to saying women should COMPETE with men.

The other side looks at the Koran or the Old Testament for a Wordist guide to how men and women should relate. But our real guide is in our genes or given us by God DIRECTLY.

SysOps and I have been working together for years. I dedicated my first two books to my ex-wife who is still one of my best friends. When I ran my Oversight Unit on Capitol Hill I had to have an experienced woman as my Associate Director, which was a VERY high position on the Hill, where even receptionist is a hard job to get.

SysOps is not in my age group – few are, especially if you count the mileage as well as the years — but she has a LOT of hard-won experience. In action, she fits with me like a glove, and we accept our different belief system as a matter of course.

What is the FORMULA for this? That gets into Wordism, and there is no Whitakerism with a capital W. SysOps explains these things to women because, with the Wordist perversions out there that concentrate on them, she HAS to.

I just say to men, get off the “I’m not gay and I’ve had a thousand women” crap and get serious about learning the roles of the few intelligent, cult-resistant women there are. Otherwise we will stay an overwhelmingly male movement, and we NEED them.





AFKAN: It reads like one of the – North East White Pride – constellation, along with FS88, and other hard-core people, and I mean HARD CORE. Compared to them, we are Self-Hating White People.
They are very focused, and are getting the message out on all media possible, with lots of audio, and their own videos.
It sounds like they have been reading some of the more forthright posters on the VNN Blog, who cut through all of the vagaries and state, “If you aren’t defining all issues in terms of RACE, First, Foremost, Forever, you are missing the only point that matters. Try again.”
In short, your Meme is gaining traction.
Note that they quote from the very beginning – at the top right section of their main page – from Pastor V. S. Herrell. Pastor Herrell is the big thinker at These are the people the Stormfront crowd refuses to go within twenty miles of; yet, when bad becomes worse, and worse finally becomes intolerable, these are the ones who will stand with us, and will do so solely on the grounds of a positive theory of RACE.


SF shuns them?
Gosh! RADICALS! How could a bashful respectable kid like me get mixed up with such folks?
Well, I’ve already driven off not only the respectable conservatives, but even Joe Sobran, too. I would take a perverse satisfaction if Kelso and David Duke considered me too unrespectable to talk to.
is pushing OUR message, even giving us credit, and advertising our site, so I recommend to our tech team that we put a link to them here. They are the CEOs, I’m Chairman of the Board. They have to make the final decisions on OPERATIONS like this, hence Chief Operating Officers.


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Bob says I need to spell out the link between cults like the JWs and our mission.

We live inside a cult, a very big cult.

Speaking the truth scares people.

The truth is white genocide and the whole thing is explained in a nutshell in the Mantra.

People who are scared don’t think straight, so they do not think logically.

Thus they are easy to beat in an argument (keep it simple).

The truth scares them because they believe in lies: that it’s alright for aliens to invade ALL white countries and ONLY white countries, white genocide isn’t happening but white genocide isn’t a bad thing either and whites do not exist.

They babble when they talk because they believe lies and that makes them easy to beat in a debate.

You can get in a sentence or two before they start screaming, plugging up their ears, calling you names, or staring straight ahead as if they do not hear you.

You know that look; it means what you said hit home.

On a forum, you will be able to write out the Mantra a few times and win a few short debates before you are banned.

Stick to the mantra.

It is often best just to take small pieces of the Mantra out at a time, so people can ingest what you are saying without plugging their ears to your “preaching.”

Telling the Mantra to people is just like talking to Jehovah’s Witnesses or other cultees. Although they do not want to listen to you and you scare them — another part of them wants to hear you, and wants to be free.

The truth shall set them free.

The truth that the doctor prescribes for them is the Mantra, even if it’s just a blurb: “If the Mexicans don’t stop coming here, you know we all will be genocided.”


A: “You know, why is it that ONLY the white countries and ALL the white countries are being flooded with aliens?”
B: “Have you ever been to Mexico? How can you blame them for wanting to come here?”
A: “Yea, we sure made America prosperous. But of this flood keeps up, we’ll lose our prosperity and become genocided too.”

Let him chew on that. Cultees aren’t used to having too much truthfulness at one time; it makes them gag.


Quote from Bud Bundy, “When you pour a gallon of knowledge into a shot glass of a brain, some of it is going to spill out.”


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