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Jamie, an old friend of mine said that “Your real talent is that things jump out at you that other people don’t even notice.”

In the article about us that you cite in the Village Voice — which, by the way, contained far too few references to ME — I note the following comment about YOU:

“Radio broadcasting is one of the many odd skills he (Kelso) has acquired over a lifetime of being on the fringe of society …”

This was in the Village Voice, right? The one that brags it is BEYOND societal opinion, right? It’s RADICAL, right?

But KELSO is put down because he has spent “a lifetime of being on the fringe of society.”

That is a pretty blatant statement that jumps out at me and nobody else NOTICES, YOU have spent “a lifetime of being on the fringe of society.”

Where has the Village Voice been all that time?

Certainly not, like you, “on the fringe of society.”

No way. The Village Voice is an integral PART of today’s society. Respectable conservatives constitute one group that gets paid for its standard and packaged (S&P) crap, and the Village Voice is another S&P wing.

Kelso, on the other hand, is “on the fringe of society.” No one but me would NOTICE how strange it sounds for The Village Voice to condemn someone for being REALLY on the fringe of society, as opposed to their FAKE — and lucrative — version.

Jamie, the Village Voice has condemned you — let me repeat it once more — for “being on the fringe of society.”

Is anybody CAPABLE of noticing the irony but me?




Operations and strategy is the same thing.

Unless operations and strategy are married into operations alone, opinions and stated goals are meaningless. This is why BWs effort to create and insinuate powerful words into the public consciousness is critical. BW not only has beliefs and goals, he has an operational means to implement them owing to his ability to create unforgettable phrases that have a good chance of spreading spontaneously.

The Neoconservatives and liberal Democrats prevailed because they focused on operations aimed at dominance through an aggressive operational implementation, realizing that ideology without an implementation is meaningless.

This is why the Conservatives went down, they believed the power and rightness of their beliefs was all they needed and that the operations could be ignored. Hence many are now hanging with Ron Paul, something easy to do for the lazy.

Nevertheless, we are very advantaged in the current environment. Think about it: National Review is irrelevant. Its implementing organization is irrelevant and its publication is irrelevant. The OPERATION of the Internet has made it so.

And the Internet is developmentally iterative. Accordingly, the blogosphere will morph into more effective manifestations and the inventors these new organizations of the Internet’s operation in the social realm will own the world.

Much more is awaiting irrelevancy than National Review.



Apology to Hannibal 14

In the piece below, I made my point by attacking a new comrade who was doing his best for our cause.

This was inexcusable, but all I can do is apologize:

Hannibal14, I humbly ask you to forgive the unforgivable.

More needs to be said.

This was INEXCUSABLE on my part.

But a gentleman’s apology must ALWAYS be accepted,and I offer it. Otherwise we’ll end up shooting each other in duels, as the best of the Old South did, instead of fighting our common enemy.

But for all my talk about being a pro and caring about my comrades, I make an attack on a dedicated comrade like THIS.

For giving money to what he beleves is right!

I had a point to make, but this is a classic example of how NOT to make it.

I don’t know what to do when I really screw up except to apologize and try not to do it again.

I was the one who said here in public that someone hurt my feelings by putting “Coach” in quotes. That was two days ago. And here I am absolutely VICIOUS to a new comrade who is doing his part.

Hannibal 14 will do me a great favor if he ACCEPTS my apology.