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Thank You. Hardric!

I suspect that religion was the cause célèbre of this debate.

I also think that we need to take a practical approach to religion as an issue, since it won’t be going away soon. Anyone who can use the power of religion in a positive way on behalf of racial issues has my blessing. Post the Mantra on the church bulletin board. Raise the issue in Sunday School Class. Testify about it in Prayer Meeting. “Praise the Lord, He saved me from corrupting my genes. He saved me from helping to commit Genocide against the White Race.”

Keep in mind, at one time there were very strong feelings in Europe over Protestantism vs Catholicism. People died over this.

Do you think soldiers in WWI and WWII refused to fight alongside someone because they had a different flavor of religion?

David Duke proclaims himself to be a Christian. God bless David Duke.
William Pierce was a Cosmotheist. God bless William Pierce.
Mel Gibson is a Traditional Catholic. God bless Mel Gibson. (Well, ok, I am not sure about his racial stance, but he made some interesting movies).
You are racially aware. God bless you.

Race is the issue. Race trumps everything.



Children, Stop It!

Someone just wrote me that if Pain didn’t stop being mean to them, they would stop posting “YOUR Mantra.”

Look, gang, you’re all [not] kids and I don’t [shield] you or me. The letter said Pain was “my lapdog.”

How Pain regards me is not my responsibility, and I am NOT your Mommy Professor.

I will do anything for the cause. But I have learned that when somebody starts shedding tears and threatening to stop working for the cause unless I do something, if they MEAN it they’re not much good anyway. Back in the early sixties I was picketing against integration at drugstore counters. One guy would show up, demand something, and then cry. The guy was a college senior!

Then he would go away. Over and over.


Such people are dangerous, as I have written before. When THE CAUSE needs them most, they will desert it.

I depend on people here. If you are going to go away, please don’t ask me to trust you. I end up depending on you, and suddenly I’m left hanging in the air. That’s the nastiest kind of betrayal, and I’ve had too much of it in my long, long fight.




Now wishing I’d never mentioned the C word, I do have a question.

Bob wrote:
If ANYONE is allowed to improve their children’s genes the Sister Theresas who want birth control abolished and the Politically Correct who oppose all genetics will be doomed. Their offspring will be as helpless and as quaint as the Amish. Children with brains and LOOKS will rule.

My question:
If genetic engineering can remove the link between your preferred sexual partner and offspring, what kind of impact on the racial future will that have? Is the black family down the street going to raise blue eyed blond triplets?


Here we go again!

On The Family Guy they said news was when a pretty little BLOND girl was missing. They had a police spokesman mention a little girl with an Anglo-Saxon name was the only child killed in a bus accident and all the reporters were interested. Then it turned out the name was Rodriguez an they lost interest, “THAT’S not NEWS.”

All the major news anchors in South America would pass in America as Anglo-Saxon. They’re largely blond.

I have difficulty believing you haven’t read what I wrote about Indians wanting Aryan children.

Your question about “the blacks down the street” is the standard sarcasm directed at anyone who has the guts to talk frankly about strange thing that COULD happen in the future. Nothing is easier or more sophomoric than ridicule, “So the whole USSR will just break up.” was one of these cheap shots.

I don’t know what your all-important down the street blacks are going to do. Black looks are not favored, least of all by blacks. The desperation with which their “beauty” is pushed is a dead giveaway.

That is THEIR dilemma

Why do you use such ridiculous sarcasm?


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The Militantly Unseen Reality

I wrote a piece a long time ago about one of the most important changes in historical direction, but [people] weren’t ready for it then. Now you are really tuning in, so I am going to repeat a few things that were missed before.

One of the great signposts of our new age was when the SST, the Supersonic Transport, was cancelled. For a century the entire history of aviation had been a steady progression to faster and faster. The end of the SST was an announcement that aviation was satisfied with 600 mph maximum speeds.

In the 1970s manned space travel came to an end. That, like ever-faster planes, was an inevitability that underlay all futurology before then. No one even realized at first that the end had come. By the same token, the end of the SST came as no surprise to anybody.

Another embedded twentieth century absolute was the Big Computer. All the science fiction stories had a giant computer built by a giant corporation like the IBM mainframes of the 1960s.

No one, least of all those who lived through it, can see the fundamental change here. They shrug. Like the collapse of the Soviet Empire, like the IQ differences between races, no one disputes it now. But far more important, no one pays any attention to the total redirection of history represented here.

The One Big World idea was expressed in the urban programs of the Great Society. Population was concentrating in cities, so in time everybody would be in a megalopolis. This concentration was an underlying theme of all futurology. One famous architect designed the mile-high building of the future where Future Families would inevitably live and work. They would almost never leave their ultimate urban world inside the building. In fact, they would seldom go several floors up or down. Their entire lives would be lived within a one-hundred yard three-dimensional space.

The only movement would be in Large Space Ships, in a confined space where thousands of people would go out to the stars.

Space is now populated by orbiting satellites. As it becomes practical, we will incidentally go up there. But no longer is this considered a giant government project. Satellites go up for companies and some are built by unlikely countries for contracting out to smaller entities.

When I was young genetics was beyond our each. It was a government program of racism and eugenics on the Nazi model (just as democratic socialism was on the Communist model) model or a government program of race mixing and sterility for intelligent people pushed by the ruling establishment. We who wanted a better future for children were on the absolute defensive.

Now the Bible-Thumper-Political Correctness coalition is fighting a losing battle against allowing PRIVATE eugenics.

Communism demanded the government ownership of the means of production. So did democratic socialism. But anyone who called a democratic socialist a Communist was simply considered ignorant. But a person who wants the race preserved and eugenics was routinely called a Nazi without any disagreement, however democratic the means [by which] he wanted it done. America was funded by people who considered race-mixing evil and outlawed it. It is now required doctrine that all the Founding Fathers were Nazis.

Everything was One World. The whole world had to be integrated or segregated by law. In 1950, at the beginning of the Korean War, a proposal was made that, since the draft was being reinstituted, soldiers would able to decide for themselves whether they wanted to be in all-white units, all-black units, or integrated units.

Obviously, integrationists could not allow this. If whites were allowed to settle in segregated communities ANYWHERE – including, AFKAN, the Northwest – integration would collapse. As we said THEN “a little bit of integration is like a little bit of pregnancy.” As O’Reilly says, there can be no segregated ANYTHING ANYWHERE in America.

The same problem has put the anti-whites on the defensive in the field of genetics. If ANYONE is allowed to improve their children’s genes the Sister Theresas who want birth control abolished and the Politically Correct who oppose all genetics will be doomed. Their offspring will be as helpless and as quaint as the Amish. Children with brains and LOOKS will rule.

But don’t count them out. These Bile-thumpers and PC freaks hate people. They are, in fact, truly evil. If we don’t wage the war, they might find a way.

But the tide has definitely turned. It has been hidden in plain sight.




The MSM franchises in nonwhite countries are imitations of the American, British, and European MSM (with the Jewish influence absent) and anything European or American is presented as “sophistication”. In fashion and style, the narcissistic elements in nonwhite countries are Caucasian in substance and character, and nearness to things European, American or British always invariably represent status.

The ambit of the imitation in the nonwhite counties cannot be overstated. But ironically, this imitation is a vehicle where the assertions of indigenous (nonwhite) pride rides, these indigenous assertions of nonwhite racial pride ironically riding in the worship and imitation of OUR culture and racial traits.

It is not sustainable for it is an irreconcilable peculiarity for indigenous nonwhite pride to ride in the EMBRACE of all things racially and culturally WHITE.

Therefore, things “thoroughbred” are destined to become fashionable in both white and nonwhite countries and already the celebrities with their Asian and Negro adoptees seem intolerably passé.

This is because Political Correctness is too weak of a container for racial envy, and envy is an emotion that is too great and powerful for it not to evolve to new forms. Accordingly, the nineteenth century sensibility about race and racial purity is a much more durable container.

The resurrection of chattel slavery now occurring under the guise of the global financial marketplace is connected and interrelates to all this. As we know, the so-called global financial marketplace is nothing but a cover for a “plantation system” of caste, based upon gradations of skin color and exploitation through creditor-debtor arrangements, and made incredibly effective and efficient through computer platforms and automated surveillance run by the banking system and its handmaidens in the courts and government.

The silly affections of “democracy” now furnishing cover for the reinvention of chattel slavery are rapidly giving way to the brute force reality, the commercial and investment banking elites being the agents of plantation management.

At some point in the redevelopment of chattel slavery under these arrangements, affectations of “democracy” become unnecessary as the “legitimacy procurement” services of such affectations become redundant.

And Europe is slowly being flushed down the toilet owing to Europe’s high levels of taxation and government presence while America and Asia are increasingly running the show.

You can’t have high levels of taxation and make chattel slavery work for the “masters” are always confronted with the age-old issue of the “slave rebellion”. In Europe this is known as the “Islamic revolt”. Taxation prevents the opportunity for the slave to buy his way out, as the opportunity to “buy your way out” must exist for the institution of chattel slavery to be sustainable.

Otherwise, all parties to the chattel slavery transaction are trapped.

Accordingly, the thing has to “centrifugically” blow apart. This leads to the kinds of situations Castro, Chavez, and that clown in North Korea are running, which are nothing but slave systems gone awry.

Try getting a European to understand these basics. Try getting hordes of fools in America to do the same. Good luck.

Mommy Professor has been working against you for generations. But racial purity is the next big trend. Count on it. You heard it first at BUGS.




Racial purity is the next big trend because competition forces it. Few see this reality, but BW made the call early on.

The resurrection of chattel slavery through debt obligations has been made possible through computer technology, information sharing, and low cost surveillance. Before the advent of the Internet and low cost computing, the controls necessary to make debt slavery work were simply too expensive for the present era. This is a big unheralded change in our lives. Our Asian clients are learning quickly of the advantages of a credit card enslaved populace as the best forms of coercion are those forms not perceived as coercive. Getting sucked into debt does the trick nicely.

But government can blow this all to hell through excessive taxation. It is bad enough to be in debt, but worse if the level of taxation prevents you from ever getting out from underneath your debts regardless of onerous bankruptcy laws.

Slavery is an art. Lay on too many restraints and be too transparent in the application of force and you kill hope. That invites rebellion. This is exactly what is happening in Europe.

BW has been very prescient about this. The European policy is absolutely ridiculous. They are inept at running slave societies, yet they invite the darkies in. Now they are left with the stark choice of kicking the darkies out, or letting the whole thing blow to hell.

This can happen in America too. If the Feds respond to the next big government-financing crunch by upping the level of taxes, they will light the fuse for a real shindig on the racial and ethnic conflict front.

BW has said it and it cannot be truer: Free society and multiracial society are incompatible. You can’t have both.


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Seminar Versus Ad Hominem

Mark recommended a South African site and said it was almost as thought-provoking as this one. I made the point that we are UNIQUE. Another commenter referred to the recomended site as “copy and paste” as opposed to our doing our own writing ourselves.

This seminar exchange made me think of the uniqueness of BUGS, and I used the term “copy and paste” there a lot. I joked about attacking Mark, but he knew it was in jest. But he COULD have taken the entire diatribe about copy-and-paste sites PERSONALLY.

Now Simmons said something harmlessly that got me to thinking about the whole problem of scattergun arguments. I will write the piece later, but it occurred to me that this would be a good time to remind you that this is a SEMINAR. I expound on what you REMIND me of. Not everythig I have to say about cut and paste sites versus our uniqueness has to do with Mark personally. Not everythng I say about ego making one turn to shotgun arguments instead of beating in the message is a personal criticism of Simmons.

I am NOT a subtle man. If I mean YOU, your name will be up front. But in a SEMINAR you have to let me expound on what you make me think of without taking it as a personal attack.

We have a job to do, a job NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO DO. Let’s leave the personal crap over on SF.




I sometimes slip words like “subjugation” and “submissiveness” in place of genocide, but then again I’m a bit of a free thinker and willing to make a mistake or two.

— Simmons


That’s fine if your big concern is yourself. If your big thing is to be a free-thinker this neednot concern yo

But if you are dedicated to the CAUSE, artistic variation is a BAD ida. We need to hit GENOCIDE. This thing is way beyond subjugation. Lord Nelson took my criticism of his talking about”outpopulating” well, and this is the same thing.

The ONLY way to beat our concepts into their brains is to give them NO wiggle room. If You VARY the tems to look good or not to look bad or to look “free-thinking,” that gives them wiggle room. We have to get this to the point where any of the code words, anti-racism, assimilation, and so forth, cause the word “genocide” to pop up in theirminds or they get nervous that it will pop up in others. THEY HAVE NEVER MET THS KIND OF ATTACK BEFORE.

Your little play with words can do tremendous damage. It’s like shooting powder instead of a bullet.

It’s not subjugation, it’s GENOCIDE. It’s not outpopulating, it’s GENETIC mixture.



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