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Shari, Watch Out for the Neorats!

Neoracism would be an open admission that genociding the whites is the goal. The mantra would deal with the new type racism even more because the cover of “equality” would be thrown off.

— Shari


No, Neoracism will be an exact replay of Neoconservatism. When liberals policies failed so obviously that it became the l word, they needed an exit strategy. So they made up a new title that said that everything they did before was fine. The official line today is that everything liberals did until on or abut January 1, 1970 and then the whole thing suddenly and inexplicably went out of control.

Which is EXACTLY why we are right back in Vietnam again today.

Meanwhile all SFers can think of is the big noses.

Why won’t anybody THINK about what I say?

I was so proud of Lord Nelson for describing Neoracism in its formative stages. He thinks he missed a point because I had just discussed the phenomenon and given it a name. He is ONE step behind me. Everybody else is a Marathon back and losing ground.

They are too busy reading Pat Buchanan on Jews in Neoconservatism to realize what the phenomenon itself is.

Neoracism will say that everything anti-racists DID was good. As Lord Nelson said, with them we will need the manta more than ever. Neoracism will say that GENETICS is important, NOT RACE. They will divide us by CLASS, with our present leaders soaking in the sunshine of Big Name approval and leading the lynch mob against those who keep pointing out that their new-found heroes are TRAITORS, and it won’t WORK.

That is exactly what conservatives do today. THAT IS WHY WE ARE BACK IN VIETNAM!!!!

Kennedy and Roosevelt are GODS to neos, and more than gods to professional conservatives. So we are doing the same thing in the name of conservatism we did forty years ago in the name of liberalism. Reality doesn’care about the label. Do the same again, under any title, and you get the same results.

Fool me once, shame n you. Fool me twice, shame on ME.

Conservatives were so busy groaning about how hopeless everything was that they never planned for victory. That is SF today. Conservatives won the war and lost the peace.


Ian Santiago

In a similar vein, the following article is a real eye opener. it would explain why I am so brilliant, what with my blue Galician Spanish eyes and all.

I see a sea change on the horizon and my recent trip to Europe has made me even more wildly optimistic than I was before. I hope that this blog does not become infected with the corrosive pessimism of Stormfront.

Why blue-eyed boys (and girls) are so brilliant
Scientists discover what may have made Stephen Hawking – and Lily Cole – so intelligent

By BEN CLERKIN – More by this author »

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The colour of your eyes could determine your achievements in life, say scientists.

They claim those with blue eyes are more likely to sparkle academically than those with brown.

They are more intelligent and gain more qualifications because they study more effectively and perform better in exams

Viva La Raza Blanca!!