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Thank You. Hardric!

I suspect that religion was the cause célèbre of this debate.

I also think that we need to take a practical approach to religion as an issue, since it won’t be going away soon. Anyone who can use the power of religion in a positive way on behalf of racial issues has my blessing. Post the Mantra on the church bulletin board. Raise the issue in Sunday School Class. Testify about it in Prayer Meeting. “Praise the Lord, He saved me from corrupting my genes. He saved me from helping to commit Genocide against the White Race.”

Keep in mind, at one time there were very strong feelings in Europe over Protestantism vs Catholicism. People died over this.

Do you think soldiers in WWI and WWII refused to fight alongside someone because they had a different flavor of religion?

David Duke proclaims himself to be a Christian. God bless David Duke.
William Pierce was a Cosmotheist. God bless William Pierce.
Mel Gibson is a Traditional Catholic. God bless Mel Gibson. (Well, ok, I am not sure about his racial stance, but he made some interesting movies).
You are racially aware. God bless you.

Race is the issue. Race trumps everything.