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CL: Follow Through!

Simmons wrote: “I agree. But this thinking is already out there people are asking what exactly is “racism?” ”

The Oxford English Dictionary is quite helpful in this regard. It admits that the term was coined for propaganda by the Jewish mass-murderer Leon Trotsky.

For reasons I think most of us here know, that won’t be mentioned on AR.

“Racism,” like every other pejorative, is nothing. It has no substance. If you cave to it, you’re throwing the sorry curveball. If you give it the slightest bit of credence, you’re throwing the sorry curveball.

The way you handle it is by observing that “racism” is used by genociders to justify genocide. Then you loop back into the mantra, even stronger than before.

This is the much-ignored step #2 of the mantra program, as outlined above. The beauty of the mantra is that it allows you to take the highest caliber ammunition of the opposition and throw it right back at them. “Racism,” and it’s brother “anti-semitism” (’Most people today understand that an anti-semite is a person some Jew hates.’) are the big guns of the opposition. See how easy they are to turn around? And everytime you turn it around at them, your argument gets stronger.

Step #2: Follow through!


Simmons Responds to CL’s Caution Below

I’ll disagree. Mantra is a school of logic not a precise recital of words (wordism). Its about the why of PC and the results of such a religion. For ex; Cultist shrieks “racist” at me, me being a mantra trained thinker I do not respond with my own shriek, but instead dissect the cultist’s line of thought.


I think CL is right in that the Mantra MUST be state and repeated in all cases. And repeated.

And repeated. The Mantra totally changes he whole grounds of discussion, the whole world view.

But, as Simmons implies, the Mantra itself requires that YOU adapt to this new line of thought. The article below that CL was replying to makes this very clear. You have to have the mental DISCIPLINE to PREVENT HIS Meandering off.

You have just shown how the anti is EVIL, no matter how much he mewls about his good intentions. It is the time to show why he could have gotten so ridiculous, why it is so common.

Once again, this is simple but definitely not EASY. And, as Simmons says, you are trained here, you are not programmed. No red uniforms here. You have to get out there with your squirrel rifle and do it yourself. I gave you the rifle and the ammunition and taught you how to begin using them.

Simmons’s “Mantra is a school of logic” is absolute genius. But every second you have to keep CL’s warning in mind and STAY ON TARGET. REPEAT the Mantra itself until the other guy starts finishing it for you, and then repeat it some more.

If I were a redcoat officer, I could march you through every step. I would also leave you out there getting your butt shot off.

Personal discipline, personal initiative. There is nothing EASY about that simple combination.


Excellent Disciplinary Reminder from CL

Inresponse to the articlebelow, Flanking Arguments, CL brings me up short:

The corollary to this is when you abandon what works.

One of the great banes of baseball managers everywhere is the pitcher who is throwing one pitch the opposing player/line-up can’t hit, but who inexplicably decides to “diversify” to his less stellar stuff. He’s often seen looking over his shoulder 2 to 3 seconds after making the change.

It’s called being “cute,” and it invariably kills the perpetrator in sports, business, and war.

The mantra is the unhittable fastball. Your curveball is crap. Don’t be cute.

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Flanking Arguments

The last battle fought between Americans and Englishmen was at New Orleans. After Braddock got cut to pieces by Indians in 1755, after the eight years of revolutionary war, two an a half years into the War of 1812, which, as everybody knows, was actually over when the Battle of New Orleans, the British got cut to pieces by the same old thing.

The redcoats marched up and the Americans stayed down and shot them to pieces from cover. The same thing happened after Lexington and Concord in 1775.

So I am very familiar with the fact that people simply WILL NOT change tactics.

In 1870 the French Army was bigger than the Prussian one. The Prussians moved fast, outflanked the French, and won.

In 1914 the available French Army was bigger than the German one, which had a two-front war. The Germans moved faster, outflanked the French, and the rest of the war was fought deep in French territory.

In 1940 the French depended on the immobile Maginot Line and the French Army was comparable in size to the Wehrmacht. The Germans used the Blitzkrieg, a brand new thing where they moved faster and outflanked the French.

So when I find the Mantra and it WORKS, it is no surprise at all that the response is a loud yawn.

Anther approach that has no tradition or recommendation except that it works is talking about WHY something is said. It hits the other side from the rear. It outflanks them. Instead of going into the usual routine about black-white IQ, I simply point out that any professor who does NOT come to that conclusion is likely 1) to be mobbed and 2) to lose his job, and he certainly will get no promotion.

Everybody KNOWS this, but our folks are so thick-headed that they NEVER BRING IT UP. From up from Africa stuff to every single Politically Correct idea, if you let them talk about how Mommy Professor X has discovered a new “fact” that proves Political Correctness and then point out that that is what they get PAID to do, Mommy Professors products are caught completely off guard.

Everybody KNOWS this, but we aren’t supposed to be bright enough to bring it up.

And we usually AREN’T.

For defense we have our Maginot Line. For attack, we have our red uniforms to march in.


How the Puritans Got So Sweet

The whole history of America has been shaped by Puritan thought, which led to white self-hatred before Jews got here in numbers.

Jonathan Edwards was born in 1703, so he wrote a century after the original Puritans got here, but he is considered the greatest of ALL American theologians by many historians, if not most.

Here Edwards says what causes the most joy in a Puritan’s heart:

The Eternity of Hell Torments
by Jonathan Edwards

Fourth, the sight of hell torments will exalt the happiness of the saints forever. It will not only make them more sensible of the greatness and freeness of the grace of God in their happiness, but it will really make their happiness the greater, as it will make them more sensible of their own happiness. It will give them a more lively relish of it: it will make them prize it more. When they see others, who were of the same nature and born under the same circumstances, plunged in such misery, and they so distinguished, O it will make them sensible how happy they are. A SENSE OF THE OPPOSITE MISERY, IN ALL CASES, GREATLY INCREASES THE RELISH OF ANY JOY OR PLEASURE.



I must have of woke up on the wrong side of my tombstone writing a couple of things below.

I edited them.



Lord Nelson

Coach, I am starting to think you have supernatural powers.

Quote by Bob:

“They will divide us by CLASS, with our present leaders soaking in the sunshine of Big Name approval”

Recent anti thread on Stormfront:

BTW. AFKAN, Great comment.


AFKAN can do great things. I hope he and Mark and others realize that I don’t get pissed off at people I despise. To me, wasting the brilliance I NEED is EVERYTHING.

Yes, LN, I am am psycho, psychic, WHATEVER.

Actualy the two are related. You have to be psychic to understand. You have to be psycho to risk a strait jacket by SAYING what you understand.

I went to the site you have here and wrote:

You were on a drunk for weeks and woke up in a strange place. You look out the window and see people with dark skins.

NOTHING ELSE. All you see is that they all have DARK SKINS.

Tell me about the country you woke up in.

This is a PRACTICAL question, not a Mommy Professor theory.

What youy immediately know about any brown-skinned country is that It is either desperately poor or has revenues from white people who found the oil and are pumping it.

And that’s IT in the real world.

Now back to you and Mommy Professor’s version: There is a subtle gradation here, not understod by ignrant racists like me. As every rapper says when he faces racism, “YOU IGNUNT!!!”

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, it is the color of the skin you live or die by.

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Translating for Morons

When I put forward the Mantra, is often Me no hear “intermarriage” before. What assimilation? What that have do intermarriage?” and like brilliance.

Lord Nelson, on the other hand, went out there and DEMANDED that antis give him ANY alternative they had to genocide against whites. He is beating them over the head with it, and he is beating them to death.

When someone says, “Me no hear ‘race problem,'” you can either use that to ACT or you can REACT and come to me with your tail between your legs.

I get SICK of doing ALL the translating. When they say that, YOU have a chance to define things the way LN does.

When someone asks you a question, that is a chance for YOU to SAY SOMETHING.

Now for something that seems completely different.. If experts get caught by every historical benchmark with their noses up their behinds, I can afford to be wrong a LOT in my predictions. WOL has all the examples here on record.

Right now there is a protest of about a thousand against the Iraq War – the media says “thousands,” so that’s a max. The REASON I say that is because it is a leftist march. It is leftist march because the organization used AMSAWR, Against War and Racism.” What in Heaven’s name does “racism” have to do with it?

Translation for the brain damaged: Consistently over the past four decades, an organization that was pro-Communist always used the term “Racism” in its title. This was obvious to anybody who could reason. Anti-racist means openly anti-white, just as Temperance means Prohibition.

Back on Earth, the word Temperance excludes two things by definition. Temperance means not ABUSING alcohol. It means the moderate USE of alcohol. So a non-drinker is, by definition, not “temperate.”

As with Anti- Racism this requires a second of painful THOUGHT. As soon as I hear “Anti-Racist” in a title, it is the same as “Marxist and I can go ahead. But I can’t because it is tripwire. I have to go back and explain this to each and every person who has decided to abandon his frontal lobe on me – AGAIN.

Capitalized, Anti-Racist ALWAYS means Marxist. It has always meant Marxist for forty years. But I have to go back and pick up the stumbling who can’t speak the political language.

Over and over and over and over and over.