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Great post BW. I like it when you point out the system being an obvious failure. Most people on Stormfront think these fools in Washington are actually succeeding! I am copying and pasting this one.

My question was in reference to what we do once the system unjams. That is what I am concerned about. I was thinking out loud writing that post to Dave. I not worried about this nonsense ending. But was curious on ideas of what we should do when the system unjams. I am concerned that next step that is obviously coming a lot quicker than anyone suspects.

My bus in the ghetto philosophy will come in handy at that point (I think?). It is very difficult to get people to agree on what they LIKE. But very easy to get them to agree on what they DISLIKE. Whites are an extreme example of this. On the bus in the ghetto, my White tribe never got together and agreed on what to eat for lunch or our which version of the Bible we had at home…..never going to happen. We focused on small negotiated agreements based on what we all DISLIKED. That was simple. It was actually easy. Of course, nature forced us to think in these terms. It was like a Roman Formation united front against what we DISLIKED.
— Tim

Tim, old buddy, you ought to try like I do to bring up things people LIKE and that COULD BE POLCY. I don’t even get a yawn. I brought up the idea of a Preamble Party which dedicated American to “we the people of the United States of America … and OUR posterity.” The implications are huge, but take some IMAGINATION, not just upchuck reaction to whatever is on the hate list today.

If America were to go for its own people, it could rule world trade. We could cut taxes enormously. NOBODY would mess with us. I started the discussion and then, when not even a yawn came in, I quit. I don’t have that kind of energy any more.

I brought up not only punishing our enemies, but paying off the national debt or having a new basic research program, all. all by making Party people rich by looking up and punishing anti-whites down through the ages. And this is AN IMMEDIATE political Strategy. People out there give us more chance of power than we do. The idea of having a group profitably going after them FOREVER, which we see daily in the Holocaust/Reparations industry and affirmative action is REAL and SCARY.

IF we don’t listen the All Forgiving Neoracists.

I repeat and repeat and repeat. But the burnt fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the fire. It’s like ping-pong. I give new answers and get some version of the same old crap back. If there is a blue bird of happiness, I feel like I’m a statue.

I don’t just bitch. What I propose would PAY us, so we would DO it. It is what is being done now by the other side when it’s in control. This would scare the living crap out of liberals and respectable conservatives whose whole policy is going with the flow and staying out of the danger zone.

I have dealt in political money. We could get that balance money big corporations and rich people put on the “other side” to avoid danger. But I would have to say HOW, and I don’t have that kind of energy when everything I propose doesn’t even get a burp.

All the talk about torchlight parades means NOTHING to the other side. This gives them the crawling willies and could get us some big-time contributions.

Once again, I didn’t even get a yawn. Our people know how to bitch but they don’t know anything whatever about fighting. That is WHY we have BUGS, and ONLY BUGS, to teach them.



Comments lately have been good, but they keep reminding me of Socrates’ men in a lightless cave examining an elephant. One says it is ears, one says it’s a trunk, etc.

One asks about creativity, another about what is to be done in government, another makes an equally good point about another aspect. All this shows thought, but it does not reflect an understanding of the whole.

A great example of what I am talking about is the TV series Connections. It discusses, routinely, the bouncing around, not just of abstract concepts, but of practical ideas which flow from different applications of seemingly totally unrelated tings in Western Civilization. These things are talked about as GIVENS, a part of the whole.

But “real” analysis consists of digging into obscure writings of some ancient Greek or some ancient Egyptians and showing how, slowly and painfully, it led to what we call “us.”

There is not the barest relationship between the dynamic of the society described in “Connections” and the Learned Philosophers of Ancient Civilizations.

All that ancient history, as I said by the time I was eighteen, was “a series of northern invasions.” There would be another undiscussed “northern invasion” and a Great Civilization, fed by the slaves on the bottom from the old society, would get another infusion of “barbarians,” who, of course, had nothing to do with the new vitality and limited creativity — and lots and lots of writing for historians to look at.

But only the old writing, not the “barbarism,” made history. It was coincidental, in fact it is not even mentioned as coincident, that each new phase of Great slave-based Civilizations began with a “northern invasion.”

Everybody as taught that, but only I noticed it.

In my teens.

I’m used to that by now.

When society finally reached Northern Europe and was all white, the explosion occurred. A totally new society developed. It found a use for Africans, the same use they had always had and have today, field hands, bloc voters, and a supply of sperm to get rid of this “white race” which is the obvious explanation for everything Wordists want to attribute to thier Holy Books.

This is the PICTURE. After I am dead, someone will come along and GET IT.



Tim says: So if I were in office right this minute looking for advice on what approach to take. What advice would you give? And don’t say: “Tim, just put your foot down.” I know that. What are your ideas on these international issues we are obviously going to be dealing??

(Bob, you can chime in as well)

The most important thing about this election is that, more than any in recent history, IT DOESN’T MATTER. For all the horror stories about Hillary and others and what they WANT, all they really want is to be president. An adviser would not be telling them what they SHOULD do, but what they CAN do. And that is almost nothing.

There was a time when a McGovern could demand immediate total withdrawal from Vietnam and Goldwater could hint at nukes. We all know what happened to THEM.

So no one demanded we FIGHT in Nam or that we withdraw from Nam. So it stayed a half-assed war, not really a war, and therefore doomed.

Likewise Iraq.

Socialized medicine? Kyoto? Immigration? It really doesn’t matter what Hillary or Obama or George Bush WANT. The system now is locked into half-assed everything.

People wait around for the courts to decide in any case where a decision really has to be made.

It amuses me that people talk about “practical politics.” The practical fact is that the system is jammed and, as in Nam, this is fatal. America in Nam went out the way the Soviet Union eventually did, the way Cuba did.

Overnight. Everybody has his pants flat on the floor.

The system will unjam. THAT is practical politics. When it unjams it will be like any other dike bursting. Cuba, Nam, the USSR, races the same, again and again the Practical Men tell us about playing with the thermostat while reality keeps telling us that what the pros talk about is, by definition, unimportant.

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Mark Twain Quote

Twain was anti-colonial. He said one thing that has an entirely different meaning today:

“There’s invasion, immigration, and colonization. Invasion is military. Immigration is voluntary and peaceful. Colonization is genocide. Colonization can result from EITHER invasion OR immigration. In the end, it’s the same result, though.”

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While I suspect that Ron Paul genuinely believes in racial equality, I also suspect that Bill and Hillary Clinton do not.

That’s just my suspects.

But I do know this: Ron Paul does not believe that white men should require nonwhite men to abide by their agreements. Ron Paul definitely has a bias regarding that. He believes that white men are subject to one standard and nonwhites to another.

Though he believes in racial equality, he does not believe nonwhites should be held to their word. In that, he is a solid supporter of the doctrine of political correctness in racial matters.

The proof of this is that he thinks that Mid-Eastern and Central Asian military bases established by white men at great cost and bloodshed specifically for the purpose of requiring nonwhite men to abide by their agreements should be arbitrarily abandoned and that white men should apologize and surrender to the nonwhite men in these areas and nations in contrition for the idea that the agreements that nonwhite men enter into with white men should be enforced.

It’s racist, of course, to require a nonwhite man to honor his word. That is Ron Paul basic operational view.

He also believes that Japan’s, China’s, and the Gulf States huge US T- Bond portfolios have been foisted upon them by greedy white men trying to cheat nonwhites out of their property, labor, and resources.

Accordingly, the similarity Ron Paul has with Chavez and Castro in characterizing the global deployment of US financial assets is quite evident.

I see it a little differently. I see these huge foreign portfolios of US T-Bonds as the winnings of corrupt nonwhite elites profiting off the American people by clinging onto the back of America like desperate swimmers hanging on for dear life to the strong swimmer in a rip tide.

Foreign holders gains on their US T- Bond portfolios have been quite handsome ever since the beginning of the big bond bull market in 1982, quite outpacing any US dollar devaluation they have suffered. But Ron Paul never mentions this as it conflicts with his ideology that white men are basically evil in their monetary dealings with nonwhites.

He likes to talk about the Chinese elites as being rubes who foolishly take mere “paper” from corrupt white men in exchange for real products, resources, and services (at the expense of American workers, of course).

White men cannot be benefactors according to Ron Paul’s ideology for they are basically selfish and evil, quite like our standard brand Marxists have it. Instead, white men always owe nonwhite men something in his view, quite substantial somethings, such as surrender, apology, military bases, other property, honor, you name it.

As long as white men are crawling, surrendering, paying damages, and apologizing, that’s all that matters to Ron Paul. For all of this, white men will get a tax break and be shielded from some currency depreciation in Ron Paul’s world.

Accordingly, his high opinion of white men is evident: White men will sell anything there is to sell for a few nickels. After all, a comfortable retirement is all that matters to white men. And they will sell anything and engage in any treason to get it. Ron Paul likes to call this, “believing in the free market and honest banking”.

And specifically forget the idea that nonwhite nations have to be forced to behave. In Ron Paul’s world, the only people that should be forced to behave are white people and white nations.

Everybody else gets a pass.

These are the real ideas of Ron Paul.

The American left is leading the assault on the undeniable exposure of race difference and on Israeli control of our foreign policy. The right is obsessed with cleansing itself of the Thought Crimes the right committed in denying MLK sainthood and limiting integrationist power.

No major American leftist goy has endorsed Europe’s Thought Crime laws. William Buckley has.

Dave makes it clear, again, that respectable conservatives are our real enemies today.




If a semi-literate black man disagrees with you on race, he will say, “You IGNUNT!” Antis who have never had to debate the subject before always begin by saying we are ignorant.

At first, this is puzzling to us, like saying that we are filled with some undefined Hate. But this Ignorance and Hate have nothing to do with actual ignorance or hatred. We must understand and EXPLAIN each on its own terms.

You are lost if you begin by thinking of real hatred and real ignorance. They do not know it, but antis are referring to CAPITALIZED Hate and Ignorance. We are dealing with a religion. Our established religion is Political Correctness, with its liberal seminaries run by Mommy Professors, a.k.a., universities. You cannot argue with disciples of this faith until you recognize that it IS a faith.

When used by antis, “ignunce” or Ignorance is precisely what the Catholic Church means by the Doctrine of Invincible Ignorance. Invincible Ignorance does not require real ignorance, that is, one can KNOW the doctrine of the Church. Invincible Ignorance is the inability to BELIEVE the True Faith, however much you know about it.

Every religious fanatic, be he Politically Correct, Christian, Islamic, Marxist, Americanist or Libertarian, feels that no one who truly KNOWS his True Faith can reject. So he sincerely believes that if you don’t BELIEVE, you simply do not Truly Understand it.

Mommy Professor is also Father Professor.


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Ron Paul anti-Racism Essay

This Ron Paul Racism essay against Racism is

  1. good practical politics and
  2. why we must avoid seeing any national conservative as a friend.

I have written dozens of speeches for congressmen, etc. which said race was not the issue. Some of you may guess that I really didn’t mean it. In fact, in practical high-level politics, constantly denying that something is an issue is a sure sign that it IS the issue.

I drove a hundred miles each way and stayed in a motel overnight to hear Nick Griffin’s speech at Clemson. Nick said in his public blog that I was “an old friend” he was glad to have there in support.

One example was that when the TV camera rolled, he called me over to talk with him in front of it. I am used to it. Most people get a bit nervous in front of a TV camera and don’t know how to handle it. It’s sometimes useful to have an old pro around, often for reasons one wouldn’t immediately think of.

Nick spoke at Clemson about the takeover of Europe by militant Islam. He made the standard statement about how this wasn’t about race. Why?

I am proud to point out that Nick said that this speech, in my native state, was the first time he had EVER been allowed to speak at that “Citadel of Free Speech,” a university. He was received politely while leftists slavered at the riot they planned when he spoke in Michigan.

In order to speak on campus in a PART of a country which still takes free speech seriously, he had to have a group sponsor him. So those young people at the Young Americans for Freedom — some of the few holdouts of YAF who still take the word “Freedom” seriously — were putting their futures on the line.

Now how exactly would Nick have looked if he declared that it WAS about race?

Nick, on his web page, declared ME an “old friend.” I have been on the national media talking race repeatedly. Nick made his point there and made the pint he HAD to make for the brave YAF youngsters.

It is easy to beat your chest on SF, but in practical politics, it is both stupid and often cruel and ungrateful to do so. Nick has no problem with MY approach to race. It is the Mantra ***, which I freely repeat in front of any member of any minority group. I am a white man worried about my race. That is as racist as Nick will get and that is as racist as Nick IS.

It is more than I would ask of a respectable conservative like Ron Paul.

It is quite possible that Ron Paul, as a wordist libertarian, has no feeling for his race at all.

Frankly a person who is genuinely loyal to a set of principles out of a book and a slab of ground called the United States of America but has no feeling at all about his own genetic types is more alien to me than E.T. But Kelso and some Stormfronters have convinced me that Paul is a step forward, so I will support him.

If I though Paul had chance of winning. I would reevaluate my position.

But I would cheerfully support E.T. for any office if it helped OUR cause.

But a respectable conservative or a Marine who REALLY has normal loyalties otherwise but TRULY has no feeling for our race makes my stomach turned a lot more than a Jew who just plain hates us.

They give me the CREEPS. But a lot of people in politics turn my stomach, so the choice must be made on a practical basis.


“It is said that there is this RACE problem. They say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

“The Netherlands and Belgium are as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.”

“Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.”

“What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY Black Country and ONLY into black countries?”

“How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem? I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?”

“And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?”

“But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”