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Saving BUGS History

Posted by Bob on November 24th, 2007 under General

A fine man who worked with SysOps and me made a penetrating observation.

We were trying to get my book published, and he noted that at every convention there is a PILE of books published by the movement, but we never pool our resources. His brilliant summary was, “We have GOT to stop having to reinvent the wheel every time.”

We haven’t, of course.

In Whitaker Online, Bob’s Blog, and Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, since 1998, laid out unchanged in half a million to a million words of postings and comments, we have the COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT of THIS wheel. We are also careful to make sure that, if we lose our web page or anything else happens, the whole shebang is in several people’s hands who have experience and permission to use it.

Of all our basics, delegation, pooling and openness is not the least of the lessons we have to teach.

Anyone who cannot use SOMETHING we have done is lacking something basic.

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