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Posted by Bob on November 29th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Comments lately have been good, but they keep reminding me of Socrates’ men in a lightless cave examining an elephant. One says it is ears, one says it’s a trunk, etc.

One asks about creativity, another about what is to be done in government, another makes an equally good point about another aspect. All this shows thought, but it does not reflect an understanding of the whole.

A great example of what I am talking about is the TV series Connections. It discusses, routinely, the bouncing around, not just of abstract concepts, but of practical ideas which flow from different applications of seemingly totally unrelated tings in Western Civilization. These things are talked about as GIVENS, a part of the whole.

But “real” analysis consists of digging into obscure writings of some ancient Greek or some ancient Egyptians and showing how, slowly and painfully, it led to what we call “us.”

There is not the barest relationship between the dynamic of the society described in “Connections” and the Learned Philosophers of Ancient Civilizations.

All that ancient history, as I said by the time I was eighteen, was “a series of northern invasions.” There would be another undiscussed “northern invasion” and a Great Civilization, fed by the slaves on the bottom from the old society, would get another infusion of “barbarians,” who, of course, had nothing to do with the new vitality and limited creativity — and lots and lots of writing for historians to look at.

But only the old writing, not the “barbarism,” made history. It was coincidental, in fact it is not even mentioned as coincident, that each new phase of Great slave-based Civilizations began with a “northern invasion.”

Everybody as taught that, but only I noticed it.

In my teens.

I’m used to that by now.

When society finally reached Northern Europe and was all white, the explosion occurred. A totally new society developed. It found a use for Africans, the same use they had always had and have today, field hands, bloc voters, and a supply of sperm to get rid of this “white race” which is the obvious explanation for everything Wordists want to attribute to thier Holy Books.

This is the PICTURE. After I am dead, someone will come along and GET IT.

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  1. #1 by Dave on 11/29/2007 - 11:43 am

    How being “unfocused” relates to being white:

    An actor faces three levels of development in skill. In the first, he need not concern himself with dialog. His role is to act as a prop to support a narrative. He is instructed accordingly, and need only to faithfully follow his instruction. He need not concern himself with any oral utterances, as his acting involves only motions of the body.

    In the second level, he must recite a piece of dialog. But it is structured dialog in that he is not reciting dialog intending to mimic real conversation. Rather, it is the dialog of a structured transaction, inserted only as a prop to support a larger narrative. He needs only to utter it according to a precise instruction. Therefore, his first level acting is enhanced solely by the requirement that he multitask, nothing more.

    But the third level of acting is an order of difficulty quite above levels 1 and 2. This is because the actor must engage in conversations that mimic the fluid extemporaneous world. This involves calling upon emotions that are unruly in their ebb and flow, and mastery over unpredictable cadences and rhythms. To mimic real life, the actor must pretend that there is an absence of a governor on reality, a reality where stimuli and responses irrepressibly usher forth in unforeseeable chains of reactive surprises. Accordingly the actor must fool the audience into believing he does not have foreknowledge of these surprises (i.e. that tomorrow he will be clobbered).

    To live real life in level 3 is hard because you have to confront the fact that reality is ungovernable. You have to count on being surprised. AND IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO BE “PROPERLY FOCUSED” IN LEVEL’S 1 AND 2. It just takes a lot less skill.

    But level 3 is precisely where white people thrive. Nonwhite people are never comfortable there because they simply cannot deal with the intellectual and emotional challenge of having to extemporaneously deal with the unknown and unknowable. Their worldview never admits to the ungovernable larger truth. To contrary, their worldview is an attempt to a priori harness the ungovernable larger truth.

    This is why all the Islamists are so completely convinced they have a handle on things. It is why Asians are so completely obsessed with “face”. And no black person is even able to peer into level 3. They are just incapable of comprehending its existence in a non-magical way.

    None of the nonwhite races can understand why white people insist on sticking their head into every hole in the universe without preconception. It just doesn’t make sense to them.

    And if there is any race that is “unfocused”, it is the white race.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 11/29/2007 - 2:29 pm

    Angry Dave is a productive Dave. I agree I’m 44 years old and have yet to meet any non-white existentialist. The closet I’ve come is the first Star Trek TNG movie when the Whoopie Goldberg character was nearly level 3 convincing. It is why I’m for lack of better terms a “white nationalist” because no other race questions existence, they take their prophet’s word for it. Question for Bob, did your barbarian thesis come as revelation or at the end point of some inquriy you informally or formally started?

  3. #3 by AFKAN on 11/29/2007 - 3:35 pm

    in reply to Bob:

    I’ve often thought “Connections” should have been called “Rationalizations.”

    Every Race, other than the White Race, forms societies that degenerate – fairly quickly – into essentially stagnant social orders based on slavery, either formally or de facto.

    Then, the goal is to further the interests of They Who Rule, at the expense of the permanent underclass, most of whom will accept their lot with remarkable ease. The inevitable Cycles of History then work their will…

    I’ve regarded the Creative Gift of the White Race as the Cultural equivalent of the punctuated equilibrium theory of physical evolution; everything goes along, until suddenly, the meteor falls from the sky, and the slate gets wiped pretty clean.

    One of the more subtle hallmarks of White Civilization is the transformation of wealth from the amount of gold one hand – and the number of soldiers you had to defend it, and hopefully steal more from someone else – into the ability to transform abstract Ideas – principles – into Forms and practices that add greater wealth.

    One of the hallmarks of national wealth, looking back, is the number of patents per capita created and licensed in a country.

    This Creative Ability, grounded in having to transform the world in which we find ourselves, is the hallmark of the Race all other Races envy, and wish to destroy.

    We need to recapture the Masculine Ethos, as well, if we wish to move forward in any place other than the abstract – the realm of the First and Second Virtual Realities, where we are allowed the Form of Battle, and Conquest, and the substance of another’s Dreams, and Ideas.

    Did I mention today how much I hate these people?

  4. #4 by woundednietzsche on 12/01/2007 - 11:40 am

    Just an observation on creativity, influence and memory. Its interesting how the brain works and remembers certain things, even if only heard once. A popular song will find its way into the work of countless imitators and admirers, many of them unaware that “their” song or melody is a derivative of something they’ve heard before. The new artist doesn’t consciously make the connection between the original and his own creation.

    Once an idea is experienced, if it is unique, if it is memorable, if it is valuable, if it is complete, it lives forever. It lives on in your memory. I see the Mantra this way. It is unique, it is correct, it is irrefutable, and it will remain in a person’s memory once introduced, even if the person rejects or dismisses it immediately, it still lives in their memory and rolls around in their head until the day they die.

    That is why the communists created political correctness, which was a more sinister and stealthy form of their “no platform for fascists” rule. Their brainwashing, their big lies would not stand up to open debate. Ideas and concepts once heard, can never be removed from memory. They have a life of their own and their influence moves like ripples on the water, moving outward in every direction forever.

    Long live the Mantra.

  5. #5 by Pain on 12/03/2007 - 12:44 am

    “each new phase of Great slave-based Civilizations began with a ‘northern invasion.’”

    hmm… 1861? 😉

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