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Upgrade to WordPress 2.3.2 Complete

WordPress 2.3.2 has been released and includes a number of changes including one security fix, here is a list of most of the changes in detail: CLICK HERE

Sorry for the delay folks, I’m trying to get over a pretty rough cold and the medicine is putting me out early.

Happy New Year!


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This is on target Bob, we are here to learn your way of thought and influence the course of history. It only makes sense that we play off each others strengths and weakness.

I’m amazed at the literary prowess of Dave, he speaks with an erudite tongue that can articulate what I’ve experienced and pondered but can never find the words to communicate the thought. I’ll admit expanding on Bob’s concepts is simple, but it is one of the hardest things I have tried to tackle.

We came here as individuals, but it’s time we started acting like a seminar working towards a common goal; dropping whatever personal issues we brought along.




Whenever I put in something like “Team Depth” below, something that is really critical to me, I get a resounding silence.

Silence is hard to READ. It could mean that, after working my butt off for years, I have put a point so well that it needs no elaboration. You’ve said that.

But, dammit, it won’t DO.

You’ve all seen the “dropped call” ads. You know what silence can DO.

I remember that in Animal House the Donald Sullivan professor admitted to his class that studying Milton was absurd, but when the bell rang, he reminded them that they still had to report to him on Milton, “I’m not joking here. This is my JOB!”

What I say in pieces like “Team Depth” is the purpose my LIFE. I need successors to a WAY OF THINKING. I need SysOps and BoardAds to take control, I need Lord Nelsons and Prometheuses (Promethethii?) to peal off and attack the enemy without me lifting a finger.

Coaching Depth is a BIG DEAL to me.

So you are tired of hearing this. I am tired of repeating it. But on my end it is like the dropped call ads.





The irony of those who engaged in this prosperous “China will take over the world” nonsense, don’t even know that the most intelligent Asians themselves are quite aware of their inability.

For example, Masanobu Fukuoka, head of Japanese rice production in WWII, and a pioneer of the idea that plant succession methods can be used for de-desertification, was always adamant to his white audiences: “Japan or any oriental society can never innovate. They can only be changed from the outside.”

In another example, I recently listened to a TV interview of Farooq Kathwari, the Kashmiri CEO of Ethan Allen, New England’s largest furniture manufacturer. Being Asian himself, and knowing Asia, he was very critical of manufacturing companies that rebased entirely in Asia saying, “The tree must not be pulled up by its roots.”

I watch a lot of Asian media. The consciousness in Asia that white people are the organizing force in the world is unmistakable. Anything white represents prestige in Asia, and is copied.

That political correctness blinds white people to this basic truth is absolutely preposterous. They are so full of self-criticism they cannot even see their own responsibility.

And it is no accident that the most self-critical society on earth, America, is also its most innovative.

— Dave

— ME

YES! Orientals consider our obsession with their ability to do IQ puzzles as the be-all and end-all FUNNY.

More than one high Japanese official has gotten into deep trouble talking about the fact that American IQ is being averaged down because of the growing Hispanic and black population. They weren’t ready for the explosion that caused. To them, if you bring in lower IQs, whatever the reason they are lower, the AVERAGE obviously goes down. What the HELL is the PROBLEM?

But there is one giant consideration. In the West the major industry is minority bitching-for-hire. But in the Orient, the REASON that Africa is bad investment territory at present is a hugely PRACTICAL matter. If it’s innate Intelligence, that’s critically important.

We’re talking hundreds of billions, minimum.

Asia is hard for us to undersand because it is non-white, but it is not one huge gaping wound trying to prove its equality with whites. Frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn. At least, they don’t give a damn compared to the PRACTICAL side of racial questions.


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— Team Depth

I want DEPTH here. I don’t want just one great pitcher, but a pitching TEAM. I have a tech TEAM. Dave is working hard on giving my writing TEAM some depth.

I want more COACHING depth.

Most people pay almost exclusive attention to the backfield in football, the ones who run for scores. But a pro knows that most of the team is on the LINE. To put it in the locker room terms I heard our coaches use, the greatest quarterback on earth is useless if the defensive line puts him on his ass as soon as the ball is snapped.

You not only need depth in the backfield, you need it in the line as well.

But if people obsess on the backfield, they also obsess even more on the Head Coach. He is about all anybody talks about when it comes to the coaches. Only the real pros pay much attention to the up-and-coming line coaches or the backfield coaches. But a team that only plans for a big-name head coach is on its way to the graveyard.

I want to call attention here to what some of our people are doing in this area. It is an inexpressible relief to me that when I jump on an anti-white on Stormfront, one of my BUGS squadron gets right on their tail and STAYS there. Lord Nelson has no mercy, and he is not alone. He will keep jamming their noses into their genocidal intentions without even thinking of giving them relief by following their desperate maneuvers to change the subject.

Likewise Prometheus.

I get TIRED of repeating the same things over and over. It bores you, too. But the only way to stop it is for YOU to jump in when someone gets off of our WAY OF THINKING here. DON’T LEAVE IT TO ME.

My job will not be done until we have the kind of depth we have in the tech team in our writing, in our coaching team, and in coming up with areas you should not wait for ME to come up with.

Don’t wait for me for the umpteenth time, to correct something. And don’t worry about being wrong. I am proud that I am not afraid to get it wrong and to admit it when I do. “You will never throw the perfect block until you have screwed up a few hundred before,” as the coach would say.


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Mantra Thinking in the Global Economy

At a Christmas party, I got a lecture from a computer industry survivor who is familiar with BUGS.

The techs know what a “computer industry survivor is,” but I need to explain it to show where our lecturer is coming from. You may remember the nineties when young people in the computer industry were riding high, millionaires were not unusual before age thirty, and so forth.

We all know the industry in America collapsed for THOSE people, but few realize just how hard it got hit. It is simply true that what hit the computer whizzes of the 1990s made the Great Depression look tame. Yesterday’s millionaires were not only wiped out, they were suddenly unemployable.

I was sitting beside one of them using my computer, watching his stock options approach a million dollars. He was literally harassed by head-hunters offering him better jobs.

A year later he was broke. So when I say “survivor,” it is a BIG term. The guy who gave me the lecture was not the same one who went under — I knew a LOT of young computer geniuses — he still has a major management job.

The lecturer told me WHY he survived. He explained that his survival was a direct result of what I was saying in BUGS.

I keep telling you that Orientals are great at puzzle-solving of the type that IQ tests are made up of. I also point out that if whites disappear, Orientals will not be able to take up the slack. They will stagnate. They can USE our tools; they can even invent our tools like the mechanical clock. But those tools do not develop in Oriental societies the way the show Connections shows happening in white societies.

Orientals, left on their own, go nowhere. Our survivor explained that exactly the same thing is true on the high-tech production level. What he cannot do is what I routinely do with SysOps and Brain: show them the direction, and then sit back and leave it to them.

That, he told me, is the reason he cannot be spared. A pure technical expert loses his job to Orientals, but no one can leave the thing to Orientals. They have to keep a few white management-tech people in there, because the Orientals simply cannot go ahead on their own.

This man had read what I said about Orientals, but he was surprised at what a practical fact of life it was. In the year since I had seen him, the Mantra thinking he had learned had coalesced in his mind. He said he simply could not understand why these smart people, who spoke his language and are damned good at what they do simply CANNOT be left to themselves, so people like him have to be paid huge salaries which their companies would LOVE to farm out the way they do other jobs.

He did ALL the talking. It had taken the year since I saw him last to combine my theory and his survival in his mind. He had had little trouble with ABSTRACT idea of long-term Oriental stagnation, but the fact that he dealt with it daily on a PRACTICAL basis had not hit him earlier.

By Oriental standards, as any of you who are familiar with business literature know, Orientals are astonished at the gigantic payment of Western executives. A piece of history most have forgotten was that in the 1980s the Japanese were the coming people. In movies like Back to the Future, a Japanese executive always ran American companies.

But when the Japanese reached levels of income already reached by Westerners, they stopped.

Back then, everybody talked about how the Japanese model showed true efficiency. One of the things Japanese “superiority” proved was that executives were wildly overpaid here. That is true in a lot of cases, but it also reflected a REALITY.

Japanese “executives” are a part of the team. They make a lot more than line workers, but nothing like the wild multiples in the West. Executives in the West are hired to take over and change direction on their own. We are used to so-and-so being hired to “turn around” a company. You do not see that kind of thing in Oriental business magazines.

In the Orient they don’t just pay somebody a fortune to take over and change direction. They do not, in other words, just turn the whole company over to a new chief operating officer and the team he selects.

Orientals are not white. If you try to manage a real big business insisting they are, you lose MONEY if you don’t go bankrupt. Ignoring ANY reality in business is often fatal.

So our survivor told me he survived because they could not turn things over to Orientals. His lecture was that his own survival in the industry was based on the real and practical fact that white people, white men, have to be there to run things, no matter how much the Orientals learn the ropes. He has tried and tried to turn things over to them, and there is simply a practical limit to how much this can be done.

He didn’t realize until this year that his own job was saved by that fact.

And Nobel Prize geneticist Watson got into trouble because he pointed out that all efforts to help Africa were failing simply because Africans do not have the same brain power Political Correctness attributes to them. I pointed out an example a year ago of a Japanese economist at Oxford who got into trouble for writing about the same thing.

In the latter case, this is not going to stop because Africa is a major source of Oriental raw materials and a major investment area, at least potentially, for oriental money. This reality is going to keep on bouncing up in Oriental discussion.

In short, racial reality is becoming a real problem for real people now. It gets less abstract every day.

The “Global Economy,” which Political Correctness says will put it in power, is likely to be fatal to it.



Beyond the C Word

I am sure we have been good little boys and girls and avoided the C word for December 25, using “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.”

Now that we have learned that lesson, let us begin on the next. One no longer says “Happy New Year” because that is associated with the anti-Semitic term “2008 A.D.,” for “Anno Domini.”

The new formulation is “Happy 2008 C.E.,” “Common Era.” adjusted of course from year to year.

Big Brother is watching you.




It is all a matter of throwing light to help navigate a very confusing world.

Real knowledge endures. That is why we have Bill Gates chronically using terminology invented by Von Clausewitz. But you have to have studied Von Clausewitz to know that Bill Gates studied Von Clausewitz and finds him useful.

It is not that Von Clausewitz is the “be all or end all” for Bill Gates. It’s just that for people like Bill Gates who are confronted with having to deal with real things in a big way, Von Clausewitz is useful.

Likewise Robert Whitaker. People who study Robert Whitaker are going to come away with a “leg up” on the competition.

Now this is big irony because one can study Robert Whitaker for free or by paying small sums for his books that are easily available through Amazon.

This leads to an important lesson too few Americans understand: The value of things is often not tied to price.

Whitaker thinking will remain and grow in influence for the very reason that it does provide a “leg up” on the competition.

Competitive people will find their way to Whitaker just as they find their way to Von Clausewitz. The two-century gap doesn’t matter.

It is usefulness that matters.

And usefulness is the reason that, at the end of the day, the Internet will doom both secondary and higher education. Both cannot possibility compete in their present forms against the usefulness of the Internet as a low cost platform for the dissemination of the kinds of educational capital that give people competitive advantage.

And when business leaders decry “the disaster of education in America” by condemning the falling graduation rates at both the secondary and higher education levels, I say, “keep it coming”, the less diplomas the better.


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