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Mantra first. Nothing will change till this is installed. For the most part whites still believe in the liberal’s white supremacy of patronage to the pathetic coloreds. Whites both elite and the mass are being led by the nose and no real practical plan has any meaning in our logjam era. As an aside take a look at Ben Bernanke today, the man is worn out looking because everyone in the United States of Logjam is looking to old Ben to save their schemes both financial and even ideological. Think of the stress to save this mess? Bob kick back and enjoy your retirement let us young bucks do the lifting.

— Simmons

Didn’t you make a similar proposal earlier and fail to carry it out?

But your points are well taken. The key to EVERYTHING is the Mantra Psychology. The Mantra is much more ruthless than Nazi shrieks. There is no forgiveness for genocide, EVER. There is no pally Neo-Racism. The German Nazis welcomes in ex-Commies and many of them because Commies themselves after the fall of the Reich. They were totalitarians, not pro-Aryan.

In other words, Wordists.

On a more practical level, the Mantra gives us a platform we can stand on and demand our rights. Yes, any approach must be founded on Mantra Logic.

Thank you for saying I should kick back and let you young folks do the lifting, Simmons. Once you walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk, I’ll be very happy to.

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