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SysOps, Manhood and Maturity

As AFKAN points out, manhood is under attack.

In the same way, as I discussed below, maturity is under attack. Since the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation took over, all the emphasis has been on staying eternally immature, a.k.a., YOUTHFUL.

I discussed this in a piece below proudly titled The Old Man. I hail back to my exemplar being the old man on the porch who does not talk about what he did as a young man on the battlefield, but how he lived his LIFE.

The reason for this is that the old man LIVED his life, whereas the Greatest Generation stopped maturing at the end of WWII. Then they became Organization Men through and through. When I titled that piece The Old Man, I was claiming that, despite all my years with two generations who claimed to be YOUTH all the way to their walker stage, in MY later years I made it to being that old man on the porch.

I am proud, very proud, of that.

SysOps listed the women who, through me, she knows about in my life. She says they’re GREAT! Then, when I mentioned the only thing I know about lithium, which had to do with manic-depressives, she proceeded to tell us all about it.

What I want to get across is Mantra Thinking. The points SysOps talks about, if you step back and take this point of view, are related. Her first comment showed that I have time only for highly competent women, and her second shows what a competent woman is like.

My mentor, the old man on the porch, would stop his philosophical discussion and go into the house when his wife said, “Pa, come in her a minute.” He would be humorous about how The Old Woman (GEORGE WASHINGTON called his WIFE that!) dominated him. But there was PRIDE in it! He married a woman who, in her areas, was just plain BETTER than he was, and he would be a fool if he hadn’t.

When I brag on SysOps, I brag on ME.

There is lot of truth in the story about the man who said, “I handle the big stuff and my wife deals with the details. I decide what our political position is on the National Debt and she tells me how to spend my money.”

Back in the 50s, it was a good laugh for all when the Secretary of the Treasury went on Meet the Press and was forced to admit that his wife handled the family finances. But nobody was surprised. That was the way his generation, pre-WWII, lived their lives. The public would have been a bit worried if the Secretary of the Treasury had NOT married someone who could take care of family finances.

So I mention lithium and SysOps tells us all about it, including how it can be of use TO YOU AND ME.

That is one thing WOMEN do. And a MAN is proud that he USES that difference.

SysOps has met the women I have relied on, and she is impressed. That is part of being a MAN. Women’s lib abhors every difference between men and women. A MAN LIVES with and handles those differences. The Old Man on the Porch is PROUD that his wife is in command where she needs to be.

I keep repeating this: God or evolution, there is a REASON we have two eyes and two sexes. Women’s libbers and male chauvinists are basically just alike. They sit around worrying about whether the left eye or the right eye is SUPERIOR. It will be a long cold day in Hell before a sane man puts a patch over a perfectly good eye, left or right.



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you wrote:

AFKAN, physical confrontation is not what it used to be.

in reply:
I know this, all too well.

My concerns belong in a framework of needing to recover Masculinity.

I believe our sons are being gelded, while our daughters are being masculinized, and this subtle process is wreaking havoc among the rituals that comprise the foundation of normal relationships between the sexes, particularly during adolescence.

That is the context in which my comments concerning my nephews needs to be placed.

What makes Dave’s analysis of HOW to deal with the slow-moving street-level predator effective is the ability to project the SECOND part of his response – the certainty of physical retribution – as an absolute certainty.

The predators – at all levels of society – are always looking for prey, and always seek to neutralize, immobilize, capture and dominate their prey.

The power of Wordism to do just this continue to amaze me.

Thus, they NEED something that can give them access to the power of Will needed to move forward, in directions THEY choose, regardless of how rational and soothing the predator’s Wordist attack seems to be.

THAT is what I am working on.

How much of my life was wasted trying to be rational with the irrational…

My nephews, my Posterity, the part of my Family, my Race, and my Nation, I can help develop, should not accept the artificial limits, the de facto gelding, that was imposed on me, and all of my situation.

And they damn well WON’T!