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Posted by Bob on February 25th, 2008 under History

The most severe crises is in Europe precisely because a bunch a bureaucrats in Brussels decided to replace Germany’s organic currency with a Soviet model fake called the Euro, thus removing from the sovereign state of Germany, one of the world’s greatest industrial powers, any ability to competently manage the market in its own sovereign bonds (the bonds of the German state).

Political correctness requires us to ignore how important Germany is to the world and how dire the mismanagement of Germany’s finances is to the future of Europe.

The combat occurring in Central Asia is light action combat only. It is no big deal, stuff for mercenaries. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are not going to be problems going forward. Young men for several generations and still today in Central Asia have no other means to earn a living except through being a fighter in somebody’s ad hoc cobbled together battalion. Nothing has changed. It is the same ‘ol same ‘ol in Central Asia. The only difference is that America now has significant bases there.

It is hugely ironic that after the fall of the Berlin Wall, America decided to move its European presence eastward into Central Asia.

Clinton actually felt it necessary, in connection with his Serbian aggression, to flip the Russians the bird by bullying Turkey to let American surface naval vessels through the Bosporus Straits for an unseemly victory lap in the Black Sea.

So the big move into Central Asia has been a big friggin success, just at the time Europe is going to hell in a hand basket. The MSM fails to report that France is currently facing an exodus of white people. These whites are early adopters of the coming “get the hell out of Dodge” mentality that is sweeping Europe’s white middle classes.

The American government has plenty of room to continue to water its sovereign bond float in this environment. Global finance has nowhere else to go except into gold and the smart money sure in the hell is not doing that. Instead, it is selling into the big gold rally that has been going on now for over 5 years the loot it stole in its mortgage bond pool operations. They are flipping the loot into short-term American sovereigns in anticipation of an inevitable crash in the commodity markets. Unlike consumer goods prices, commodity prices always come home.

Today, the Fed actually has to sell American sovereigns from its very own portfolio to keep short-term interest rates from going too low. This is because the demand for short-term American sovereigns from the global pool operators. This is truly history making stuff, as it is truly rare that the Fed sells bonds to drain the monetary base.

There is no way in hell the Fed is going to water American currency by buying bonds. It has no need to, and won’t for the foreseeable future. You have to remember, the Fed has no choice but to be responsible in today’s environment. It is a captive agency of the US Department of the Treasury and has global terms of trade commitments that must be met. Also, the value of American bonds must be upheld because those bonds are required to fund the American Navy’s victory laps in the Black Sea. (Don’t tell a Libertarian this. It will upset his religious conceits.)

Meanwhile, the whole nonwhite world is piling onto the backs of white Americans through T-Bill purchases. And meanwhile, the MSM continually tells us America has been defeated in Central Asia.

No way. That is not what is going on at all. Europe has been defeated. But the MSM will not notice this until Europe is in utter ruins.

And you know how it is. It is the MSM that determines what is real, not reality itself.

  1. #1 by Tim on 02/25/2008 - 1:45 pm

    “Clinton actually felt it necessary, in connection with his Serbian aggression, to flip the Russians the bird by bullying Turkey to let American surface naval vessels through the Bosporus Straits for an unseemly victory lap in the Black Sea.”

    Interesting point Dave. In regards to Turkey, it appears that Israel’s future is depended on making Turkey a military power. If you look at NATO and then look at all the weapons Turkey has been able to secure by being a member and then look at WHY they want Turkey to be a member of the EU. One conclusion is clear—it is good for the Jews. They are trying to do a new Ottoman empire which will in turn do two things—control week Middle Eastern States and of course aid in the attempt to genocide our race.

    The big problem the powers that be have is the problem that has NEVER in the history of world been obvious…..RACE and Genetics. If we were in one of the economies of old were European Workers breaking rocks could be on any given day –no different than Turkish mixed mongrels breaking rocks —-this plan could work. But the world is preparing for the Aryan QUANTUM Leap. We left everyone in the dust in the past few hundred years. I don’t see Turks or anyone else catching up….because RACE is everything and in the current non-stone age workforce based on technology everyone KNOWS it —–we at BUGS are the ONLY ONES talking about it openly.

    LOL look what the Russians have done but utilizing their own energies for their own benefit! Amazing considering THE WORLD has been against them. An Arab told me not long ago that the Russians astounded the Muslims with what Putin has been able to do from a position of almost certain death. Imagine what WE will all be able to do as we become One Tribe.

    We are literally on another playing field than we were in past historical events. On all LEVELS. The Asians HAVE to work 24/7 just to TRY to catch up. I think what irritates many non-whites (including Jews and OUR current Leadership) is the historical restitution of the blatant and obvious WE DO NOT need them. Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars and ALL Aryans are in another World. Old rules NO longer work nor will they work. And this is exciting. Nature is doing the hardest work for us! We on Bugs just gotta keep pushing and preparing.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 02/25/2008 - 7:14 pm

    I don’t know if Dave is so positive about the EU he seems to think that they are busy recycling and not concentrating on the future. I do know that the white man needs to give up the shrieking that seems to be what stormfront types live for and respectable conservatives defend to death and take up “Inquiry” and therefore become relavent again. But then again I am a WASP and can understand that most whites are not which is a terrible afflication to them since they themselves live in the “Big Man Syndrome.” It portends to be an exciting future but only if we here at BUGS break the bars of the cage that most racially conscious whites live in. We not only mock the program of genocide against whites we actually insist that whites evolve beyond today’s dogma of staganation.

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