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SUB Urban, Chapter 3

– SUB Urban, Chapter 3

The point of this exercise rests on the fact that the best way to humiliate our enemies is to state what they believe in plain English.

They win by forcing YOU to explain why YOUR formula will save the world. A good respectable conservative falls for that, hook, line and sinker. YOU insist, insist, and INSIST on talking about how THEY consider the gray stone Capitol Building to be Sophisticated.

In our last exciting chapter I mercilessly described THEIR World View. Let us continue.

Gibbon and Mommy Professor say there was this Roman Empire which did not change at all from the time it Civilized Europe until its Fall when the capitol moved to Constantinople. This is not stated, but it is implied on a level of subtlety that makes Attila look like a wimp.

As Brown points out, this image of a consistent drawing room Empire has cracks the size of Mount St. Helen’s.

A small contrast: Trajan died in bed, but about the end of the third century began a string of Emperors whose average life span was about two years.

Brown, having discussed the incredible fraud of Classical Sculpture, talks about The DISAPPEARANCE OF THE MONEY ECONOMY in the third century. In the third century coins that had been the normal units of exchange throughout the Classical Age, disappeared. The Roman Army accepted goods as pay, routinely.

The smooth continuity we think of as Roman collapsed completely. In this period we substitute the smooth continuity of the Pure Christian Faith.

During this period there was a fight over who was to be the next Pope. The backers of one claimant trapped the backers of the other in a building and killed them.

Then there is the little matter of Sunday. Sunday derives from Constantine’s religion, Mithraism. In Sol Invictus was the mantra of that faith. “the Sun, Unconquered.” And December 25, the birth date of Mithras became what we call Christmas.

None of this actual history jibes with the smooth continuity on which Asimov based the Foundation Series. Captain Kirk and Spock, both Jews, found Fundamental Christians who were fans of the show disturbing. Those fans were very concerned that both of the actors were going to Hell.

Hence the Star Trek episode that showed how, if it had not been for Christianity, Roman slavery would have continued into the present day. “Ah,” said Kirk, “To see it happen again.”

Everybody went “Goo!” except me.

Having a frontal lobe is a real pain.




The point that I have seared into my brain is how Wordist orthodoxy supports tyranny. Gibson history is Wordist orthodoxy.

It is what is unquestioned that is important. Orwell had is right, the meaning of orthodoxy is the termination of the ability to comprehend, the ability to access truth through thought.

I think to my own education: How long did it take to get it through my head the role and function of the cult of Lincoln in America? How long did it take me to realize that Lincoln himself was a devoted tyrant and cultist?

The cult of Lincoln is relentless in America. In our public schools, this aspect has not changed since the advent of the public school system in the 1910s. Today, the cult of Lincoln is pushed above all in the huge industry that has sprung up to support the “Americanization” of the third-world hordes washing up on our shores.

The cult of Martin Luther King is nothing more than a derivative of the cult of Lincoln.

The only history they know, and the only history they are taught, is of the “giant Lincoln who freed the slaves”, and the “giant Martin Luther King” who gave a rebirth to that effort. They think this symbolizes the sum total of American history.

This is nursery rhyme level stuff. But it is the nursery rhyme level stuff that is genuinely effective. It is the nursery rhyme level stuff that is BELIEVED. It is the nursery rhyme level stuff that is accessible to low IQs.

I have always asked myself, why is it that the very people “the system” makes its biggest victims and losers turn out also to be its biggest supporters?

There is nobody more impressed, more supportive, of that petty tyrant in a black dress, talking down to him from a raised dais, than that moron and idiot who is being sentenced to 5 days in the county lockup for failure to pay his child support obligations.

Yet that same moron and idiot was given a noble tradition in law, the real law, not the made up law of tyranny, that says the procurement of your rights is YOUR (very own) RESPONSIBILITY (the adversary system), and when taken to its correct logical conclusion must conclude that it is a moral crime, YOUR (very own) moral crime, to have allowed that petty tyrant to have put on a black dress and climb onto a raised dais in the first place.

(Gibbons was just another academic clown on a raised dais.)

People who genuinely care about freedom, about human dignity, will hang anyone who attempts to talk down to them from a raised dais, and this hanging will take place with true moral righteousness, for it supports human dignity and freedom.

Americans got a tyranny, got the cult of Lincoln, because they lacked the WILL to procure their rights. And prevailing in a conflict is a matter of WILL, nothing more.

Americans must still learn this lesson and Germans must still learn this lesson, for both our nations lost their freedom in wars (that were really to some extent civil wars) that were lost. And the lesson of our (real) history is that wars for freedom MUST NOT be lost.

And that’s what makes BUGS so very important. That’s what makes the Internet so very important. These are transmission vehicles for keeping WILL alive, for keeping the cause of human dignity and freedom alive, and for refusing to submit to being conquered by tyrants and their tyrannies



Imre Nage

Hungary’s post-WWII puppet government under Stalin made Imre Nage dictator. In 1956, when Hungary rose up against the Soviets, Nage took Hungary’s side and ran off to the West when the Soviets, using Oriental troops, crushed the Hungarians.

The token Communist grad student in the uniquely free market econ program at the University of Virginia when I was there knew Nage personally. It never occurred to anybody to suppress Communists, only racists like me. You know how it is.

The Commie was delighted with Nage. Nage made it clear that he was not just a good Communist, but a great STALINIST.

Hungarians who escaped from Soviet Occupation remained good leftists. The list of civil rights activists after 1956 always included the Hungarian Refugees. Like Israeli Jews, they were good solid anti-whites. When I was in Hungary trying to liberate their people they were in American doing their part in doing away with whites.

Do you get anything from this?



The Soviet Memorial in Budapest

I was drafted onto Truck Roy’s program just now. He needed a big mouth immediately because someone had not shown up.

I will deal with this later, if you care. But the main protagonist in the discussion was SF’s Kennewickman, who is Hungarian. Which reminded me of Hungary. [SF Hungary Moderator]

Usually I put a title on a piece for BUGS and start writing. By the time I finish I find that the title needs changing. So let me stick to the script here.

When I was in Hungary and it was behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary had a monument to the heroic dead of the Soviet Union who had liberated Hungary from the Nazis. That monument was in an interesting place.

Hungary had been occupied by many powers over the centuries, but the Turkish Occupation stood out in all that bloody history. There was a huge fort on the Buda River which had been the basis of the Turkish Occupation. When the Turks were driven out, that fort was left unoccupied by everybody. It had been deserted ever since.

Balkan hatreds run DEEP. Hungarians historically hated the Rumanians to a degree that made Polish feeling about Nazi Germany seem to one of love. We all know how Serbs and Croats feel about each other.

I was so close to all this that it makes it hard for me to explain what that Memorial meant. With all the Balkan hatred in Hungary, with all the oppression that people had endured, one occupation stood out, the TURKS.

That building was so odious that nobody touched it for CENTURIES.

That fort was to Hungarians what Untouchables are to Indians.

Then the Soviets, our beloved Allies, Liberated Hungary from Hitler. Under Stalin, Hungarians made THAT fort into a Monument to the Heroic Soviet Dead. I saw Soviet troops visiting it regularly.

The Soviets don’t have a sense of humor so they didn’t GET it. Soviets were very grateful for that Memorial.

The fort which reeked of the Turks for centuries was finally occupied again. It was dedicated to Stalin’s Boys.

I laughed my ass off at that.


I wasn’t there on what the Soviet Liberators would have seen as Legitimate Business.



SUB Urban Chapter 2

Chapter 1 was a false start in that I had to do it to think out what I was trying to say.

Our entire world view, derived from history, is based on that provided by Gibbon.

Gibbon history was written for his drawing room readership. So Gibbon provided a world view which was perfect for the drawing room set and today’s Mommy Professor. It said that they were the basis of all true progress and civilization. Gibbon provided a history which consisted of a look back to the heights of 1790 Britain, back across a total swamp to the Fall of a similar society, the Roman Empire, Rome, about 400 AD.

As Mommy Professor and the drawing room crowd looked back over Gibbering History, they saw that behind Rome there was another swamp, across which one could see Ancient Athens. That was a tiny peak, but behind that was another millennial swamp and behind THAT was the mountain of Ancient Egypt, rising serenely under its Scribes and Priests to the height of Ancient Rome and Mommy Professor.

You can see a perfect exposition of this in Asimov’s Foundation Series. As a very young man, he took it for granted that you had to have a giant bureaucracy and state run by intellectuals for anything to be CREATED. Creation, he said, came at the height of Gibbon’s Empire Phase of History, like the British Empire Gibbon lived in.

This nonsense underlies our entire world view. As I pointed out in Chapter 1, NOTHING was invented by Egypt. And it is no accident that Gibbon talked only about the Decline and Fall, not the “RISE and Fall of Rome.” He declared that Rome was a height of history that sprung up like Topsy. He had no idea how things BEGAN. He dedicated his discussion to how glorious and perfect Mommy Professor Societies could fall.