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AFKAN: General Comments

I think this are much better for us then we have given ourselves credit for.

Apparently, Geraldine Ferraro attacked Obama on the basis of RACE – and then, not willing to do the pro forma apology, announced SHE is being criticized because she is WHITE.

Yes – the used the “W” word!

Apparently, the Obama Moment just might lead to the End of an Era.

More details to follow.

“Hey! It’s ALRIGHT to be WHITE! The DEMOCRATIC Party said so!”

I suspect John McCain just poured himself a double, and thought to himself, “The thrill of victory…”

I almost missed this because AFKAN put it in General Comments, where it belongs. “General Comments” is in capitals on the right side of this page.

Commenters normal procedure has been to put more general discussion of new topics in their replies to specific pieces where they do not belong. There WAS no other place to put them.

Mderpleding just had one like that and for the first time with a commenter I asked him to put it in GC.

This is certainly not because mderpelding is the first one to do this. It has been our regular procedure for years to put more general statements into our habitual place, as a reply to specific piece. Old habits are hard to break.

But I almost missed AFKANs piece because I have ceased to look at GC. Nobody PUTS anything there. So it is hard for me to break MY old habit of LOOKING for all comments under the latest entries.

But if BUGS is going to make me dispensable, which is what I am after, you are going to have to get used to bringing in new topics yourself.

We all need to break the old habit of not using GC.


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Quiet, Please, Revolutionaries at Work

The establishment hates technology. In fact almost BY DEFINITION the establishment hates technology. Despite all the crap about the “inevitable future” technological advances are a loose grenade. An establishment likes the things they have established their power IN to remain the same.

Hence the wild screams for more bureaucrats – a la Kyoto – to put a suffocating bureaucracy in place to control things. Establishment solutions are always bureaucratic solutions because bureaucracy is something those in power can PREDICT and CONTROL.

As soon as the internet began to get out of control, demands began that it be controlled. The now usual combination of the priests of Political Correctness and “Christianity” started up, demanding that the runaway internet be regulated to control racism and pornography.

Precisely because the future is so unpredictable, it is critical that the past be remembered accurately.

I remember that it took many, many years for Hollywood to recognize TV. Actors were terrified of losing their Holly wood credentials by going on the cheapside new medium.

The internet medium is moving much faster. In the last couple of year fewer and fewer people ask “What is a blog?” Now National Review and even our local newspaper have blog repeats regularly.

All this reminds me of another part of history, the horseless carriage. It was generally agreed to be that would forever be a toy for the rich. Buggy whip making was a safe investment.

In the terms WE are interested in, I have feeling that the media will be overwhelmed in the information area the way the buggy was.

The important revolutions in our society are the quiet ones, the ones nobody sees coming and that nobody notices when they have happened. That is why I get so crabby when someone obsesses on Hillary or some other big news development. That’s the crap Joe Everybody is dedicated to.

The hype stuff is exactly what the establishment WANTS us to obsess over.



My Comment in SF Putin Thread

As far as Putin goes, everybody TALKS the Ent Position, but nobody really WALKS it.

One group here says Putin is our guy, another says he isn’t. The Ent Position is that nobody is REALLY on OUR side. Putin makes all the right people chew the rug. That makes people think he’s our guy.

Then, because all the important people are chewing the rug at him, Putin joins the outcry against Iran.

In this case, talk IS cheap. Putin will kiss Jewish backsides as a practical matter, like any other player in the PRESENT power.

But I doubt seriously he will DO anything against iran or do anything for Jews that he doesn’t get paid for.

All this is politics as usual. The only thing that surprises me is how SERIOUSLY people take a debate about whether Putin is Christ or anti-Christ.