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It is an end to an era. Everything is now race, race and more RACE.

And it appears it is alright to put out real conservative commentary again! The following piece is what Patrick J. Buchanan just kicked out.

It reads like something Sam Francis wrote years ago. I like it. In fact, I have never read a something this hard hitting by Patrick B. though I grant that I have not been reading Pat’s articles for that many years.


I think Patrick B. smells political opportunity in the coming crisis…….and so do we. He smells Conservative Revenge coming. The Anti-Racists and their Neocon buddies are bleeding in the water and the big White Sharks are circling. An experienced politico like Patrick J. Buchanan does not put out a hard hitting piece like this for no reason. Definitely not at a time like this. Something’s cooking.


I HOPE that this is what we are all thinking:

“Pat stays away from a little thing called the Mantra.”

“He still finds his fudge factor in how everything will be fine if everybody adopts good old Catholic Family Values.”

Having stated what we all should all realize, let me comment on it.

I, through Sam Francis and others, spent YEARS trying to get Buchanan to write about the breeding out of the white RACE. He was the highest paid columnist in America and then a presidential candidate who was a real threat. But each time his efforts ended in his wimping out to be religious zealot who ceased to scare anybody.

Finally, when all else failed, he wrote the book we had kept urging him to write. It broke all his records. But that book, too, ended in a whine that the white race might go away, but if everybody just adopted Good Catholic Family Values…

Yes, Pat is a brilliant man who smells blood. But he always ends up hiding in his own belly when push comes to shove.

But whether PAT makes it is not our concern. He and Obama and Ferraro and all the rest are making it clear that what I kept repeating while Stormfront slept is now too obvious for anybody but a respectable conservative to miss.

Someone put it very well:

“It is an end to an era. Everything is now race, race and more RACE.”



Simmons Exapands on Our BASIC Points

What I like about this piece is that Simmons is not going afield for newspaper examples. He is expanding on the points we make here, the kind of thinking we are dedicating that is wholly different from anybody else’s.

We need the newspaper stuff too. But there are millions doing that, thousands on Stormfront alone. hat makes US invaluable is the approach that is unique to us.

Simmons says:

They hate technology but love theology. By theology I mean the unquestioned assumptions that lie behind the rhetoric of the day. Even the AR crowd uses the “racist” word without definining it, but instead fling it around as if they caught the ball from the left.

The Mantra exposes this by actually getting the left to explain in detail what they mean instead of relying on the flippant authoritarianism that allows cult like institutions legitimacy. But shrieking is seemingly the human default mode and this plays into the game. I have surfed the likes of Stormfront and literally if it did not exist some Jews would have to invent it. Millions of posts dedicated to “muds and kikes”, none dedicated to the truly revolutionary inquiry. SF is useful, to Jews and maybe the Obama campaign, but not to white racial evolution.

SF does not need an opposing views thread it needs a Mantra thread. On this thread antis of all stripes will have an invitation to explain in great detail why they want the genocide of the white race. They will be questioned of course, but never shrieked at. I mean if they really “believe” then they should have no problem in using reason and logic why the white race should be genocided. Invites to prominent anti-whites could be extended and real inquiry can be conducted.

Now back to reality, 99.9999% of humanity cannot function beyond slogans. At AR my posts are ignored when I ask them that perhaps they should go ask these antis what they really think. Instead we get IQ studies and yet more wisdom of the obvious. Now the respectable “right” is measuring on how to break the news to its cult that “whiteness” is to be loathed since it has finally received the “truth” from mommy prof. So in respect to reality, perhaps Bob you could make your friend Don useful, have him donate 500 clams to Obama. Reason, the only candidate who will address the importance of race.


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I was in the middle of making those laws Dave is talking about, so his discussion is very familiar to me:

Dave says:

We see this so clearly in the Visa MasterCard monopoly. The abuses are so egregious that it is inevitable that they will get big time blow back in terms of Congress coming down on them.

BUT these “reforms” will be aimed at preserving the monopoly, while creating a new bureaucracy to monitor and control future egregious abuses.

BUT the central abuse, the fact the monopoly exists in the first place, will not be addressed. NOT ONLY THAT, the legal underpinnings of the monopoly will be strengthened TO PREVENT an end run made possible by XML technology.

Congress and the Federal Bureaucracy to a large extent are enemies of America in economic matters. They are an occupying force in our land. Their aim is to prevent us from winning our economic freedom.

Of course they hate technology. Technology represents the weapons that will used to bring them down.


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