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Some Points from an old Bible-Belter

I am not a good Christian in popular terms, but, as a Bible Belter, I have the common courtesy to tak people’s faith seriously.

One commenter referred to clergymen who use the Bible to justify Political Correctness, as “cop-outs.”

Let’s call it by its name. This is not a cop-out. This is blasphemy. There is POWER in plain speaking.

I do not claim to have any religious authority. Those who do have assumed, in their and their follwers’ minds, a massive responsibility. When I hammer on “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” I am expressing my own argument, nothing else. A clergyman has the right to say something is his opinion. But when he speaks for God as a representative of God, this takes on an entirely different character.

When CLERGYMEN who claim to be called by God state flatly that the latest dictuim of Political Correctness is what God wants, he is in a position I am NOT in.

If he truly believes what he says, that is one thing. But if his declaration is obviously to satfisfy the powers that be, that is straight blasphemy.

When Bob Jones IV saw that all the money men were going against the Confederate flag and joined them because he said GOD wanted it to come down, I caused a lot of protests from his followers by stating flatly that this was blasphemy, a term a Bible literalist should understand.

Jones quoted a passage from the New Testament which had been there for over a millenium and a half to justify his switch. That same passage had been there during the thirty years he supported the flag. He suddenly discovered it when he found that the money men could threaten his inherited family business.

That is not a cop-out, that is blasphemy..




I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for PJB to get the Mantra. PJB is an old man who is way behind the times.

The issue of white supremacy is concluded.

This is something only we here at BUGS know. And knowing this is what makes Robert Whitaker the leading edge intellectual of our times.

Everybody else is fighting yesterday’s war.

I have no doubt in my mind about this. I am around nonwhites personally too much to doubt it and personally received evidence is the BEST EVIDENCE.

I wish PJB knew this. He is too busy avoiding nonwhites (on a personal basis) to know anything real about race. At heart, he is a Wordist.

Nonwhites’ religious convictions are no deeper than the wholly deepest conviction that the white race is the supreme race on earth. (You have rise above Wordism to know how true this is. You have to be personally involved with nonwhites to know how true this is.)

The only race that is not convinced of this is the white race and that portion of the white race enrolled in Storm Front is the portion of our race that is convinced the least.

AND therein lies the problem. The problem is with we whites and our blindness.

PJB is not going to jettison his Catholic values in the same way SF’ers are not going to jettison their resentment and fears. Rest assured, he will die with his Catholic values (and Wordist convictions) intact. That leaves no room for his ascertaining the Mantra.




Bob, I recall that you made us aware of PJB’s religious leanings long ago. And how this undermined him being effective for us. I just wanted to make everyone aware of the article.

ME: It’s not PJB CATHOLIC religion that is the point. Evangelicals end up with the swame “religious” cop-out. I am sure you understand that the basic point is the blasphemy PJB and others use to cop out on race.

Back to Tim:

Now he just needs the Mantra. And until we see the Mantra in his articles, We cannot count on him. But I am going to keep one eye on Buchanan. I have a feeling about this one. PBJ is older and has made his money. He has nothing to prove to anyone. Everyone already thinks he’s a racist. I think he may let the Mantra fly. Time will tell. He could give a Mantra Speech and be ushered into office Mussolini style. I am not counting on it. But stranger things have happened.

“Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America.

Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.”

Quotes like the above give me pause. That is a Bus Ride quote. That is new for the mainstream conservatives.



We need to stop grousing about things and look for the real signs.

No more “shriek and retreat.”

Back to Tim:

Remember Bob, you are on a bus with me. Patrick B is on this bus as well. Things change on this bus. And things can change very quickly. I have never seen religion play a role on a multiracial bus ride. And I am an authority on bus rides in the “hood”. On this bus, there is only one issue…. RACE. Not Jesus. Not Catholicism. RACE. Not to mention this latest Obama flareup was started by a Preacher. Remember Bob, only White Churches are Anti-Racists.

Many Whites in charge (and their kids) have had the luxury of dodging the Bus Ride. Not anymore. And they are FINALLY realizing it. Since the Immigration Issue all the Respectables have tried to change the subject. It has become impossible now.

I don’t care if Obama adopts white children. The White Cat is out of the bag. Seems like everything is moving right along. At the rate this is going, Sam Francis will look like a moderate in a few years. And the Liberals I am talking with everyday are starting to be the most radical. Didn’t Liberals elect Hitler? LOL.


To confirm your LOL point, the Left actually DID elect Hitler. In 1933 Nazis and Communists combined held a majority of the Reichstag, One or the other had to be made a part of the government, and both made it clear that they would take over.