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Richard and ShakaZulu

Before making his excellent observation about the power of term “military-Israeli Complex,” richard was kind enough to say this:

Bob, I was reading your Stormfront thread aimed at ’shakazulu’. Although I think you demean yourself by trying to ‘debate’ with the likes of him, I’m glad you did, because you produced a little gem of a phrase –
“The Military-Israeli Complex”.

Richard, My latest entry in the “debate” with ShakaZulu may explain why I engage in what seems to be an argument with HIM:

Shaka, I do not actually debate with programmed anti-whites. What I say is to emphasize how programmed you are. You want to shift it all onto whites are responsible and how I am insulting the white race, like you give a damn.

The Cultists will nod their heads, but those whose minds are open will see how you twist and you turn but you are always trying to sell one thing. I am aiming at them.

I am called prejudiced because I lived in Africa, was raised in rural South Carolina, and have lived around worked with real blacks from laborers on our brick plant to Senior Executive Service in DC, not to mention squatting against the walls in kraals in Africa.

I know who Shaka Zulu was, from Bulawayo to Natal, because I heard it from BLACKS. He was a warrior, not Mommy Professor’s Good Little Boy like you.

ShakaZulu didn’t want to get white women. He wanted to KILL whites and get them off the land he claimed. I respect an outright enemy like that. I don’t respect black white supremacists in Mommy Professors Cult.

Note I said the land he CLAIMED. Zulus were wiping out the NATIVE population of South Africa, relatives of today’s Hottentots. Zulus were taking their land from t hem and they were NOT providing gambling casinos and reservations. Zulus were Congoids, driving the Capoids before them.

Cape Colored are descendants of Capoids who got a heavy intermixture of white blood from Dutch men. They REALLY hate Congoids. I could tell you some stories about what I heard from THEM. The Boers came north just as the Zulus were conquering southward. The only reason Capoids survived at all was because the Boere stopped the Congoids.

Afrikaners are the only group who ever SAVED another race.

I know all this, so I am ignorant and prejudiced.

Only a suburban white is not PREjudiced. His judgment comes from Mommy Professor, and is therefore objective. A Cultist does not question his Pope.

Your white blood comes from the male side. Of course.

I remember a guy here in SC was about to talk about his family history. I said, “You’re Scots-Irish with some Indian blood, right?”

He was astonished. He said, “That’s right! How did you know?”

I replied, rather tiredly, “Everybody says that.” The people around us laughed, and he remained puzzled.

That is the line ALL young white suburbanites here follow. Every one of them thinks he thought of it, just as you think you cultists are really convinced that you are being original.

Of course your white blood came from the male side. It is a matter of instinct. Men don’t much are if other men plant their seeds in another race. There is an endless supply of sperm.

What you are desperate for is the reverse. You want black men with white WOMEN. Next best is for white men to MARRY white black women. This is the battle cry of your Cult. It decreases the white population, which is exactly what all the old “hypocrisy” of white men being allowed to seed black and Indian women was all about.

Racially conscious white people would complain about white men screwing non-white women, but it didn’t really MATTER.

Everything I address to you is lesson in simple reality. You give me the opportunity to say what people, if they think about it, already know.

I do not expect you to get or even to READ it. You give me the chance to bring it to what is called “the level of theoretical awareness.”


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Speaking of the Israeli-Movie complex I watched “Legend” last night. All in all I would say it is a decent movie updated in PC fashion by the use of a black actor to play the starring role. One thing I noticed that in their “raceless” world the producers did not include any race mixing like they did for Heston. What does this mean to the BUGs crew? Only that Bob is our Omega man, in a world of 7 billion basic non-entities going about their banal existences there is the last free white man leading a small group out of the wordist deathtrap.

Where white racial consciousness is kept around so that hundreds of millions of cubicle sitting whites can be terrorized like the whites were on “Planet of the Apes”, by the meaningless yet somehow powerful phrase “racist.” Yesterday I wrote what probably seemed a head scratcher to anyone here. If wordism is so correct, so powerful and white racial consciousness so bad and so illogical that it would be easy and moral for the priests to concoct a ceremony where whites renounce their “whiteness” like its a baptism or something. Fat chance of that happening though, because who would benefit from that?

Speaking of the last white man, Potato Head McCain is due for a white lashing from the Dark Lord of Equality Obama. Potato Head will be desperate to deflect the race card so I bet that the lash will fall heavy on whites. Most will grovel, but a few will head our way.

I like these shrewd observations of the ONGOING scene. Notice that in each paragraph Simmons is keeping a cold, hard eye on what he says from OUR BUGS point of view, not wandering off onto pet peeves.

The original “Men in Black” movie started with there white guy welcoming o\illegal aliens into the US. He was the Greatest Generation type, he dealt with REAL aliens, ETs, and he waived all US laws.

More important, the original Men in Black had a white girl telling Will Smith what beautiful eyes he had and ending up as his new assistant. Obviously the sequel was being set up for interracial romance.

BY the time of the sequel, the white girl dropped out and Smith fell in love with a black girl. No mention of US immigration laws.

The best acting you will ever see is Vincent Price in the original, low-budget version of Legend, “the Last Man on Earth


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