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Z on Odinism

Posted by Bob on March 31st, 2008 under General

Another thing about Odinism.
Have any of you ever noticed that they never run anything on the history channel about Odinism? Not that the HC is a good source of information, but you would think this could be of some interest to people?
Maybe it’s too dangerous to introduce white people to their heritage?


Vanishingly few people can tell you the origin of four of the most-used words in the English language, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When Wagner’s Niebelungenlied begins, Odin announces that “I gave an eye for love of Freya.” This is pure Romantic Era crap, but it no more inaccurate than the accepted history version of why Odin was the one-eyed god who hung on Yggsdradil and lost an eye in torture.
Like all Indo-European languages, Old Norse had a word for “knowledge” and a word for “wisdom.” In NO OTHER religion does anyone seek KNOWLEDGE, that is, to know more data. All the sources are very specific about this: Odin gave an eye to KNOW more Information, for KNOWLEDGE, not for some Wisdom he could sit on his butt and impress the students with.
Odinism reflects the Nordic genes it comes from. Accepted history, when it mentions this at all, always uses the word Wisdom. Western science is rooted in the Nordic mentality of Odinism, not in Middle Eastern Culture.
If you want to know the dog poo the Greatest Generation built Political Correctness out of, read the first volume of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. He simply writes down what everybody accepted in the 1950s.
The Galactic Empire was about to fall, and only with an Empire could there be knowledge and fundamental advances. So Asimov’s heroes set out to build a New Empire where civilization would return. Until they did all would be darkness.
The history on which Political Correctness is built says that everything was created by Egypt, taught to Greece, then transmitted to the Romans from Greece, and then all fell into darkness with the Fall of Rome. Only the Moslems and the monasteries held this knowledge while the West wallowed in the stagnant darkness of Shaggy Barbarians.
Then came the renaissance, and this Knowledge was rediscovered. Nothing the West did had anything to do with Western GENES. It was all a matter of us Shaggy Barbarians rediscovering the Common Heritage of Mankind.
Historians are not about to put things in the plain English that I do. As with the Mantra, just putting what they say in plain English makes them look like the fools they are. But books of fiction have to put things just that plainly to go on and tell the story.
You will find the idea that only monasteries preserved the Common Heritage of Mankind in another science fiction book, “A Canticle for Leibowitz.”
It is vital to Political Correctness that the truth about Odinism not be discussed.

  1. #1 by Z on 03/31/2008 - 9:41 am

    I was watching O’Riely one day where he had a guest talking about White prison “gangs.” The “expert” said that many of the “gang” members were Odinists.

    O’Reily made some ignorant remark like “these gang members believe in Odin or something stupid like that?”

    I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote but it was very offensive? Now if you ask a left winger, she would tell you that Muslims are the most persecuted religion in America.

    But do you think you’d ever hear a hack like O’Riely call Islam STUPID???

    I think we all know the answer……

  2. #2 by shari on 03/31/2008 - 3:16 pm

    Tuesday is named for the god of war. Wednesday is Wodan’s day {Odin’s day}. Thursday, Thor’s day. Friday, Freya’s day. I read some norse mythology eons ago in a book aimed at children, or young readers, but like most things that seem to have no more importance or relevance it’s forgotten. Looks like knowledge of old myths will also help white people regain their faith and sense of who they are.

  3. #3 by Z on 03/31/2008 - 4:42 pm

    The history channel hates Germans. I was watching some show about the plagues. They mentioned how people across Europe were “blaming Jews” for poisoning the wells. They “reenacted” a scene which showed people speaking English with German accents killing Jews. They made them sound real evil-like. The purpose was to make the Germans seem like the most evil people ever.

    They also do this during “Barbarian Week” on the HC. They have shows about the Goths, Vandals, and Lombard’s which make the Germanic tribes out to be the white-trash of the classical period.

    Of course, then they’ll show the “very advanced” African Zulu’s or Bedouins, and talk about how “complicated” their social structures are.

  4. #4 by Pain on 03/31/2008 - 5:34 pm

    Of course the History Channel hates the Germans; they stopped the Jewish would-be World Revolution! Next down are Anglo-Saxons, because we already ruled the world the Jews were sure they wanted.

    “Odinism” bears no resemblance to the paganism of our forefathers. Neither does Asatru. The paganism of our forefathers was all about sacrificing the self to your tribe, like Tue (Tyr) with the Wolf and Woden (Odinn) on the tree. But modern Odinism and Asatru are all about worshipping yourself, which is as Jewish as it gets.

    Remember, modern Odinism teaches that the “gods” aren’t real; they are just little pieces of yourself. So if you worship a god, you are just worshipping you. In other words, modern Odinism teaches something it knows does not exist — a lie — and it teaches you to worship yourself as a god — a fraud. Lies, fraud…



    The Norse loved wisdom. That’s what Havamal (High’s Speech) is all about — wisdom. They distinguished between knowledge and wisdom. I read Old Norse very well. There are very specific words for each, and in the myths you are referring to, knowledge is not one of them. Woden gave his eye for wisdom, not knowledge. He sacrificed himself on the tree for runes — for mysteries — not knowledge. Woden already had all the knowledge he needed, because as Sanngetall, he was the Begetter of Reality.

    The Orient lacks a word for our wisdom. Instead of the wisdom of the wiseman, they have the sagacity of the sage. The sage is not wise. He is whatever he says he is, because he is the sage. He holds no authority, he holds power.

    The sage is the modern sheriff of the Orient. He pulls you over not so much for what you may have been doing, but because he can. And he will tell you that. Claim innocence however politely and meet his wrath.

    Likewise, the sage is no wise man.

    The reason is that the Orient mixes up authority with power and thus right with wrong. Wisdom is the perception (wit) of your intelligence. But Oriental sagacity is the monopoly of the officially recognized, approved — and well-paid — sage. You cannot be a sage until a sage says you are a sage — no matter how smart, wise, or useful you may be.

    A good translation of Confucius or any other Oriental talker uses “sage”, not “wise man.”


    Now back to Odinism. Our forefathers’ ancient paganism had two defining traits: total chaos and pure selflessness. The chaos, I believe was the fruit of two thousand years of Roman manipulation. But their selflessness was what kept them together through all that.

    Both traits led to a smooth conversion to Christianity. Earlier, the chaos meant there was constant, malicious bloodshed threatening our racial existence — exactly as Rome intended (divide et regula). The selflessness meant the Germanic peoples knew there was something more than themselves and that they had the self-discipline to keep together once they found it.

    The Volsunga Saga characterizes these traits of chaos and selflessness in great depth and detail. It was written before the coming of the white Christ and was updated in the Niebelungenlied thereafter. Our forefathers needed freedom from the chaos and bloodhsed. They understood their paganism as being part of the darkest evil the world could sink to. The story ends with the greatest of heroes having their hearts ripped out when still alive whiles the greatest hero of all, he who slew the dragon, betrays his oath to his true love, the nearly divine war-angel! This would-be savior then dies in shame, having lost everything. This was the great, lone epic that swept the north on the eve of Christ’s coming to the wild forests and heath.

    So then, our Germanic forefathers also had the self-disclipine to recognize the way out of hell when it came and had the necessary selfless loyalty to pull together as a race and choose the right way.

    This choice immediately led to the greatest expansion of our Germanic forefathers in all our history. Europe became theirs and then the world was ours.

  5. #5 by shari on 03/31/2008 - 6:52 pm

    Pain, What you have said reminds me of this statement, “the greatest joy spoils laughing.”

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