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Excellent Point, Simmons!

Posted by Bob on April 20th, 2008 under General

I always took the tack of asking them, “explain in exact detail what you mean.” That is because every devotee or cult member is more or less an idiot, and this includes the PhDs, and most mass cults cannot go into “exact detail”, even the wacky black that Jews are reduced to speaking in tongues only amongst themselves never mind the high priests of PC and their jive.
Bob I think you are using the standard talk back to each other method of debate in which you want to exert dominance over the individual. Myself I want the fool opposing me to hate himself when all is said and done, and that is accomplished by severe mental anxiety caused by having them trying to explain their belief that they cannot explain.

I’m an interrogator. One of my opening questions is, “What is racism?”

— Simmons

Pain would understand: This made my morning!

I am obsessive. Your comments are the first thing I look for. This is from somebody who is obviously not just theorizing, he is out there fighting the fight. That last line is priceless to ME!

There was a reason I did what Simmons disapproves of in this case.

In this case, I even left out one thing I always INSIST on, “anti-WHITE,” in order to make ONE point at ONE time. Then Simmons comes in and makes damned sure I remember what the general strategy is.

Actually, I do not use the “What exactly are YOU talking about?” strategy as much as Simmons does. He is out there slamming away at that one. His actions cannot be overpraised.

There are so damned many holes in this Big Lie that you have to LEARN, as a LAB COURSE, which one is best for YOU. That means you have to get out there and DO it. The anti-white thread is a great place for that, but I have a feeling Simmons is hitting them everywhere he MAKES a shot at it.

I made **A** point. Z notes that I made that point very well.

Simmons reminds us of THE point.

Couldn’t be better.

Thanks! My coffee tastes GOOD this morning.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 04/20/2008 - 8:24 pm

    I meant “black hat” jews in my post, sorry for my editing mistake. Most people are of the mindset that they want to be positive and do something that matters, which in itself is good and all, I on the other hand will readily admit that I am the devil. I live for that moment when I see the other person go into physical convultions over stress that I induce (but only if they deserve it such as genociders).

    Back to the Mantra, on that I was slow to realize that what I was reading was in general my way of subterfuge. Yes I’m working on the respectables, demanding that they please define what “racism” is even if they have to admit that they have spent decades being useless at best.

  2. #2 by Tim on 04/22/2008 - 2:02 pm

    I do this as well. I keep asking them to “define racism” for me. But I add one other line. I say “please define racism and tell me why this racism only exists in White Children’s countries and only White Children’s schools and homes?”

    They do not like that. Oh, they do not like it. I just keep asking them. Pointing out that the UN’s committee on racism makes 99% of it’s rulings against White Children’s countries (I need to get the actual number). They turn red.

    I just nearly got into a fight with a priest over this. I kept on asking over and over again. He kept saying Mexico etc etc is poor. I kept on getting him back to square one with my famous….”this is NOT a Mexican problem –no one is flooding Mexico with non-Mexicans and giving them affirmative action, special rights and privileges, free health care and forced integration. Only White countries, White leaders and White priests are doing this”. Then I get right back on track and demand him to define racism and tell me why this racism only exists in White Children’s countries, homes, and schools.

    Catholics in the room were speechless and shocked. I just kept asking and demanded to know. Throwing in Bob’s mantra and using the big G word (genocide) along the way.

    I did not win friends in a room full of Catholics. But apparently I had a few admirers.

    Simmons, I find using the “White Children” insert instead of White folks or White people gets more attention. It is the equivalent of upgrading your nuclear arsenal. And no one can defend hurting children. The SoCon’s (so-called conservatives) like to dance around the immigration issue. They get uncomfortable. I make it my business to make them uncomfortable. I go for the jugular like all other BUGS readers and I never let go.

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