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Another Hopefully Useful Repeat

Someone on Stormfront repeated the old line, “Why would somebody spent millions to get a 400,000 a year job?”

So I intrtroduced them to reality again:

I worked on Capitol Hill for a number of years and I never knew a congressman, outside of those who went straight to prison, who did not at least double his income when he left congress. One of my old buddies was congressman with a safe seat but he had to quit because he couldn’t afford it.

When Richard Nixon lost the presidential election of 1960 he took a job with a legal firm in California that paid 930,000 1960 dollars a year, versus the presidential pay of 150,000, but he deeply regretted losing.

I sat with a guy who was making over 500,000 1981 dollars in a bar in DC and he was literally CRYING because he couldn’t get a presidential appointment to a job paying under 100,000.

Some people want money. Others, especially people WITH money, want POWER. I was a recognized and PAID expert on power. If you could just buy power, I would be a LOT richer than I am.

The jobs I held in DC would have paid five to ten times as much in the private sector, but that is strictly theoretical. Anybody who can dedicate the one life he gets on this planet to selling farbric softener DESERVES ten times the money. I could never have done it.

You go to New York or California for money. In DC, the name of the game is power.

And no, you can’t just buy power. Power is a different game altogether.

It’s sort of like what Marilyn Monroe said in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” to the father of a rich guy she wanted to marry: “A woman shouldn’t marry a man just because he’s rich any more than a man should marry a woman for her looks. But, my goodness, it HELPS!”

Almost everybody who gets elected or appointed could get a lot more money doing something else. But if you spend your life in the power game, you find that they are very different. Bill Gates did not marry the most beautiful girl in the world or the richest.

Different goals mean entirely different methods.



The BUGS Team

I have to do a hell of a balancing act here. But like everything I try to do, once you really understand it there is nothing complicated about it. My aim is to get you to use my way of thinking in addition to your own independent thinking. As Shari points out, the reason this seems odd today is because all of us have been “educated” in a way that makes this seem mysterious.

Real intellectuals, back when the seminar was actually a seminar and a Moot was actually a Moot would wonder what my problem is.

AFKAN has ridden this tide very nicely. He has come in under various names with his own message to use BUGS simply as another place to put it. AFKAN was used to people simply refusing to let him have his say, so he persisted. In the cases where a group will simply not listen to us, we are more than accustomed to going on and giving it up.

But AFKAN kept after us because he could tell BUGS was not just tuning him out. AFKAN has my admiration because we are not SEEKING just anybody. Someone who knows how to keep at it IN THE RIGHT WAY is what we are looking for. There are far too many who try and then give up because “Bob is being mean to me,” though of course they don’t put it that way.

I am particularly proud that my talent search found Shari. Shari often seems to be doing the opposite of AFKAN. She explains what I am saying, so it seems as if she is just repeating what we are saying.

Don’t be fooled. My big talent is that things jump out at me that others don’t even notice. The only reason Shari SOMETIMES seems to be repeating what we say here is that what she says fits so seamlessly into the theme. She continues the line of argument, applies it to different cases, and I learn a hell of a lot from a short statement by her.

Shari goes on with the line and I find that, when she does that, there is more to say.

My brag is that damned few people would appreciate both Shari AND AFKAN. I had to stop AFKAN, in his previous incarnations from walking over us and Shari from apologizing for being brilliant.

I was very, very “mean” to BOTH of them.

Those who can’t stand the heat should go to a cooler place than the BUGS kitchen.

We are a seminar. More important, we are a TEAM. That is one reason I am very careful about people who come here for their own message. Every one of us is EXPECTED to have his own message.

This is not a church, this is a seminar. The only party line is how to save our RACE. If that is not your aim, then you simply belong in one the hundreds of thousands of other sites in the Internet.

Unlike the usual church today, there the Party Line ENDETH. There is not a church on earth that ENDETH this way. You BEGIN with a faith in Jesus, for example, but that has to lead on to obedience to the Pope or an opposition to evolution or a dedication to the State of Israel or to Social Progress or Family Values.

BUGS is vitally important to me because I think I have major contributions to make to saving our race and straight thinking. My LIFE has been devoted to that. Please note that this is PERSONAL to me.

So when you drift off into statements you would have made had I never been born, it hurts me PERSONALLY. That’s what Stormfront is for.

I feel vindicated when you can tell from a comment that it fits HERE.

I know I have said this sort of things many times and I will say them again, because it happens to be my life’s work.


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Shari in General Comments

So much of what is called education, and those who present themselves as educated, is really disgusting mumbo-jumbo.

I hadn’t realized just how bad it is, since I’m not part of that.

I received this forward. “For those wanting to make a contribution in J’s memory, a student scholarship or award fund is being established in the College of Arts and Sciences, focused on J’s major department of Cognitive Science.

Although the exact nature of the fund is still being determined, it is designed to support scholarship inline with one of J’s central intellectual interests and passions: developing the intersection of sociologcal perspectives and

principals with inquiry in cognitive science, or possibly in cognitive musicology. This poor kid was only 25. It just makes me sick.

— Shari


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AFKAN — Brave Men are USED


AFKAN did it right. Genral Commnets is where you should put something new for the main page.


A theme often returned to here is the moral cowardice of brave men, esp., those of the Greatest Mssturbation. Well, it is alive and well today. The following is from the blog at antiwar.

I Lied and I’m a Coward

I’m not a big fan of the New York Times, but today’s front-page investigative report on the Pentagon’s managing of the news is absolutely first-rate. One of the Pentagon officials, Torie Clarke, the Pentagon’s main propagandist, said her goal had been to achieve “information dominance.” In other words, she wanted the Pentagon’s message to get out and crowd out the independent information from others. To do this, the Pentagon recruited retired military officers and fed them select information that was often at odds with reality. Wow! I’m already sounding like a spin doctor. What I mean in the earlier sentence is that the Pentagon lied.

The payoff for many of these retired officers was that various “defense” contractors for whom they worked got a better shot at military contracts. [Why “defense” in quotation marks? Because most of what the Department of Defense does has nothing to do with defense: it’s offense, much of which makes us less safe.]

Interestingly, some of the retired military knew they were being lied to and passed the information on as truth nevertheless. In other words, they lied. One, General Paul E. Vallely, a FOX News analyst from 2001 to 2007, stated,

““I saw immediately in 2003 that things were going south [in Iraq.]” But on his return, Vallely told FOX’s Alan Colmes, “You can’t believe the progress,” and predicted that the number of insurgents would be “down to a few numbers” within months. Of course, it wasn’t. And it turned out that Vallely didn’t “believe the progress.”

How did they rationalize their lying? Take Timur J. Eads. Please. Eads is “a retired Army lieutenant colonel and Fox analyst who is vice president of government relations for Blackbird Technologies, a fast-growing military contractor.” Eads said he had withheld the truth on television for fear that a four-star general would call and say, “Kill that contract.” I’ve heard of people running from battle because they might be literally killed. And I’m sympathetic. But lying because the consequence of telling the truth is that your employer might lose business and you might get fired? Wowee. Pretty scary.
The whole article is well worth your time.

It confirms Bob’s thesis. These liars probably are bedecked with deserved medals for valor, but they have not the guts to stand up to authority or money. Some things never change.



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Simmons — In Action

I meant “black hat” Jews in my post, sorry for my editing mistake. Most people are of the mindset that they want to be positive and do something that matters, which in itself is good and all, I on the other hand will readily admit that I am the devil. I live for that moment when I see the other person go into physical convultions over stress that I induce (but only if they deserve it such as genociders).

Back to the Mantra, on that I was slow to realize that what I was reading was in general my way of subterfuge. Yes I’m working on the respectables, demanding that they please define what “racism” is even if they have to admit that they have spent decades being useless at best.

— Simmons


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