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Posted by Bob on April 25th, 2008 under General

I get bored when someone starts bitching about the word “black.” That was one point on which me and the black militants were on the same page.

Tolerate this old guy while he gives a quick soliloquy on language:

The Episcopal, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches each claim to be episcopal, meaning rued by bishops; all three claim to represent orthodoxy; and all three claim to be catholic, meaning universal.

Religious discussion would be a real pain in the donkey if I had to say, “Episcopal, but I don’t mean that Catholics and Orthodox are not episcopal too,” or “Catholic, but I don’t mean to imply that Orthodox and Episcopalians are not universalist , too.” It would bore you to death!

Likewise, I get bored when “black” gets all this nit-picking criticism. No, it does not refer to people who are pure black. It refers to people who have black blood and, when push comes to shove, these people identify with blacks. That reflects the actual situation in our actual world, which is what language is USED to do.

Black is easily pronounceable. It is now accepted by all but diddlers. It does not make a Spanish-speaking black baseball player into an American the way African-American does. In short the word “black” performs the function for which language EXISTS.

Leave it to the anti-whites to play with words and try to get off the subject with definitions. Black is a perfectly good word, and I use it consistently.


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