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Dave’s Take on “Utopia”

This is another of BWs gems in very important basics if you want to understand the trajectory of political semantics for a long time to come.

Millennial promises are a required form of political semantics for nonwhites. It sustains them and it is all they require. If you don’t believe that, look at Cuba for crying out loud.

And we have a future that continues to be mired in racial conflict. That is certain.

And because the semantic domain of political rhetoric must be millennial in character, as it must evoke anthem style emotions, the defining characteristic of white political rhetoric is becoming its very absence.

This is what nobody sees: WE HAVE EVOLVED. Accordingly, whites will not have any political semantics of their own whatsoever.

This is already endlessly puzzling and confounding nonwhites. They are unable to come to terms with it.

In fact, it is a defining characteristic of the current political cycle. And the least interested segment of the population is the white segment, which is logical once you understand why.

Simmons just said it in his comment on “Finishing the sentences of liberals”. Once you quit finishing those sentences, you have won the game. It’s called “being effective”.

That is our future.

And make no mistake it will be a future of heavy conflict. There will be no “perfection” there at all




You might enjoy a good laugh from this website Bob, it’s sketches of utopian futures from the past. Every single one of them is wrong by leaps and bounds.

It goes well with your points on futurologists too.


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Whites have the only society that does not aim for Perfection. That is so basic it’s hard to explain.

Oriental philosophy always aims for a final perfect society. They went straight from that to Marxism, which is the same thing. A planned economy is part of a planned society which in turn assumes that all the Intellectuals have to do is to tell us what Perfection is and plan for it.

Like children, Wordists spend all their time bitching about inequalities of income and so forth which make us less than perfect. They tell us THEY have the Solutions to “problems.” But our society is unique precisely because we do not just solve problems our Prophets of Wisdom see. The greatest things we have today came as total surprises. The fact that we were too hot in the summer was not seen as a PROBLEM. No Intellectual saw air conditioning as a solution to a problem.

All the societies that considered hunger a PROBLEM failed to foresee the solution to it in unimaginable advances in food productivity. They saw it in terms of a static, planned population and a static utopian society. Like children, they saw only what was in front of them.

Only whites show any sign of being at home in reality. We expect endless change, and we try to make things BETTER. BETTER, unlike Utopia, has no limits. But it also means no one can PLAN for Perfection. So I go for the best genes in order for white future generations to make things BETTER.

My concept of the future is what WORKS, not some IDEAL. I cannot see any end to what my approach will do. Right now Wordists are destroying everything that is good for their particular Utopias. To me those Utopias are stagnant ant colonies like the much-worshipped Ancient Egypt or the equally defunct USSR.

All I offer is white people with better genes. The glory of it is the opposite of Utopian. I have no idea what the society whites with better genes will produce will look like. If I did, I would be a Wordist offering Utopia.

In other words, I would be childish and should not be trying to Porch Talk.

I do not know what the society whites with better genes would build would will be like. I do know I would like to live in it: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is still the best maxim I can imagine.




Shari says we all want teh future to be both our genotypes AND our descendants. That is true, but we can’t always have what we want. But Shari is taking the steps that ensures she CAN have both. She has children and is fighting for our race.

Shari, the ultimate expression of having our own descendatns is the Chinese concept of ancestor worship. We do not want to degenerate into that. Ten generations from today, your genes will be about one in one thousand of those of your direct descendants. We are here influecning what the other 999 parts will be like.

I seem to detect an idea here that you and I are going to have posterity consisting entirely of US. Only an amoeba can do that. The genotype we fight for has more to do to with racial decisionsgenes than any Family Values. Those who obsess on Family Values are right now marynig their daughters to nice colored boys.


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A good many semi-respectables have done yeoman work, even the AR types with their IQ fixations. But the real work is done by those who face the cultists and peel the cult back to its core. People like Putnam and those like him did great and interesting work, but they made the mistake of trying to finish the sentences of liberals. Hence they got lost in the cult, it would have been like standing outside of Jonestown with a sign that said “We too believe in peace” or some such nonsense.

— Simons


Excellent BASIC thinking. “Finishing liberals’ sentences for them” is the best descriptionof respectable conservative I have ever read!


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Our Posterity and My Examples

Al Parker says that I outline a future “and another possible future in India of people who, besides their shared Varna, will not even be our descendants.”

A very useful basis for discussion.



I was wondering when someone was going to bring this specific example up: We need a Just-So Future in which OUR descendants are the white people. My aim is the most basic one in nature: the survival of my phenotype.

If this “Posterity” bit worked I wouldn’t be necessary.

An Indian child with its non-Aryan genes erased will be as kin to me as a Russian. Russians are not my descendants. Culturally India is rapidly westernizing, but Japan is doing it faster. We have been trained to believe that culture is all that matters. A society with our books but not our GENES will be just fine.

I say the opposite. Everybody can be culturally western, Orientals can catch up. But only whites can advance the West itself.

Al Parker, would you really put a pure Aryan child of Indians who wanted pure Aryan children in the same immigration category with brown Indians? I would rather have them than any rot-minded anti-white Whitakers from England.


You should look for what I am giving examples OF.

The problem is that, instead of taking every example I give as the Inevitable Bleak Things to Come, which is what our entire excuse for education has taught us, you should look for what I am giving examples OF.

The hole card for anti-whites Inevitability has always been Asia. They insist that the world is mostly Boasian “minorities” and therefore wildly pro-integration. So I gave the example of the weakness of that idea in Asia. Now I am told everybody is going to be an Indian.

It is terribly important for you to separate what I am giving EXAMPLES OF from the usual hard and fast Politically Correct Inevitabilities. We are ready to ride waves in a new age while they are desperately trying to jam everything into a hopelessly outdated framework.

When attacking the white race, the mantra of our enemies is, “This too shall pass.” But it never occurs to them that THEY, too will pass. And their cult will pass a lot faster than a race will disappear.

But I will not give you a Just-So FUTURE to replace THEIR Just-So Future.

POINT TWO refers to the fact that I am attacking the very Inevitables that our depressive defeatists find so overwhelming.

Their real weakness of our cult is that it has a rigid framework. EVERYTHING hits it as an unwelcome surprise. From the Internet to genetic engineering to settling the moon and space colonization to advances in ways to find out the actual truth in any area, everything militates against their rigid framework.

But only so long as WE are NOT in a rigid framework.




Bob’s blog doesn’t seem very inspiring to make people dedicate their lives to this cause.

Bob lays out a possible future of gated, prison-like communities for whites (when we once had nation-states) — and another possible future in India of people who, besides their shared varna, will not even be our descendants.

It not only fails to inspire someone who hasn’t yet become 100% dedicated, it makes one want to forget everything he’s learned here and find a nice hobby to take up. What’s the point of working for something now if change will happen naturally 50 or 100 years from now?

But I understand this is a straight-talking, no-nonsense blog so you get an answer when you ask for one and I’m grateful for that.

— Al Parker

As you say, I am not a Marxist or an integrationist. I don’t make up reality to look like our inevitable victory or to make you feel good.

As you indicate in your last grudging line, I do not tool my examples to make us seem like some Inevitable Flow of History. The essential media line today, as in all ages, is that what IS now leads to an INEVITABLE future.

THEIR future. I am saying all is in flux.

I’m a depressive myself, and if you choose to dwell on the example I gave to reach your depressive goal you will get there with or without me. Certainly that is what the current media want you to do with ALL present reality. I gave you an example I can see from my apartment window. A REAL one. A Marxist would have mad it more upbeat, but that is the kind of thinking BUGS does not engage in.

That is the sort of thinking you see on BBC documentaries. You get all but the last five minutes of interesting stuff. Then comes the last five minutes devoted tot he Politically Correct Summation. This tells how all that has been said fits into current Politically Correctness.

A dinosaurs documentary wind-up: See! look how long they lasted, but if we don’t ratify Kyoto, we can disappear, too;
2) technological history, whoever they were talking about, including Aussie Abos, are incredibly advance despite our looking upon them as “primitive, showing that a truly assimilated society can use their genius as much as it can whites.

Everywhere here can give other examples.

Your comment is very useful. For example, I have to explain something in more detail: My optimism comes from my own experience. It was awful back then because nobody would believe that the white race was going anywhere. Now the Mantra is its own explanation. The Mantra would have made people laugh back in 1960 with the Baby Boom and national origin immigration quotas. That is the milieu in which the present immigration policy was made law in 1965.

You cannot change a world people see as frozen in s\aspic. I LIVED in a world like that.

I sound immodest, but the fact is that now I have the reality coming at us and only I know what it is like. All those people in Minnesota and Iceland to whom non-whites were whites with painted faces now have their faces jammed into their Colored Brothers’ armpits. The security system you wail about is a symptom of this, not a guide to an Inevitable Future. A Norman Rockwell cover showing a brave little “Negro” girl being protected by troops is no longer all someone in Sweden likes to think of on race.

The second I give one example, you see a future of inevitable gated communities and such “Alas and Alack” crap. I see it as simply proving that there is no inevitable future. Thought Crime Laws always make it clear that the ruling group is lost. They cannot allow discussion beaus we real discussion today will NEVER lead in the direction of our Politically Correct Future as laid down in 1960.

Despite desperate efforts, the Boasian world, the world of no genetics, is DEAD. In order to preserve a rule based on Mankind Middle Eastern History, into which our present rule is hardwired, you have to suffocate all objection. That means it’s doomed.

In 1960 all over the world a PREFERENCE for the survival of white people was called Nazism everywhere but in the some parts of the South. Even a SOUTH AFRICAN wrote that, with our ten percent black population, integration was a solution for US, but not for them.

Back then the argument was that you had to have a Nazi regime to do anything about genetics. Genetics will soon be a matter of preference, and it has happened far enough after Hitler that all those shrieks are now seen as part of a profit-making industry.

Now genetics will be a matter of PREFERENCE, and the whole world, not just the South, has had a good deep lungful of what mixed children look like and how their intelligence is not equal and is not the same. We have made huge progress in that direction from a time when Carleton Putnam argued in Race and Reason that IQ was different and was suppressed by all universities to today when everybody knows it is true. Now they have to keep anybody from SAYING it, which is the last ditch.

We are in a position to influence PREFERENCE, while the media and the fundamentalists are in a coalition to stop genetic research in its tracks.

Breaking down the “all races are the same” anti-Nazi Absolute was a hell of a job, but it has been done. That was the first push to get the car rolling. If you think we are marginalized now, you should have been with us back then.

But all I see is that we are going to have to be part of the formation of the future, instead of sitting around taking bets on some Inevitable. That leads to optimism or pessimism, but so do drugs.


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As you have said before, and I won’t mince words, all history is self serving bullshit. What we envision as history today is nothing more than a collection of accumulated facts from contemporary sources coupled with some sort of self-serving metaphysical poppycock that the current crop of house intellectuals wish to con the gullible with.

I read tons of so called “histories”. Or maybe I should say “have read tons’ of histories”. In any event, what I have found is that in all cases the so-called “major events” have always been totally unexpected by their temporal contemporaries.

The “Historian” is like a Paleontologist,or a Jamaican Rastafarian. Or a Catholic Bishop.

To make an unexpected event the result of some cause that will give them power.


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