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I have a question.There are about 30 million black savages in the U.S.A. at this time. More and more enter our country every day. Our military actively recruits third worlders to serve as soldiers with the promise of citizenship for potential fighters and their kin.

What are you going to do?

Deport them?
Allow them to establish a giant Haiti with indefensible borders AKA ethnic separatism?

— mderpelding

Good question, short and to the point.

My answer, of course, is what I think may be useful rather than a Prophecy From On High. I can’t give you an exact answer because I do not know the future.

But THERE is the point I want to make. I am sitting here in front of a computer the way I sat in front of a telegraph key on a ham radio fifty years ago. Practically nothing means the same thing it did then. Then, genetics was hard and dried. Nobody could do anything about it in the short term. Population was booming. I feared a hundreds-year-long gradual integration and “assimilation.” Outside the South, no one cared about something that would take centuries.

Young people assume that that was more comfortable for me, with segregation and the South fighting on the race issue. It wasn’t, because I was worried about the survival of my race and Southerners really just wanted things put off a generation or so.

In short, I was even more alone than I am now. Separation was a solution to THEIR problem, but not to mine. Every copy of Jet Magazine had a mixed couple on the cover. Blacks wanted their white women NOW. But outside of Jet, no one talked about that goal openly.

EVERYTHING has changed. I can use the Mantra now to express dangers that were barely theoretical back then.

The point of this is that we must stop looking to the old world. Any specific solution I come up with right now will make no sense fifty years from now. Questions of genetics today have no relation to what they were then. Our genes will be what we WANT them to be. It is critical to keep reminding people that, all the bullshit aside, blond is beautiful, not black.

To keep up with whitey, many blacks try to say they want the preservation of their race, too, but it isn’t true. There is nothing about black that anyone wants to preserve. You can SAY that now and there are a hundred thousand places to say it. The giant networks and magazines that dominated all information then are gone with the wind today.

What people revered back then as “sophisticated” is laughed at routinely now. Everybody knows that the media will say.

Even the example given shows a certain nostalgic flavor. In our prisons, blacks are more and more outnumbered and terrified by Hispanics.

I am sitting here on the tenth floor looking straight at some black houses. They are about two hundred yards away. We have closed circuit TV, locked stairways, and modern devices that make that two hundred yards more impenetrable than two miles would have been some years back.

As technology changes, the world changes.

NOTHING is the same. On the apparently self-sufficient farms of the Midwest, farmers have to buy new seed every few years, sort of like the annual flu vaccine we take, because the parasites change and adapt and would destroy their crops.

I am not interested as much in the safety problem but only in the genetic long-term. But BOTH have changed completely. It is old but true. The important thing is to ask the right QUESTION. Black savages and black genes are now two different questions.

News is made by those who say, “X said this today.”

History is made by those who keep repeating,. “This basic assumption is wrong. This basic assumption is evil.”



Excellent, Hardric!

I rather enjoy an encounter with an anti-white who is impressed by his own intellectual acumen.

“You’re an intelligent person and you fall for that crap? You’re not serious, are you? You’re just pulling my leg. A 12-year old of average intelligence can see through that.”

— Hardric

This is what is needed to deal with the Big Lie: a SHORT, CUTTING truth that destroys the absolute self-confidence which is the only support for a Big Lie.

PLEASE keep up the good work!




I get bored when someone starts bitching about the word “black.” That was one point on which me and the black militants were on the same page.

Tolerate this old guy while he gives a quick soliloquy on language:

The Episcopal, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches each claim to be episcopal, meaning rued by bishops; all three claim to represent orthodoxy; and all three claim to be catholic, meaning universal.

Religious discussion would be a real pain in the donkey if I had to say, “Episcopal, but I don’t mean that Catholics and Orthodox are not episcopal too,” or “Catholic, but I don’t mean to imply that Orthodox and Episcopalians are not universalist , too.” It would bore you to death!

Likewise, I get bored when “black” gets all this nit-picking criticism. No, it does not refer to people who are pure black. It refers to people who have black blood and, when push comes to shove, these people identify with blacks. That reflects the actual situation in our actual world, which is what language is USED to do.

Black is easily pronounceable. It is now accepted by all but diddlers. It does not make a Spanish-speaking black baseball player into an American the way African-American does. In short the word “black” performs the function for which language EXISTS.

Leave it to the anti-whites to play with words and try to get off the subject with definitions. Black is a perfectly good word, and I use it consistently.


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Porch Talk, Dave and Dwayne

I discussed Sanator Sam, Dave describes Dwayne. Dave’s piece is more entertaining and is original:


What children see, that most adults forget, is the ridiculousness of adult narcissism.

I remember my 8-year-old school mate Dwayne, who was uncommonly ugly and had a tendency to slobber (even though we all liked him): He like to say this about his ugliness, “When you are born ugly, you are going to be ugly the rest of your life so you might as well get used to it.”

Adults have a REAL HARD TIME with that one. Accordingly, we know where liberalism comes from.

The last time we had a real leftie in the Governor’s chair in the State of Washington was Mike Lowry, a former US Congressman, who represented the district that included the University of Washington in Seattle.

Like Dwayne, Mike Lowry is uncommonly ugly. It is a marvel how somebody so ugly could actually get elected to Congress, but when you are running from a university district, go figure.

As Governor, his department heads were so ugly, all died-in-the-wool lefties, that I could only look at them by peeking through my fingers.

No wonder these lefties are so deeply into the “we are all equal” mantra. You have to hang your hat on something.

Later, the Governor disappointed his constituents by paying out $90K (out of his own pocket) to settle a sexual harassment claim (copping feels) by one of his female aids. That ended his political career, but it was all so very logical.

Dwayne never had any such problems. He was into self-acceptance and realism at a very early age. Today, he is a died-in-the-wool right-winger, with a stash of gold, a pickup truck, a mean dog, a Browning 1911, and an ugly wife and an ugly kid.

Like I said, we always liked Dwayne.


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Mr. Whitaker,
I’m trying my damnedest, but cannot find where you said that when someone told you they “weren’t a “racist”(?), your response would be telling them you wouldn’t brag to be a “traitor/coward”.
(Your bounced back as well).
Odd request, perhaps, but sorry for the bother, and I thank you for your time!

“Anti-Racist” IS anti-White!!!


I mention you on my page today…

— 131488WOLF131488

I have said that at least twenty times in the OV section.

The point here is not that you are criticizing me unjustly. I would rather that this ground be covered a hundred times than that my thin skin be pierced. This is a critical point, and my skin is not noticably thin.

In fact, you reminded me of something. A couple of years ago anti-whites in SF OV would constantly say that they couldn’t be anti-white because they were white.

I haven’t seen that “I can’t be anti-white because I’m white”line in YEARS, and if you hadn’t said this I wouldn’t have noticed. This is a direct result of repeating he Mantra at least two hundred times. Prometheus slams away at it as constantly as I do.

WE didn’t even notice this until you highlighted it. Your comment causes me to congratulatee Prometheus and me on what we have done.


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News Versus History

News is made by those who say, “X said this today.”

History is made by those who keep repeating,. “This basic assumption is wrong. This basic assumption is evil.”


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Senator Sam

A lot of people have objected to my pretending to be a hick. By age sixteen I had reached a level of sophistication where I DESPISED self-styled “intellectuals” with the same vehemence that they despised “hicks.”

In the case of nut cases like me and Senator Samuel Ervin of North Carolina, claiming to be “hicks” is pure egomania.

I am a “hick” in the sense that I can tell when something is simply SILLY. “Intellectuals” talk pure crap. Respectable conservatives answer this pure crap as if it were Serious Thought. By the time one gets through debating this crap as if it were real logic one has entered into their delusions. Entering into the delusions of a crazy person is one of the things one is taught to avoid in dealing with the mentally ill.

Senator Sam .acted like he was representing the hicks. “Intellectuals” thought he was laughing at the “hicks,” the way the Kennedys were laughing at the Boston Southies who supported them slavishly.

It never occurred to the “intellectuals” that Senator Sam was laughing at THEM.

One brag I have made here is that I was an Honorary Boston Southie, that West Virginia coal miners said that “Whitaker speaks for us.”

Hence my Proud Hickdom. That is what I read into Jesus’s words about the Scribes and the Pharisees. He said that Evil with a PhD is Doctor Evil.

Senator Sam was not Jesus. I am not Jesus. For us, this attitude is unapologetic egomania.

In Washington, it was easy. I put on my deepest Southern accent, like Senator Sam Ervin with his “I’m just a country lawyer from North Carolina.” People who knew that Senator Sam was a MAGNA Cum Laude graduate of the Harvard Law School found his claiming to be a hick DISGUSTING.

Senator Sam never deviated from that hick image because it WORKED. He (and I) found that Yankees in Washington, DC are absolutely INCURABLE. They are suffering from a form of hypnosis. No matter how many times they told themselves, “Senator Ervin is a brilliant man, he is a DANGEROUS man.” they still fell under the spell of their entire life training about Southern accents.

No one without a Southern “accent” (WE don’t HAVE an accent, YOU do) can get away with asking basic questions, over and over. But we Southerners are considered to be children. We can ask and ask and ask, demanding an answer the way a child does.

That made it hilarious for me to watch Senator Sam in action. You really have to be able to talk your ass off to make a career criminal seem like a victim of circumstances. Only Senator Sam could get away with repeating, “But isn’t this guy just an evil person?”

To a Kennedy, the idea that someone is just “a bad person” is unthinking, judgmental, uncompassionate, anti-intellectual and so forth.

But even a Kennedy has to deal with the children. You have to answer the children who simply won’t shut up.

I don’t know how may of you have had the ego-deflating experience of trying to answer the insistent questions of a small child. You have a choice. You can 1) decide that the kid really is too young to understand the High Sophistication of what you are saying or 2) You can rethink what you are saying to the extent that some of it just doesn’t make sense.

What protects Political Correctness is that no one has the guts to be seen as a child. Senator Sam enjoyed the game. I think I am so much smarter than self-styled “intellectuals’ that I would be embarrassed at being accused of competing with them.




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