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Prometheus in General Comments on Temporal Provincialism

Just wanted to share a thought that popped in my head late one night.

Anti-whites hate discrimination for whatever reason, but there is one kind of discrimination they engage in, and it discriminates against most people that ever lived in this planet.

TIME discrimination. They often say, “This is 2008, not the 1950’s” or “This is the 21st century, not the 19th”. “We don’t hold that backwards, racists beliefs anymore”

What they are saying, is that prior to this year, or these past few decades, everyone was a racist bigot and everyone held views which are today contemptible.

Talk about disparaging most of the humans who ever lived.

Maybe is a silly though, but say something negative about blacks living in violent ghetto and get your head bitten off.

Say that ever human that existed before you held fundamentally wrong and horrid beliefs, and its all