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Posted by Bob on May 21st, 2008 under General

It is taken for granted today that for youth in the entire third world (Japan included) the most important marker for prestige, status, and opportunity is the ability to speak English.

Our MSM media ignores this phenomenon entirely.

For example, the crush of African youth from French Africa wanting into Gambia for access to English speaking Africans is so overwhelming, Gambia must strictly control access from the surrounding countries, for without the ability to speak English, the only emigration opportunity for African young people is France with its high unemployment, or Spain with its impossibility of work visas.

In India, the ability to speak English is the major class marker as it is for the Chinese (who have as difficult a time of getting proximity to English speaking people as young people in French Africa).

But my point is the unmistakable and ever increasing desperation of third world youth who will do anything to get proximity to white people and their languages. They see it both as a matter of survival and class distinction.

We are now entering a phase where nonwhites are defending their proximity to white people violently as exemplified in the anti-immigration riots (against refugees from Zimbabwe) occurring in South Africa. (Of course, nonwhite South Africans don’t perceive it as that owing to the reality of their racial segregation, but that is what is really occurring if you look at it from an economic dependence perspective.)

Meanwhile, the affluent classes throughout Asia will do anything to look more Caucasian and Black Africans will do anything to acquire mulatto children, a mark of high prestige throughout Black Africa.

Want to make money? Market an effective skin lightener in Asia. Your fortune will be assured.

None of this, not one wit of it, is reported honestly in our MSM.

It is just absurd. It really is. Meanwhile, most white Americans know none of this. They are completely ignorant.

  1. #1 by DeepfriedElvis on 12/01/2009 - 8:17 pm

    Yet according to liberals, Americans should all forget English and start speaking mexican(err ahh Spanish) a language that is useless in most of the world.

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