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BUGS: The Future is Our Business

A commenter mentioned in passing modesty, “I am not a futurologist.” Well, those of you who have read my stuff carefully may have noticed that I have just a little tendency TO look down on “experts.” My immediate reaction was to say that, precisely because of this lack of qualifications, the commenter wouldn’t make the dumbass mistakes futurology is famous for.

But since then I have deeply impressed by the discussion about the future between our commenters. The joy of a good professor’s life is to get things to the point where the discussion rolls on without him. Of course, good professors are a practically extinct species.

The reason futurology is such a fake is that no futurologist gives a damn about the future. Like every other “expert,” his job is to get grants and tenure NOW, not fifty years from now.

BUGS is precisely the opposite. Our ONLY concern is what the future will actually be like. THE FUTURE IS OUR BUSINESS.

The establishment gives grants and university money. You do not get money from them by saying that something awful might happen to them, or that they will be forgotten in times to come as other establishments have been.




I believe there a few differences in 2008 that has never been present before in the history of the world. We should be aware of them.

One, modern travel, the best and brightest our race could literally all move very quickly around the world. This is new. Ultimately, we could go to another planet completely.

Two, modern communication with minimal restrictions. The best and brightest of our race can communicate and create ethnocentric communities online. Thomas Paine wrote common sense and the printing press made him famous. Bob started BUGS and we will make his IDEAS and Mantra infamous. Information has never traveled this fast. This is new and revolutionary.

Three, there are such glaring differences between White countries and non-white countries. This will come to play as Eastern Europe leads an ethnocentric rise. Eastern Europe benefits from understanding Communism and Capitalism. They are not demoralized and are NOT likely to be anytime soon.

Time is NOT on the side of the Anti-Racists. Thanks to the internet the Eastern Europeans are reading the websites that everyone here reads when the Mexicans move into neighborhood. The Russians are reading them BEFORE they let in Mexicans.

I suggest you read the above article about ZENIT. The St Petersburg football team that has a racial recruitment policy. This is in St Petersburg. Which is supposedly cosmopolitan. If this is going on in 2008—It will only get better for our race as the differences become more obvious. The differences have become glaring to healthy Whites. All this is due to the new media!

I saw an interview with a Russian Nationalist that was put in the mainstream media. They asked him why he wanted Russian for the Russians. He pointed out the disaster of multi racialism in the UK and places in Europe. He stated on camera:”if you find that acceptable then you are not human”. And again if this were 1950 the propaganda would have hidden the multiracial problems. They can’t hide the problems anymore.

Those differences will matter down the stretch. When the wall of 2nd Generation Communism (Scientific Racism) comes down in White countries there will be an epic fight for “Genetic Capital”. I will go on record saying that Anglosphere will be in a huge disadvantage. White Countries with little to no 2nd Generation Communism will have a huge advantage. How would the UK or America be able to compete if Russia started offering money to smart young Aryans to move! Could you imagine? Don’t think it can’t happen.

So there are many differences between now and thousands of years ago. Namely, our race has expressed itself in a way that will prove truly liberating for those of our race that are smart and aware. Our technology has set us apart and will ultimately set us free. And you read it here first.

In Closing Richard, I agree with your observations. However, I have a different conclusion from these observations. If OUR RACE can survive with all these glaring challenges in our face, we are going to survive this last step. I actually get exited thinking about a newly settled planet full of Aryans and ONLY ARYANS somewhere out there in space. Don’t think it can’t happen. We are out of the dark age and for good.




As you always point out, Bob, nobody is more ready to admit the superior desirability of white genes than non-whites. Your usual example is the global popularity of Baywatch, until the blonde babe left. I always remember the little Indian girls I used to teach, drawing pictures of themselves as beautiful blonde princesses.

I learned recently that on the Congo riverboats, the native sailors have nicknames for the different decks – the first class deck is ‘Europe’, the second class is ‘China’ and the third class, where nobody wants to go, is ‘Congo’.


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